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Acquisition News

on Jun 30, 2021
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Hello folks,

We have some really great news to share with you all today.

Last week, KarbonPay completed its first strategic acquisition of XmartClock, LLC. KarbonPay is the 100% owner of XmartClock.

We will soon be closing our KarbonPay campaign and opening a new campaign under XmartClock. 

So, if you are considering an investment into KarbonPay, now would be the time as when we come back, our valuation will be higher.

You can read more about the acquisition in this Dallas Biz Journal article.

XmartClock is a time-tracking application which allows employees to clock in and clock out via web app, iOS or Android device. Features include geolocation and facial recognition. Integrated with KarbonPay, employers will no longer need to manually input hours worked for their hourly employees.

A few stats about XmartClock:

1. More than 4,000 active daily users

2. Generating > $100,000 ARR

3. Customers in 21 countries

4. Number 1 mobile solution for employee check-in in Latin America

5. The company is operating at a profit

6. There are 200 - 300 free trial signups every month

7. Customers include Direct TV, Yamaha and Unilever

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