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reserved of a $50,000 goal
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$6M valuation cap
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🚀A Silicon Valley startup, a portfolio company of the best ecosystem-investors of Cruise, Zoox, Tesla
💰Just raised the previous round on Wefunder with 116 superhero investors
🚌A strong team with experience in building&exiting a mobility business- TakeBus, an IT bus platform
📚TOP 5 investments made by Draper University Ventures by BlockTV

Our Team

Invest in the self-driving car industry one of the fastest-growing areas in the next 10 years!

Many may think self-driving cars are still a long way away from reality. The truth is, the evolution of automated driving systems is very much underway today. In fact, some of the modern vehicles already contain a high degree of automation.

Tesla Autopilot is a suite of the advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) that features lane centering, traffic-aware cruise control, automatic lane changes, semi-autonomous navigation on limited-access freeways, self-parking, and the ability to summon the car from a garage or parking spot.

Autonomous vehicle technology is no longer nascent or the purview of just a few cutting-edge companies. It is being deployed by nearly every major carmaker and software developer from Detroit to Silicon Valley.

While many are skeptical about the future of driverless and self-driving cars on the road, there’s actually a good deal of data and research to support the idea that self-driving cars may actually be better for our future.

While self-driving technology is maturing quickly, realizing its benefits – particularly for those who need it most – requires that the technology be affordable.

Market disrupting ride-sharing platforms—from cars and scooters to planes and helicopters—have transformed how we think about the utility and ownership of our vehicles.

We did several great steps in the direction of our vision. We got investments from TOP Silicon Valley investors, created our company community, developed a beta of our product, got first partners, and now we making a new exciting step - we are launching our second crowdfunding campaign where everyone can buy shares of our company and become part of our superhero community.

Konstantin Maslennikov with his team and Tim Draper.

We got the idea of HereYouGo while studying at Draper University, founded by Tim Draper investor of the most successful startups in the self-driving space as Zoox (acquired by Amazon for $1.3 Bln.), Cruise (acquired by General Motors for $1 Bln.), and Tesla.

After the study, Draper University Ventures become our first investor.

Konstantin Maslennikov and Juan Acosta are on the spot in the downtown of San Mateo, CA where our first car will be parked.

Press about us.

"An equity crowdfunding play listed on the WeFunder platform, HereYouGo seeks to pioneer a niche in the Mobility as a Service industry: sharing for self-driving cars. Despite steep challenges in autonomous driving, the concept is winning proponents in Washington. Further, multiple private companies are pushing for an autonomous future.

Admittedly, HereYouGo is a two-stage wager: first, autonomy must become a reality and second, the company must succeed in delivering its vision. But assuming autonomy makes a breakthrough, HereYouGo is positioned to dominate. Primarily, millennials don’t care as much about car ownership and would rather deal with subscription-based services on an as-needed basis.

HereYouGo could become one of the most transformative private investing opportunities ever." (Investment returns cannot be guaranteed).

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Photo with Zoox car, by DANIEL LAWRENCE LU, licensed under CC-By-SA 4.0.