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⚡️>500% YOY subscription growth
⭐️4.7 average rating, 10M+ cups sold, 100K customers
😎Founder on Forbes Next 1000 list, former Sr Advisor @ Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, 1 prior exit
🥾 $12M cumulative revenue, GAAP profitable last year, bootstrapped until now

Our Team

You could say I had my "own personal 2020" in 2015—we're talking "leaving a cult, death in the family, 2 emergency surgeries, a move across the country, & a huge falling out with my family" levels of stress. And then I had a baby. Most moms drink coffee to get through, but my nervous system was fried and coffee only made it worse.

Why Rasa?

Rasa is a Superfunctional morning brew of adaptogens that clears your mind with calm, jitter-free energy, sharpens your focus, and helps you regulate cortisol levels.

We’re on a mission to take on the $465B coffee market and offer an alternative that is just as effective - and actually tastes good. Rasa’s rich, roasty adaptogen-powered proprietary formulations are taking on coffee in a big way.

It’s a robust, delicious, science-backed morning ritual: boom.

Doesn’t that sound like a better way to start your day?

The SuperFunctional part of Rasa comes from adaptogens. Adaptogens energize and nourish, and have been used for millennia to restore balance to the body. More balance means you have more stress resilience, stronger immune system, better libido, sunnier moods, and more energy to be your epic self. Rasa blends pack 1,000-10,000 mg of these amazing herbs per serving.

Each day comes with a finite supply of energy, and coffee jolts our systems into motion by blocking adenosine (the chemical that makes you feel sleepy) from binding to receptors. As a result, you don’t feel sleepy...until the caffeine wears off (hellloooo afternoon crash!)

Infamously addictive, side effects of caffeine include anxiety, tremors, restlessness, and trouble sleeping.

If you’re a caffeine junkie, you’re not alone. A staggering 64% of American adults rely on the mean bean to get through their day. But the tides are turning...

After our founder and CEO, Lopa, went through a series of soap opera-worthy events in the year 2015—including leaving a cult, the death of a loved one, emergency surgeries, a cross-country move, and a dramatic falling-out with her family—she was understandably exhausted.

And then she added her first baby to the mix.

“Coffee was a dead end for what I was going through. My nervous system was fried—overstimulated and depleted. Coffee only made it worse. And I tried the available alternatives, but they lacked the delicious flavor, functional benefits, and energy support I craved and knew was possible.”

So what’s a burned out but remarkably resourceful mom to do when faced with a life without coffee, and without the prospect of a promising alternative?

Create one herself, obvs.

She partnered with an herbalist to create the 12-herb Original blend, and hard-launched Rasa in April 2018.

Under the guidance of our Chief Herbalist and co-founder (who has read over 100 peer-reviewed papers in the formulation process), our line has grown to 9 products: Original, Cacao, Dirty, Bold, Calm, Supper Happy Sunshine, Spicy Rose Cacao, Well, Well, Wellderberry, and our adaptogenic creamer, Créme de la Creamer. 

We’ll also be launching 5 new products in 2022.

From a tired mama elbow-deep blending herbs in her kitchen, to a small team operating out of her garage...to the unstoppable success Rasa is enjoying today, we’ve proven our appeal and staying power as a functional and nourishing alternative to coffee, in a market craving change.

While adaptogens fuel our customers, our subscription model drives our business. We love the beautiful synergy between the two: subscriptions reinforce the health benefits of sustained adaptogen consumption

We’re ready to help the world kick their caffeinated habits and cultivate Energy Integrity™ using sustainable, science-backed, adaptogen-based deliciousness.

Besides a veritable crapton of hard work, we’ve had nearly triple-digit YoY growth because we’ve taken 4 major trends and rolled them into one, in order to take on the behemoth global coffee market. With your support we are confident we can continue this growth.

Our tireless commitment to only sourcing the best herbs and mushrooms in ways that empower our growers keeps our supply chain sustainable, ethical, and unparalleled. 48 botanicals sourced from 15 countries makes Rasa’s proprietary blends unlike any other product on the market today.

By striving to source only ethical and sustainable ingredients, and working toward re-investing in our suppliers and their livelihoods, our products have a huge impact on the lives of the hard-working people who nurture and grow their botanicals to be worthy of our exceptional blends.

In service of our values, we have incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation. As a PBC, we are legally bound to pursue a public benefit above and beyond a pure profit motive. Our stated mission is "Sourcing sustainable herbs from traditional growing regions and promoting quality herbal education.

Fans are absolutely RAVING about the taste and benefits of adding Rasa to their daily routines. With an average 4.7 ⭐️ rating, and 10+ million cups served to a steadily growing 100K customer base, Rasa is THE premier coffee alternative (and way to energize!) of the future...

We’ve been featured in numerous publications (all organic—no PR agency or paid placements!), and we’re rapidly expanding our reach beyond our thriving online direct-to-consumer channel. People love us.

Satisfying surging consumer demand, functional food and beverage disruptors are earning sky-high valuations.

We want to crowd-source this business, not just crowdfund it. We keep our valuation reasonable because we are here to share our future with our community, not extract from our community. We want you to join us and be part of this entrepreneurial ride of a lifetime—having fun, generating impact, and hopefully making fat stacks in the process. 🤑

We invite you to introduce us to influencers online, and B2B clients such as coffee shops, offices, apothecaries, and healthcare practitioners. Vote on our next seasonal blend, and on our upcoming re-brand. Help us build your business!

This is only the beginning of our journey to becoming a world-renowned functional coffee alternative & changing the way we energize from depleting to nourishing. We are going to harness the everliving-crap out of our momentum and market Rasa to the world. Your investment dollars are part of a movement that will change how the world relates to energy. Join us!