New product release 🍄→ New market entry

founder @ Rasa

Published on Mar 8, 2022

We’re super excited to announce that Rasa just launched a new product line: Magnificent Mushrooms! 

Product innovation such as powder mushrooms is core to our strategy to cement our competitive advantage. 

Most importantly, Magnificent Mushrooms allows us to expand even further into the $25B (and growing) functional mushroom market. Our goal is to become the functional mushroom category leader, committed to quality, potency, and value. We’re on our way.

Our talented team just doesn’t stop: mushroom category innovation, an ~80% subscribed community investment round, and a path to grow subscriptions by 400%+ this year? We’re growing like mushrooms 🍄

To continued growth! 


P.S. If you’re considering making a new investment of $5K or more, feel free to book in time to chat with me here. I’ve just opened up spots on my calendar.