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The Secret Decoder Ring - A 2D Hand-Drawn Family-Friendly Film

Last Funded November 2021


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Over $2.5 Million raised from previous crowdfunding rounds from almost 5000 investors!
Disney animation legends bring their combined 200 years of animation experience.
Investment Returned Before Film Production: It is NOT dependent on the success of the film.
The film has cast Susan Egan (voice of “Meg” in Disney’s Hercules)

Our Team

I have dedicated my life to animation, it's what I have done throughout my childhood and my career and now I can't wait to share that with you. I've worked for Disney, animated on top box office hits, and now...I get to create my dream studio with YOU. - Tom Bancroft


  • When 14 year-old Alexis finds her grandmother’s childhood decoder ring and activates it's secret code, like Aladdin and his lamp, she accidentally brings forth long-forgotten '40s superhero Major Dynamo into our world! The Major is a fish-out-water with his old-fashioned ways and beliefs - some good and some... not so good. Through some comic adventures, Alexis and Major Dynamo bond. Alexis’ dad has grown distant which has put a strain on their relationship and the Major fills that gap as a father figure to Alexis. But, because the Major has awakened, the mysterious Grey Goliath (a dark version of Major Dynamo) comes out of hiding to finally destroy Major Dynamo so that he can complete his plans to control the world! Alexis soon discovers that all these seemingly unrelated events are rooted in a generational family secret that could now destroy our world! Alexis and Major Dynamo must stand together to face Grey Goliath -- and find redemption for their family!
  • We feel this Live action/2d animation hybrid film has all the elements of a family film franchise that can be made for a fraction of the budget of other animation and superhero films! With your investment in the development package, we feel we can obtain the production budget to start the cameras rolling!
  • Check out this in progress animation clip from the pencil test, voiced by Patrick Warburton!

  • We are Pencilish Animation Studios and we are thrilled to present a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity: the creation of our 2D animated feature film, "The Secret Decoder Ring." This project is more than just a movie; it's a celebration of the artistry and magic that defined your favorite childhood films.
  • Pencilish Animation Studios is a team of passionate artists and industry veterans determined to revive the timeless tradition of hand-drawn animation. Our commitment is to create not just entertainment, but an experience that transcends generations. In our past, we have created 3 short form animated series. As those series move on to distribution, we are ready to take on our dream of creating our own live action and hand drawn feature film!
  • Imagine a film where animation legends, the masterminds behind your cherished childhood characters, unite to bring to life a heartwarming and thrilling 2D animated feature – "The Secret Decoder Ring." This isn't just a movie; it's a journey into the past and a leap into the future of animation.

You might be wondering, "How does my investment work?" Or perhaps you're curious about the implications if you're a previous investor with Pencilish. Here's your answer:

  • Your investment in the film operates on a 120% preferred return basis. This means that once the film's budget is secured, your investment will be repaid along with a 20% return, all before filming commences. In essence, your investment and the proposed 20% return are the FIRST payments out, irrespective of the film's performance in the market!
  • For previous Pencilish investors, the fact that the film is being produced by Pencilish is advantageous. Any success achieved directly contributes to the appreciation of your existing shares. This means that as the film progresses and flourishes, so too will the value of your shares.

At Pencilish Studios, we take pride in cultivating a profound connection with our valued investors.

This raise is to fund the development of the pencil test and other overhead. With this, We will be able to create and package the film correctly for larger investors. Below is the budget breakdown for how we’d like to use funding once we reach our goal of $615,000:

*Note: If we do not reach our funding goal, certain changes will be made to the breakdown to account for the change in budget.

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