Closing in 2 weeks and Product Update: Chat GPT 4 and RAD AI

Published on Apr 11, 2023

Rad Nation!  COUNTDOWN TIME and our CF round will be closed in two weeks OR sooner. Though our round is oversubscribed, we are still taking investments if you want to get in, increase your allocation, or tell a friend.

Our latest product update is fire 🔥🔥🔥!

Our beyond talented engineering team has officially integrated Chat GPT 4 through our API to take our client and product offering to the next level.  The RAD AI technology scores each Chat GPT-4 recommendation based on how our AI predicts each creative concept will perform.  

This provides our clients and prospects the best of both worlds.

  • The power of our proprietary AI and technology which is trained on our clients historical performance data
  • The power of 600+ API connections including Reddit which delivers unparalleled insights about what our customers target audience cares most about today
  • The power of our technology combined with Chat GPT 4, which delivers unbiased creative intelligence for RAD clients and produces quantifiably better ROI

A few reasons to be excited about this exciting new product feature.

  1. We are first to market with AI-based creative intelligence for key opinion leaders and persona creation
  2. This puts us in position to expand several core product offerings; which increases client LTV
  3. This innovation helps support our newest product launch, RAD Visual Arts
  4. This innovation enables RAD to create product price point variations which open new markets and customer profiles

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Join us on our mission to become the GOLD STANDARD FOR CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE and let's help brands communicate more authentically with the customers they care about most.



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