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A video from a friend, part deux (La Piñata says this about Heroic…)

Published on Aug 31, 2022


In yesterday’s note, I shared a video from my friend Matt McCall about why he’s inspired to be an investor in Heroic. 

Today I’d like to share *one* more video with you (if I may!)—this one from another dear friend who happens to be one of my text buddies with whom I share my Oura scores every morning: Brandon Guyer. 

Then we’re planning to take a little break from these little Heroic crowdfunding investor-ish emails before returning with the relaunched Heroic +1s...coming soon!!

👆 Fired up about that. Hitting the studio this Friday for the first batch in nearly two years. Let’s goooo!!

Btw: New PhilosophersNote coming this weekend. And every week thereafter, deo volente. Keep your eyes peeled! (We’ve got Notes on Courage Is Calling by Ryan Holiday, The Hero Code by Admiral McRaven, and The Case for Keto by Gary Taubes already queued up! Giddy.)


Brandon Guyer played Major League Baseball. He got hit by so many pitches that a World Series announcer nicknamed him “La Piñata”!! 😂  

Now he coaches young athletes on how to cultivate a Major League Mindset both on AND off the field. He’s doing amazing work. Check it out here. (And, until you can follow him on Heroic Social 😉, you can check him out on Instagram here.)

Here’s what he had to say about why he and his wife Lindsay (bless you both!) invested in Heroic:

Note: We dropped his little video right below the video from Sean Casey about how Heroic helps him win the game of life!

That’s all I’ve got for today.

Day 1.

All in.



P.S. Here’s a transcript of Brandon’s video:


Hi, my name's Brandon Guyer and I could not be more proud, honored, excited, and grateful to be an investor in Heroic. 

My wife and I have actually added to our initial investment multiple times because we wholeheartedly believe in the mission of Heroic to change the world by helping people live their best lives and wholeheartedly believe that Brian is the man to lead that charge, and the Heroic team is the team to fulfill that mission. 

You know, something I heard Brian say a while back hit me hard and has always stuck with me. He said something along the lines of, ‘we will change your life so we can change the world together.’ 

Of course, that sounds great. But it's another thing to bring that to life and follow through with it by creating something that will help people do just that. 

After personally taking part in the Optimize coaching program, which is Brian's previous company, and getting to know Brian on a personal level…talking to him every day, it was clear that investing in Heroic was going to be the easiest decision of our life and the biggest investment we've ever made.

Quite simply, it was a no-brainer for my wife and I. We get a chance to invest in a company that we know and love, a company that will positively impact this world  and make it a better place…yes please!

Fast forward to now, August 2022, a little over a year after we made that initial investment, when Heroic was just a thought and Heroic has brought to market a life-changing app that has already helped thousands of people around the world show up more and more consistently at their Heroic best. 

In my eyes, this kind of investment opportunity just doesn't come around often. Not only are you investing in a company, but you're investing in a movement that will leave this world a better place for all of our kids and all future generations, which is truly what it is all about.



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