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Invest in Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical

Personalized Therapeutics to Combat Inflammation while Promoting Healthy Aging

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Creating highly accessible, affordable, safe drugs that work
Lead indications: oral COVID-19 therapeutic, opioid withdrawal, & alcohol hangover prevention
Annual US market opportunity: $17B
Current valuation (rNPV): COVID-19: $55M, hangover prevention: $120M, and opioid withdrawal" $261M
COVID-19 therapeutic clinical trial with Duke-NUS in Nepal leading to valuation inflection point
Female founder is clinical pharmacist
Team of mission-oriented, like-minded individuals focused on worldwide healthcare
Global IP includes 25 patents and patents pending

Our Team

We are on a mission to revolutionize not just the way we treat pain, but the way the business of pain relief treats humanity. We love the idea: Pharma for the People. Our products treat at the source; preventing symptoms vs. masking them as most therapies do today. And our products are safe & highly affordable. And that's just good for all of us.

Our Pitch to You

We are not your ordinary Big Pharma company, we are a group of ingenuous scientists, pharmacy and pain experts, entrepreneurs and regulatory hounds on a mission to bring the world safe, effective, wildly accessible and affordable medications to solve for some of the largest unmet healthcare needs.

Our mission truly is to help humanity thrive and ensure the business of inflammation treats people fairly and fully.  The time is now to upend this environment and restore dignity to the way pharma delivers solutions for the people, to the people.

Inflammation is the key to countless ailments, while a safe and potent anti-inflammatory can make a massive difference in over eight distinct health concerns.  Issues that are having a tremendous impact on society all over the world today.

We have ingenuously repurposed two existing small molecules that have a synergistic effect on inflammation, helping to prevent the problems before they need chasing.  This combination product, in differing formulations has a positive impact on such huge health conditions such as treating COVID-19, Opioid Withdrawal and Alcohol Hangover.  This is an oral solution that would be affordable and accessible.

The benefits  of our 3 lead assets alone are remarkably robust and yet we have five other applicable and protected use cases that would be added to the flock.  We mean it when we claim our mission is about revolutionizing pain management with simple, safe, effective medications that are wildly accessible and affordable.  Pharma for the people!

The Wefunder Campaign accounts for 1.07 million of this raise

We have already seen remarkable success in the investor community for our offering as we have already raised $2.6 million to help shepherd our efforts.  We are looking now to raise the remaining funds to get us to the $5 million mark to expedite our advancing go-to-market activities.  *forward looking projections not guaranteed

There is a lot of news these days about the rush to get to an Oral COVID-19 therapeutic but none of the existing options or players hustling for their solution has the simplicity and accessibility/affordability of our asset.  SJP-002c reduces fever, cough, and pain, while reducing inflammation and its damage to your body.  So impressed with how differentiating our product is, the scientists and clinical researchers at Duke University Medical School in Singapore are partnering with us on our clinical trial in Katmandu, Nepal in just a few weeks. We are thrilled to see such strong receptivity to our offering.

The Opioid Crisis is yet another huge unmet need that is harrowing on society.  We have a safe, effective product that helps reduce symptoms of withdrawal and by extension, help people ween off these medications effectively.  The number one reason people remain dependent on opioids is the excruciating effects on their bodies when they attempt withdrawal.  Our product could help millions in their fight against this crisis.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Competition for Alcohol Hangover is modest, at best with most people assuming you have to suffer the consequences in silence.  Our product far outperforms the existing solutions and the market for this asset is significant.  Did you know that alcohol hangover accounts for over $500 million in lost productivity to businesses every year in the United States alone?

And speaking of productivity.  Our team reflects a strong, nimble collective of highly experienced scientists, entrepreneurs and regulatory go-getters who are passionate about doing things resourcefully and effectively.   Many have deep roots in traditional pharma and as such have the drive to revolutionize the way the business brings solutions to the people.  These talented individuals care deeply that real solutions make massive impact for reasonable costs to humanity.  Let's do this, together.

Our IP is super strong and gaining momentum every day.  Not just here in our own backyard called the USA, but abroad and in important marketplaces that need these solutions not just soon, but now for people to thrive.

Our three lead assets have enormous and distinct benefits for each of their therapeutic areas.  All are oral.  Safe.  Effective.  Cost-Effective.  And accessible to people world-wide. The repurposing of two existing small molecules may be ingenuous, but the science is truly impressive.

Here are just a quick snapshot of some of the comments we are receiving around these solutions.

But even more exciting than the word on the street, is the value in the portfolio and in particular the enormous annual market size of just our first three assets. $17 billion is incredible but absolutely in the realm of possible playground sizes for these assets.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

One very important insight to underscore for you is the fact that because our combination product repurposes two existing small molecules, we are on the accelerated 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway which you can see from the charts above reflects an incredible savings in both time and money.  This is genuis.

Our goal is to sell or license each product by 2025.  With a proven process adhered to with systematic precision, we drive home value at the perfect inflection points.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Here are the key inflection points for each of our 3 lead assets and the timing across the milestones to achieve prime value accordingly.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Revenue forecasts are base assumptions and illustrate the lucrative nature of these therapeutic areas and unmet needs.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

We are raising funding today for our specific 2022 goals and milestones outlined below.  

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.
The Wefunder Campaign accounts for 1.07 million of this raise

We thank you for your attention and welcome inquiries large and small. Join us in our mission and help bring full-strength living to the world by upending Big Pharma and creating a thriving world where Pharma for the People benefits real People.