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Pencilish Animation Studios

HUGE UPDATE: New Advisory Board member and our first CEO webinar!

on Feb 20 2021
Tom Bancroft is CEO of Pencilish Animation Studios INC and a 30 year vet of the Animation biz.

First of all, thank you to the about 350 people that attended our first webinar!  It was great fun and I could feel the energy of our investors and other supporters of Pencilish coming through the internet!  Thanks for attending and if you DID MISS IT, I've included the video below so you can watch me design a character (based upon the crowd's requests!), answer questions, and- at the beginning of the webinar- we had a surprise CALL IN GUEST! 

This is the big announcement that we teased as being announced in that webinar: Actress MING-NA WEN is now on our advisory board for Pencilish Animation Studios!!  IF you only watch a little of the webinar video below, please watch the beginning so you can hear her excitement and support for our company!  As you know, she is well respected in Hollywood and is the ONLY actor that can claim these three titles: A STAR WARS franchise character, a MARVEL franchise character, AND she is a Disney Princess!  (And my wife and I loved her in "ER" so many years back!)  

Here's the Webinar:

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