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Kingscrowd Interviews Sen-Jam Co-Founder/CCO Jackie Iversen

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Happy Friday. We've had a great week, and to top it off, we are thrilled that Kingscrowd, the premier data source for alternative investment insight and analytics, will soon feature their interview with our Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Jackie Iversen. Since you are a part of the Sen-Jam Community, you get early access to that conversation below. Enjoy and have a safe, wonderful weekend!

KC: Can you briefly describe Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical?

JI: Sen-Jam is a revolutionary biotech company developing potent, extremely non-toxic therapeutics that treat acute and chronic inflammation at the source. We're tackling a $217B market opportunity across multiple therapeutic applications including hangovers, opioid withdrawal, and upper respiratory infections. Our unique pharmacologic action allows us to create precision medicine used preventatively to reduce disease progression.

KC: What inspired you to take the leap and start this company?

JI: I always had a holistic approach to pharmacy and saw my vocation as being an advocate for patients at the intersection of medicine and public health. My wide spectrum of pharmacy interests brought me to work in hospital pharmacy, an area with direct patient care, providing drug expertise to doctors, nurses and administrators. I was in charge of determining and purchasing the drugs that represented the very best within their category. But after 15 years, I realized that patients and doctors were not content with the standard of pharmaceuticals, due to poor efficacy and high side effects.

At the same time, I began to see a distinct trend in each patients’ progression of inflammation and its devastating effects on organs over one’s lifetime. Most drugs are developed to treat a specific organ, i.e heart, lungs, kidneys, brain. But few are developed to address the persistent full body inflammation that causes damage to these organs. This unfettered inflammation originates from the immune system, which becomes dysregulated with acute inflammatory insults, and leads to low grade chronic inflammation as we age.

My “eureka” moment occurred, when I realized I was solving a universal problem that nobody was addressing head on. I started with addressing acute inflammation by creating agents with high efficacy and minimal side effects for indications that address the needs of consumers today (i.e. a product for inhibiting alcohol’s toxic effects, for upper respiratory infections, and for polysubstance abuse). Yes, all of these indications have a common culprit: inflammation!

From this idea, Sen-Jam was born. Today we are combining safe, repurposed pharmaceuticals to create the most potent anti-inflammatory with the least side effects. Ultimately, these products are designed to reduce the agonizing pain, discomfort, and disability caused by inflammation over time.

KC: This is not your first time raising money online. What updates can you share since your last raise?

JI: We have the best investors! Our motto is “your investment fills our collective need, while your kind words fill our soul.” More than ever before, it has come crystal clear that we are offering directly to the consumer a mechanism to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry. By creating better drugs with less side effects at an affordable price, we set the stage for individuals, who are currently shut out of the market by the industry, to have a say in what drugs should be developed, which is giving power to the people! Crowdfunding for a pharmaceutical drug is the most disruptive financial mechanism that can occur in the pharmaceutical industry. When consumers are investing in Sen-Jam, they are sending a signal to the industry that they want more control and better standards.

KC: Can you tell us more about the dynamics between you and your co-founder, Jim? How do you leverage your complementary backgrounds?

JI: Jim and I are teammates for life: married with children and business partners, too. However, becoming business partners grew more organically, given both of our careers and complementary skill sets. With Jim’s mind for business and logistical efficiencies, he created multiple successful businesses with a number of large exits.. He is an astute business leader, even from the earliest days of our relationship, joining YPO and networking with incredible change-makers across industries. Myself, on the other hand…I am a self-proclaimed science geek with an unrelenting curiosity as a clinical pharmacist for 25+ years. This propensity to continually ask “why?” led me into hospital research studying pain management at Memorial Sloan Kettering, publishing multiple research papers.

When I came to Jim with my eureka moment around my pipeline of agents, he leaned in immediately. We crafted a business plan at once. Within weeks, it became apparent that my pipeline contained blockbusters based on pharmacologic science and the current state of healthcare, while Jim was able to add a cutting edge business approach, which was ‘spot on!’

VC’s have told us: ‘the reason great pharma companies fail early is because the Chief Scientific Officer is the CEO, yet they lack business experience.’ Jim started laying out Sen-Jam’s foundation from a business perspective and I started executing by obtaining patents and reviewing drug development plans. However, it wasn’t until I executed and obtained several patents, performed a proof of concept study, and opened an Investigational New Drug Application with the Food and Drug Administration, that Jim was convinced to become Sen-Jam’s CEO. Jim loves building businesses from inception, and due to his great track record, our earliest investors have said “I’m betting on this jockey!.”

It’s very clear: I am science, he is business. That delineation is refreshingly obvious when you speak to us, and is a big differentiator in the pharmaceutical industry.

KC: What is the most important lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

JI: Trust. It’s what needs to happen before work can get done. And this process takes time to build. Whether it’s trust in yourself or others. Sometimes it’s scary and hard, but I’ve never felt so empowered and confident, as I am now, to execute on my 30 years of pharmaceutical knowledge.

KC: If we talk again in 12 months, what milestones will you have achieved?

JI: The greatest impact that can be made in the anti-inflammatory landscape for the treatment and prevention of disease will be the manufacturing of the first mast cell modulator in an injectable form, which we plan to complete by the end of 2024.

In addition, we have dubbed 2024 as “Our Year of Data”. We will be completing our first clinical trial testing our SJP-002C product against cytokine storm on July 1, 2024. This data can support multiple uses of our product, both orally and as an injectable. More data readout will occur in 2024 for our SJP-001 product focused on inhibiting the adverse effects of alcohol. We may be lucky enough to also get data readout on our common cold therapeutic. And the National Institute of Drug Abuse, who has partnered with us, will have a data readout for our SJP-005 product on methamphetamine withdrawal and craving.

Finally, we aim to close 1-3 licensing deals in the next 12 months which will mark a significant milestone for our business and for our investors, leading to a significant increase in valuation.

Thank you, Jackie, for your passion, unrelenting dedication to this company, and the rigor of validating our science and drug development efforts. You are a force for good!

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