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Equity + dividends: early investors get royalties on our 22-patent portfolio for hangover cure!
$730M+ in exits by leadership team from MIT, Harvard, Mayo Clinic & Memorial Sloan Kettering
Over 60 global patents granted and pending
Portfolio of 11 assets, 4 of which are at or near pivotal Phase 2 clinical trials

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We are on a mission to revolutionize not just the way we treat pain, but the way the business of pain relief treats humanity. We love the idea: Pharma for the People. Our products treat at the source; preventing symptoms vs. masking them as most therapies do today. And our products are safe & highly affordable. And that's just good for all of us.

Why Sen-Jam?

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We believe this is a phenomenal opportunity to make history as we, together, change the course of inflammation, for good. Sen-Jam is on a rocket ship to solve a massive problem impacting billions with our stellar mission.

Sen-Jam is on a mission to change the way the world treats inflammation, and how the pharmaceutical business treats humanity. 

Developed by a visionary pharmacist and research fellow from Memorial Sloan Kettering, Sen-Jam’s multi-patented approach to treating inflammation is arguably the biggest pharmacological advancement since aspirin was invented 125 years ago. By repurposing FDA-approved small molecules, we are bringing innovative, proprietary, and potent anti-inflammatory products to market in record time.

But here's the point: 80% of all major human diseases are a result of inflammation, and billions of people are suffering every day. With Sen-Jam’s portfolio of 11 assets, 3 of which are at or near critical Phase 2 clinical trials, we’re ushering in a new dawn for human health preservation and longevity.

For one of our Phase 2 assets — which could be the first hangover cure approved by the FDA — early investors will receive yearly dividends, in addition to their equity. This is an extremely rare offering and a win-win for savvy investors who want both long term growth and the potential for steady income.

Best of all, we are revolutionizing how the world treats inflammation, because...

Inflammation is a growing, deadly, and ever-costly problem that plagues humankind. It’s the hidden culprit behind diabetes, cancer, alcohol hangovers, respiratory infections, arthritis, and more.

In the US alone, 150M Americans suffer from chronic inflammation. And the cost is high: over the last 4 years, Americans have lost 3 years in life expectancy — far more than comparable countries. COVID-19 and drug overdoses, both conditions that are linked to inflammation, are the biggest contributors to this decline.

Opioid overdose is particularly problematic, and tragic. 30% of the 10-15M Americans who are prescribed opioids to manage chronic pain are diagnosed with opioid use disorder. Every 7 minutes, someone dies from an opioid overdose. The number one reason patients remain addicted is because withdrawal causes painful inflammation in the body, and the pain is far too great to endure.

Sen-Jam is built on the revolutionary insight of Sen-Jam co-founder and visionary pharmacist, Jackie Iverson Rph MS. After working relentlessly with the Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital at a Pain Management Fellowship, Jackie realized: Why are we treating inflammation so late, when we have the means to prevent it in the first place? And from this powerful insight, the SJP platform was born.

The problem with today’s healthcare system is that we are treating inflammation too late.  Unchecked inflammation leads to disease progression and ultimately death.

Sen-Jam is a biotech company on a mission to repurpose small molecules to develop safe, efficacious, and non-toxic anti-inflammatories. Compared to current alternatives, our assets* are more potent, have fewer side effects, and can prevent, rather than just mask, inflammation. Since these molecules are already being used in medications for different uses, the path to clinical trials is much quicker. 

*An asset is a potential drug, or therapeutic, that is undergoing clinical trials to reach regulatory approval.

While Phase 1 trials are focused on safety and finding the appropriate dose, Phase 2 trials are a pivotal step in ensuring that a drug is effective for its intended use, guiding resource allocation and development strategies in pharmaceutical research. 

Three of our assets are at this critical stage, and we’ve identified key partnerships to help us execute the trials including KVK Tech as our manufacturing partner, People Science as our virtual trials partner, and Duke University as our in-person trials partner.

Let’s take a closer look at two of these lead assets and the positive impact they can have on human health:

#1 Adverse effects of Alcohol/Hangover 

Consuming alcohol creates an inflammatory response. We believe we’re developing what could be the first hangover cure approved by the FDA. Watch the video below to learn more about our SJP-001 asset.

#2 Opioid withdrawal

We are developing a first-of-it-kind therapeutic to support opioid withdrawal by regulating the inflammation it causes in the body.  Watch the video below to learn about this innovation that has the potential to change millions of lives.

Our product would be the very first of its kind to help alleviate this excruciating process. And the medical community agrees. See the letter below from a doctor facilitating our Phase 1 trials.

The common thread across Sen-Jam’s portfolio is that we treat inflammation at the source, thereby preventing or stopping disease progression. The impact this can have on the 1B+ people who are suffering or will suffer from inflammatory conditions is truly staggering.

Our approach is based on a mechanism of action (MOA) that prevents acute inflammation from becoming chronic by modulating four key cytokines. “Cytokine storms” came to the mainstream during the COVID-19 pandemic, this is exactly what Sen-Jam’s platform is preventing. In essence, our therapeutics are the first to reduce the rate at which mast cells – human immune system cells – release proteins that cause inflammation.

Countless articles in the scientific community as well as mainstream healthcare articles are now pointing to the value of understanding inflammation is the root of tissue damage and disease. In addition, we’ve published 9 papers in the following scientific journals:

We are passionate innovators, disrupting the status quo and striving to improve the lives of 1B+ people.  Our team of scientific advisors have decades of experience at world-renowned institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Boston Medical Clinic, Harvard School of Public Health, and Cornell University. They are published Ivy League doctors who are solving the world’s toughest health challenges. We believe in our platform and the opportunity to have a massive impact to change the world for good, which is why we affectionately refer to ourselves as “the Good Karma Pharma People.” 

We are raising capital to execute Phase 2 clinical trials for our three lead assets, as well as to prove to our potential partners and institutional investors that our platform is something consumers want.

Sen-Jam is creating a new category in the $1.48T pharmaceutical industry by focusing on preventing disease caused by inflammation, instead of treatment. The current global market for anti-inflammatory drugs, valued at $111B and growing at a CAGR of 9.3%, only includes solutions that treat symptoms. We estimate we can capture a larger $217B opportunity across the myriad of conditions that have inflammation as the root cause.

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We earn revenue by licensing our intellectual property. The 11 assets in our platform, which are protected by 60 patents, can be licensed individually. Our entire platform can also be licensed or acquired at Phase 2 trials. Licenses typically include an upfront payment in addition to milestone payments and royalty payments.   

Major pharmaceutical manufacturers constantly seek out platforms or licensable assets to leverage existing R&D and intellectual property. Our platform is particularly compelling because we’ve derisked a lot of the regulatory hurdles since we are repurposing small molecules that are already in use today. With the right partners, we can access major distribution channels and get our products to market faster, providing a return to both humanity and our investors.

If you share our conviction that we can change the world by fighting inflammation and want to join us in building pharma for the people, we sincerely hope you will invest in Sen-Jam. 

Once we modulate inflammation at the source, Sen-Jam will have proven our power to prevent disease progression and, by extension, increase healthspan vitality. 

Just imagine what a few more years of living with vitality will bring to your life, to your loved ones, and to billions of people all over the world who can benefit from Sen-Jam’s transformative approach to health. Watch the video below to learn more about our vision.

Join the health revolution! We’re changing the way the world treats inflammation and the way the pharma industry treats humanity. Invest today.

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