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Featured on Wefunder's Adventure Capital Podcast 🎧

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Published on Apr 12, 2022

Well this is fun!

Not only do we have close to 3,500 investors in this round (whoa)...

... but Wefunder's team loves us too — we’re on Wefunder’s Adventure Capital!

I sat down with Wefunder's Jonny Price and Katie Powers to talk about:

  • Ending disability 🏃
  • The power of retail investment rounds 🙌
  • The importance of sharing your crazy! 🤪
  • Lots more...

Listen to the podcast on:

You can still invest!

Though the Atom round is oversubscribed, you can still invest! (Or increase your investment.)

Momentum is heating up as we gear up for our close on April 28th 🔥

If you’re still thinking about it, what are you waiting for?

(But seriously — if you do have questions, just reply to this post or email me!)

We can't guarantee Atom Limbs will do another retail round prior to an exit. We'd like to! But as an early-stage startup company, our capitalization strategy isn't set in stone.

To ending physical disability 🦾 


P.S. If you're considering investing $5K or more, I’m taking investor meetings. Book a time on my calendar →

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