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$217B Addressable market opportunity in the US alone
End of Ph 2 valuations: COVID-19 ($55M), hangover prevention ($120M), and opioid withdrawal ($261M)
Highly effective drugs repurposed for COVID-19, opioid withdrawal & hangover prevention
Extensive global IP portfolio with 40+ patents and patents pending
Secured key strategic partner for global distribution
Experienced Team driven by energy, ingenuity, focus, and lots of resilience
Team is mission-oriented, with like-minded focused on worldwide healthcare and proven track record

Our Team

We are on a mission to revolutionize not just the way we treat pain, but the way the business of pain relief treats humanity. We love the idea: Pharma for the People. Our products treat at the source; preventing symptoms vs. masking them as most therapies do today. And our products are safe & highly affordable. And that's just good for all of us.

Revolutionizing the Way the World Treats Inflammation

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical, founded in 2017, has been developing a game-changing platform of assets, based on the ingenious repurposing of two small molecules for a combination therapeutic pipeline that promises to be the world's most potent anti-inflammatory products with the least side effects. This portfolio of 12 products includes 3 lead assets that are at, or nearing, phase II clinical trial.

We’re changing the way the world treats inflammation and the way the  pharmaceutical business treats humanity. Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical is an innovative life sciences company that is repurposing small molecules for not just novel solutions, but truly revolutionary results. Arguably the biggest advance tackling inflammation since aspirin was invented 125 years ago, we aim to improve societal well-being by helping humanity thrive. 

And we believe we are ushering in a new dawn for human health preservation and longevity. We call it our Mission' Mantra:

The SJP Technology is based on a revolutionary approach to solving the growing, deadly and ever-costly problem called Inflammation.

Inflammation is Killing Us.

  • Over the last 4 years, Americans have lost a total of 3 years in life expectancy
  • More than 50% of all deaths worldwide are due to chronic inflammatory diseases
  • 61% of Americans today have chronic inflammation

In fact, our Founder and Visionary Pharmacist, Jackie Iversen RPh MS was inspired by a eureka moment she had in 2014 around pain and inflammation. After working relentless with the Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital on a Pain Management Fellowship, Jackie had an audacious insight: Why are we treating pain and managing disease after the fact, when we have the means to help prevent it in the first place? By recognizing that the immune system’s inflammatory response can damage organs and lead to pain and chronic disease, she set out on a mission to preempt inflammation and its devastating complications. And today, the international scientific community is beginning to agree.

This revolutionary insight aligns with bleeding edge international research and completely upends how the current therapeutic marketplace approaches inflammation.

And from this powerful insight, the SJP platform was born. And our very unique MOA (mechanism of action) took root. Making SJP arguably the most provocative life sciences company in the world. With a scientific mantra of:

Treating at the Source, not the Symptom.

And the world is responding to this novel, game-changing offering:

The total addressable global market for our portfolio is estimated at $217 Billion.

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Our novel pipeline includes 12 development assets with 3 leads at our nearing Phase II Clinical Trials.

This Capital Raise is focused on completing Phase II Clinical Trial work for SJP-001 (Alcohol Hangover Prevention) and SJP-005 (Opioid Withdrawal Treatment).

Let's look at each:

SJP-001 Alcohol Hangover Prevention

Love it or Leave it: Alcohol is the most widely used substance in the world. But it’s also linked to negative health impacts, including the age-old hangover.  Which is why some of this funding round is aimed squarely at advancing our revolutionary offering through Phase 2 Clinical Trial.

With 80% people on the planet who drink alcohol experiencing the after-effects called Hangover, the result is a massive loss in quality of life and global workplace productivity at a cost that outsizes most countries' economies. 

But what’s the little known culprit at the Heart of the Hangover? Inflammation. And Inflammation is at the root of not just Hangover, but the world’s most harrowing chronic diseases, including premature aging.  That’s where Sen-Jam’s solution really sings.

And the Market for Alcohol Hangover is impressive. Our Founder wrote a thought provoking article we recommend you read Connecting Alcohol to Inflammation and Aging. We also produced a film to help understand our vision for AJP-001.

SJP-005 Opioid Withdrawal Therapeutic

Here we are, it's 2023, and the Opioid Epidemic is getting worse, not better. We believe our solution will finally turn the tides on this harrowing problem.

Sen-Jam's solution, SJP-005, is just one of several assets in development with very promising interest and reaction from the scientific community. The number one reason Opioid patients remain addicted is because the pain of withdrawal is far too great to endure. Our product would be the very first of its kind to help alleviate this excruciating process. And the medical community agrees.

To learn even more about the Science of Withdrawal, watch our film HERE.

The A Team at SJP

We are passionate innovators, disrupting the status quo and striving to improve the lives of not just millions, but billions of people. We believe in our platform and the opportunity to have a massive impact to change the world for good. Click the link to hear our CEO on that topic

This is one of the reasons Sen-Jam has been affectionately referred to as "The Pharma for the People, People" or more recently.... The Good Karma Pharma People. Our team includes go-getters and do-gooders who have a stellar track record of making profitable enterprises that make a difference in the world.

Please join us in our Mission to Revolutionizing the Way the World Treats Inflammation and the way the Business of Drug Development Treats Humanity