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1 week left

on Apr 19

Hey, superheroes!

Today our company HereYouGo at $56,903 with 92 investors and 290 potential investors on Wefunder. Breathtaking.

We have only a handful of days before the campaign closes. I will post updates more often during this period. Today I would like to thank all people who supported our campaign, you are true superheroes because you help us not only to build a great company but also to transform old inefficient industries which increase pollution and traffic jams. I would like to ask you to share the opportunity with your network. It would be awesome if we raise even more.

You can mention some of our best sales points (BSP):

⁃ we are the Silicon Valley startup with the multi-billion target market of mobility, we deeply understand the transportation market and we passionate about it,

⁃ we concentrated on self-driving technology as the main driver for our exponential growth, moreover, our sharing economy approach will make our product scalable and efficient,

⁃ we part of very cool communities as Stanford University and Draper University, who not only became our first investor with their alumni venture fund but also support us on our journey.

I can write all day about our strong sides, write me if you like more cool facts about us.

Today, I would like to post my photo with Tim Draper, investor, billionaire, founder of Draper University, and world-known venture funds as DFJ, Draper Associates, and Draper Venture Network. He invested in the best startups in the self-driving area - Cruise, Zoox, Tesla, and many other great companies as Skype, Hotmail, SpaceX. He helped us to hone HereYouGo’s business model during the Draper University program. Tim always inspires us to work hard on important problems.

Check out our photo

.... and support our campaign today!

Love you all!