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Progress Update on SJP-002C: Advancing Towards a Breakthrough in Anti-Inflammatory Therapy for Upper Respiratory Infections, including COVID-19

Investors, Colleagues, and Friends,

We have an update regarding our SJP-002C asset and are excited to share it with you.

Frankly Speaking – SJP-002C Update

Our Phase 2 clinical trial for SJP-002C, aimed at treating upper respiratory infections including COVID-19, is on track to conclude by July 1st. We believe that our innovative product reduces lung inflammation and tissue damage while reducing symptom intensity and duration. Our in-vitro study demonstrated a significant reduction in the viral load of COVID-19, leading to strategic international patent filings. Furthermore, we're on the cusp of enhancing our IP framework with an impending manufacturing process patent.

We have what it takes to take our vision to market:

  • Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical’s experienced team has led over $730M in previous exits.
  • Our collaboration with Duke University has provided essential oversight for the ongoing Phase 2 trial.
  • Our partnership with KVK Tech has been instrumental in progressing the formulation and CMC work to align with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring product integrity and safety to meet FDA requirements (GMP batches highlighted above).

The completion of this trial is a pivotal moment for Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical. We believe this asset will increase up to five times, delivering value to our shareholders. Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical’s SJP-002C will significantly impact the competitive $25-$30 billion annual COVID-19 therapeutic market. 

Here is a link to our new deck and a link to our narrated version (8 minutes).

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