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Vyrill Inc.

Why Brands love our Video KPI Stats Report

on Feb 25
Co-founder and CEO of, a google for video that empowers commerce for marketers and brands.

Vyrill is a user-generated video content (UGVC) discovery, analytic, licensing and commerce platform powered by proprietary AI technology to enable social commerce and product marketing. 

Once a brand's videos are organized on our dashboard and ready for the project manager to search, there are several reports that we offer to gain deeper insights into their search results including the; Topics report, Demographics report, Audio Speech Analysis Report, Influencer Report and the Stats report. 

Our  Stats report (aka KPI report) summarizes a customized pool of videos' that has been discovered, analyzed and organized by our AI-driven 'in-video search. The report outlines the most important performance information all in one report;

  1. Total Videos
    This metric helps us understand whether the product, hashtag, brand name, or keyword is popular or not. You can compare this metric across multiple products, hashtags, brand names, or keywords to identify the most and the least popular.

  2. Total Views
    This metric explains the number of people that watched the video. More views are usually a sign of popularity, but it doesn't necessarily mean deeper engagement.

  3. Average Views
    Total videos / Total views

  4. Total Duration (in mins)
    This is the total length of all the minutes of the all the videos

  5. Average Duration (in mins)
    Total minutes / Total videos

  6. Total Influencers
    Total number of creators who made the videos for product/keyword

  7. Average Influencers
    Total Influencers/number of videos. When the average number is higher than 1, then it means that the creator has created multiple videos.

  8. Total Likes
    Viewers of the video, who gave a thumbs up.

  9. Average Likes
    Total Likes / Number of videos

  10. Total Comments
    Number of viewers, who commented on the video on the social media platform

  11. Average Comments
    Total comments/number of videos

  12. Total Dislikes
    Total viewers of the video (s), who gave a thumbs down.

  13. Average Dislikes
    Total dislikes / Number of videos

  14. Total Engagement
    This is a very important metric and is the sum of likes, views and comments of all the videos. The higher the metric, the more customers responded to the product/keywords. Comparing this metric across multiple products/keywords gives you an insight on the most and the least popular product/keywords.

  15. Average Engagement
    Total Engagement/Number of videos

  16. Likes/Dislikes comment ratio
    If the ratio is greater than 1, then it means more customers liked the video. If the ratio is lower than 1, then it means that more viewers disliked the video.

Looking at each of these alone tells only part of the story. But putting them into context side-by-side, one can see there is a larger, more complete story. Depending on your business goals, brands who are interested in what that story reveals about your company, or their competitor's company, will enjoy this easy-to-read report. 

This is the never-ending challenge is to understand what conversations are occurring about a brand online at any given time. Vyrill has endeavored to help brands not only hear the conversation but listen, respond and drive the conversation. With the Vyrill Stats report and the Audio Speech Analysis report, some of our top clients have expressed excitement and appreciation for the value they have gained.