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Invest in RAD AI

AI marketing platform built to understand emotion

$33M pre-money valuation Priced Round
$10K, $25K, $50K
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💸 $2.2M revenue run-rate & 310% annual revenue growth
🚀 Customers including Accenture, Condé Nast, Dignity Health & Fortune 500s
📈 $300M potential serviceable market among contracted clients
🏆 World-class team with 5 exits & experience scaling companies to $30M+ ARR
🎯 Delivered 100M+ marketing impressions with 92% accuracy over the past year alone
💥 Positioned to disrupt the explosive marketing technology industry — valued at $120BN
💰Backed by Fidelity Investments & Expert Dojo, MaRS Seed Fund and 4K+ investors
🔥 Featured in TechCrunch 2X, Venture Beat 3X, Entrepreneur 3X, Benzinga 5X, Time and more

Our Team

I hired 20+ “marketing agencies” over a 4 year time frame while running Trendy Butler (exited in 2017). The common throughline was mediocre performance. For this reason, I learned digital marketing and how to make sense of it all. RAD is what I needed - a high-performance marketing engine that authentically engages diverse audiences at scale.

Why RAD?

We envision a world where AI makes all communication more human.  RAD is the world’s first AI marketing platform built to understand emotion. We give enterprise companies the opportunity to engage diverse and global audiences with authenticity at scale, revolutionizing the $120B marketing technology industry.

Digital advertisers bombard us with unwanted and irrelevant communication all day, every day.  Companies want to connect with us, but they’re fundamentally missing the mark. 

Over $75 billion a year is wasted on ineffective marketing campaigns. Companies lack the capability to engage diverse audiences at scale, leaving authentic connection and customer loyalty on the table.

With a 92% accuracy rating, RAD’s AI marketing platform translates marketing gibberish into authentic language that resonates. Now brands can develop meaningful connections with diverse and global audiences at scale.

RAD’s AI uses historical data to detect the best form of language needed to communicate authentically with millions of customer profiles. This enables companies to create high-performing social media posts, blogs, captioned videos, and paid media ads. It’s content you can love.

By blending the magic of storytelling with the mastery of AI, we help companies design authentic, inclusive marketing programs for their diverse and global audiences.

Our competitive advantage is IP and AI, which is unrivaled. We lead the industry in accuracy of language thanks to our $20M+ investment in R&D.

RAD’s AI even beats Bert, Google’s language AI, by 30%.

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*see updated client list in most current Investor deck [ ]

Our customers from the entertainment, healthcare, e-commerce, Web3, early care, banking Travel/hospitality and finance industries love us.

On average, our customers see a 4x increase in content volume for allocated budget, and experience a 250% performance increase across every digital marketing channel. 

RAD’s technology is built on $20M of R&D by Atomic Reach, a marketing technology company RAD acquired to scale our artificial intelligence capabilities. The acquisition included our proprietary AI platform that helps marketers eliminate guesswork and rewrite content based on audience profiles.

RAD’s technology coupled with our expertise in creating authentic stories tailored to customers, establishes us as the first AI marketing platform with an EQ. And the results have been revolutionary.

With RAD’s marketing technology platform, companies can humanize and measure their most important content across digital channels.

When tested against client benchmarks and normative databases, RAD’s technology performs measurably better than existing conversion metrics.

Our robust SaaS-focused business model is designed to land enterprise clients and expand their contracts through multi-year commitments.

Recurring Software-as-a-Service contracts for AI Platform.

Premium attachment services including platform support and training.

Sticky client relationships built into RAD platform design.

The AI Market has Recently taken off! 

By investing in RAD now, you get to participate in the upside alongside VCs, financial institutions, professional investors and recognized industry leaders.

Exit Strategy:

We firmly believe companies should raise money if they are committed to delivering a return to each and every investor. As such, our team’s goal is to bring RAD to the public markets. We know nothing is certain, but our team now works for YOU — and we’ll work tirelessly to ensure that you get the best return on your investment.

This is our commitment to you.

*Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Use of Proceeds:

To ensure we continue to establish RAD as the premier marketing AI platform for enterprise clients, we’ll use the capital raised to continue building and scaling our technology, our product offerings and our team. By supercharging our development and sales engine, RAD will further expand and develop key product offerings that lead to both recurring and new business revenue.


It’s worth mentioning that we’ve been told we could raise at a valuation at least double the listed price for this round given that AI technology and software companies consistently raise at 15-50X contracted revenues, but we chose to price this round conservatively.

We chose to do this because the retail investor community is near and dear to us and we hope you see how important this mission is to the RAD team. As management, we’ve taken businesses to exit several times and have learned plenty of lessons along the way. By pricing conservatively, we aim to create meaningful upside for each investor.

We can’t wait to have you along for the RAD journey! 

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