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Automating global payroll in the cloud

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Global network of customers established, & partnerships in negotiation worth $50-75 Million ARR
Recurring revenue platform serves more than 1,000 users, 0% error rate, growing at > 100% MoM
Software poised to disrupt an industry expected to reach $38.4 Billion by 2027
COVID has led to a pressing need for remote payroll services & a unique market opportunity
Pipelines developing fast in Mexico, South Africa and the Philippines—incl. 8,500 in new headcount.
65 combined years of experience in finance and running payroll in 14 countries over 4 continents
Clear route to market with Xero accounting software integration already secured
KarbonPay delivers up to 40% savings vs existing payroll providers.

Our Team

Founder & CEO
Brad founded Fingo HR in 2016 and grew annual revenues 1,200% in under 2 years. He has worked in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico and South Africa, and has led global payroll teams.
We have worked in global payroll for the last 5 years so we have deep knowledge of the problems, and how to solve them. We have a customer base all over the world coming from our payroll services work.
Chief Financial Officer
A seasoned executive with > 17 years of experience providing financial leadership and management. Extensive experience in all aspects of executive financial operations, and several CFO positions held.
Senior Software Developer / Team Lead
Diploma in Software Engineering and a Microsoft Certification for Developing Web Applications. 15 years dev experience building various products and has led diverse development teams. He has spent 5 years designing and building Payroll Systems.

Invest in KarbonPay

Inefficient payroll processes cost businesses time and money. KarbonPay is the innovative, cloud-based solution that automates calculations and increases productivity for global enterprises. 

KarbonPay enables businesses to easily process payroll anytime, anywhere without performing time-consuming manual calculations. This helps to eliminate costly mistakes while catering to the growing remote workforce trend. 

In September 2020, we launched in beta mode. Within the first month, we converted 25 paying accounts. Since then, we’ve grown to serve 45 companies and 280 active users. We have many more companies currently in our onboarding phase and will have 90 companies on board and 550 active users by the end of November!  

We’re currently negotiating two game-changing partnerships, estimated in value at up to $75M annually. Securing these partnerships will likely affect our valuation—which means the time to invest in KarbonPay is now!

Multi-country payroll outsourcing has emerged as a global trend—growing at a rate of approximately 20 percent. Amidst COVID, this trend has become a necessity for many companies. Demand is further fueled by competition amongst SMEs seeking to drive employee satisfaction via technology adaptation whilst reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

As many as 57% of companies with < 1000 employees are less than very satisfied with their current providers. This dissatisfaction stems from outdated payroll processing methods and platforms that offer only partial or unscalable solutions.

The KarbonPay solution is simple, scalable, and globally optimized. Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

Our business model is simple, effective, and scalable. We charge per active employee per month, when an active employee gets at least 1 payslip per month. Here’s an example of how our revenue structure works:

Most providers operating in multiple countries offer a centralized database for payroll data, but they only offer manual processing. Platforms that do offer multi-country automation are uniformly dated and inefficient, often requiring separate accounts for different countries. With this in mind, our route to market is clear as a preferred partner of services agencies and accounting firms with advanced SaaS integrations. 

We’re actively securing partnerships, and we’re confident that our growth will only continue to accelerate. Here’s a look at our goals for the future.

We’re currently available to customers in the USA, UK, and South Africa. As we expand our platform, KarbonPay will be available anywhere.