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Rolling Into 2021 Like 😎

on Dec 20 2020
Dr. Jonas founded CoPeace in 2018 after percolating the idea for more than 30 years and being part of several successful start-up ventures.

If there’s one thing we learned this year, it’s that no matter how much you plan, life sometimes takes an unexpected *hard right* turn. But when dealing with the unexpected, it’s not what happens — but how you react — that really matters.

Our golden nuggets of positivity

We’re big on the “glass is half full” and finding the bright side of every situation. ‘Cause what you focus on, you create more of. Here are a few nuggets we’ve learned this year about the most successful businesses. They are:

  • Flexible, Nimble, Creative Problem Solvers. Who needs a large office building, anyway? And how can we step in and find solutions for funding innovation and serving other small businesses by providing marketing & finance support?
  • Mission-Driven. Sharing “why we exist” as a company is at least as important as what and how we do business.
  • Forgiving. Some months we experience growth; some months, we’re lucky to maintain. And as for our workforce, we understand that we all need to unplug for a break here and there. Taking a day or long weekend to recharge is not only allowed but encouraged.

A strong finish

So — let’s all be cool, calm, and inspired as we head into next year. Let’s set big goals and break records — together! We challenge you to find the glimmers of hope, resilience, and forward-thinking positivity this season as we head into 2021. It’s contagious — the good kind.