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Over $3.8M raised to date – democratizing access to environmental and social impact investing.
2024 projected revenues to triple vs 2023 revenues.
️️️Over 3 billion media impressions - in WSJ, Forbes, Nasdaq, U.S. News, Yahoo!, Axios, and more!
A Public Benefit Corporation and B Corp re-certified investing in for-profit impact companies.

Our Team

CoPeace is short for “Companies of Peace.” The name shows our desire to help create a new form of inclusive capitalism – business that is committed to success with multiple bottom lines, leading to a better (more peaceful) world. It sounds idealistic, and it is, but that vision is what drives us to help you build wealth and make a positive impact.

We Prioritize Both Profit and Impact

When you invest in CoPeace, you invest in the major industry sectors addressing social and environmental challenges - infrastructure, clean energy, diversity and well-being, and other impactful ventures. As an investor, your funds support CoPeace's nine hand-selected companies to best meet their needs, and help them grow - for the betterment of our shareholders, stakeholders, and the world.

Anyone can join our community of investors. We celebrate diversity and welcome investors from all backgrounds, races, genders, and income levels.

How? It's simple

Our holding company model makes it simple to invest with confidence, knowing our team of analysts verifies the financial viability and environmental and social impact of all CoPeace companies. We bring together complementary organizations that can work together and amplify each others’ growth.

The CoPeace Selection Process

While we have been introduced to hundreds of companies that want to partner with us we do a high-level review to see if these companies meet certain CoPeace standards: 

  • Environmental and social standards
  • Investment impact
  • Depth of experience
  • Profitable or viable potential for profit

For potential partners that meet initial standards, we do a deep analytical review of the company. Afterward, the Investment Committee will meet and discuss the opportunity. 

What YOUR investments are funding right now

Our Portfolio


  • CoPeace are executive producers on burst media DEI programming and content 


  • Launching fall of 2023: A custom smartphone application, the only one of its kind, that is being designed by an award-winning, woman-owned, custom software development company along with a dedicated team of wellness professionals
  • Goal: A tool that will lead members of our community to live a more fulfilling life. Including peer support community, resource directory, and wellness hub
  • CoPeace provided C-level and business development support to bring the You:Flourish LGBTQIA+ mental health and wellness app to market

Compost Colorado (CoCo)

  • Founded in 2018, Compost Colorado saw massive growth in 2020 with over 300%
  • CoCo spread over 70 yards of compost in one of the most polluted zip codes in the country, donated over $3,000 to local non-profits, volunteered with Protect our Rivers, and built raised beds with The Greenhouse non-profit in Colorado 
  • CoPeace entered into a strategic partnership with CoCo in September 2021, which includes equity stake in Compost Colorado
  • CoPeace Finance completed a series of financial models which helped Compost Colorado win a $250k grant from the city of Denver to invest in composting and waste collection infrastructure


  • Uncharted completed phase 1 of its Poughkeepsie, N.Y. deployment to build a first-of-its-kind sustainable, smart city pilot; this pilot included installing modular sidewalk pavers in the city’s public right-of-way in the city's Innovation District
  • Uncharted also deployed a pilot digital software twin, that eventually could serve broadband, water management, and parking applications
  • CEO Jessica O. Matthews was appointed to the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2021 Electricity Advisory Committee (EAC)

Advanced Sustainable Technologies:

  • Successfully completed a bromine hazardous waste test
  • The waste was shipped from Israel to a test facility in Washington state to confirm the plasma gasification process will work with the specific waste
  • The test was successful, and AST can now move forward with the construction of the plant to sustainably remove hazardous waste from the environment and create clean energy


  • Launched in 2019 as a partnership of Cutting Edge Capital (now Cutting Edge Counsel) and SVX Canada. CoPeace, a diversified impact holding company, has also joined SVX US as a partner and investor.
  • Online impact investment platform with campaign preparation support, detailed profiles, automated transaction and subscription document processing, and capacity to deploy investments across multiple security, investor, and offering types, from direct public offerings to Reg D to nonprofit and co-op offerings

Lost Woods Whiskey Company:

  • Implemented innovative practices to reduce its environmental footprint, including sourcing locally grown ingredients, implementing energy-efficient processes, and actively participating in community initiatives
  • Devoted to giving back 1% of sales to organizations supporting the environment
  • Lost Woods’ flagship whiskey won double Gold at the renowned San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2021 and 2022, and added a Platinum award in 2023

CoPeace Wholly Owned Subsidiaries

  • CoPeace Services levels the playing field by bringing sophisticated marketing, financial, and operational services to purpose-driven, resource-constrained companies.
  • CoPeace Finance & CoPeace Marketing empowers post-raise and revenue-positive, early to mid-stage businesses that demonstrate social and environmental impact. By dedicating our skills to overlooked yet responsible businesses, we help catalyze their next stage of strategic growth and large-scale impact. Our high-caliber offerings close the gap so conscientious brands can maximize their influence.

  • CoPeace Sport bridges the world of positive social and environmental impact with the sports world and the spaces for athletes, teams, and leagues to be involved in sport and non-sport investment.
  • We are poised to make today’s sport leaders, tomorrow’s impact leaders. Analysts developed the Valuation of Impact Brand Equity (V.I.B.E), a proprietary tool that measures an athlete's positive impact on society. More about V.I.B.E.

The Experienced Team Bringing the Mission to Life

CoPeace is founded and funded by a group of individuals who have decades of experience across the entrepreneurial, business, and investment industries. They understand the value of a strong team and ecosystem and its importance to success. It’s why the CoPeace Board of Directors and Advisory Council is made up of individuals across more than 16 industries with decades of business and investment experience, offering guidance, opening doors, and championing ideas in their industries.

Our Team:

Positive Impact through YOUR Investment

Our Impact Report:

The Credentials and Partnerships To Build a Better Future

To help you get the most out of your investment when you invest in CoPeace, you're partnering with a Certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation. As an investor, you benefit from our commitment to the highest verified social and environmental performance standards, transparency, and accountability. CoPeace is committed to operating in a radically transparent and honest manner. All investment decisions are carefully selected following rigorous data analysis to ensure continued measurable impact and profitability or potential profitability within a reasonable timeline.

Join Us at This Critical Time: Sustainable Investing is BOOMING!

Here's How Your Investment Makes an Impact 

The funds raised from this Regulation Crowdfunding will be used to grow the CoPeace portfolio, and expand and continue CoPeace operations. 

As a holding company, CoPeace's valuation and impact are a reflection of our cumulative portfolio. Because all of our companies are (currently) privately held, most valuation is based upon advancement in each unique business's valuation, roadmap, and development plan.

Become a Part of Real Change. One Investment at a Time.

We're passionate about positive impact and growing our community of like-minded investors. When you join us on our mission of investing in companies with strong fiscal health, we amplify their growth and the return for you as an investor. Our business model acts as an umbrella - you invest in CoPeace, then we invest and support a portfolio of ESG impact companies, doing measurable positive good.

Join us in thinking bigger about how we can maximize both purpose and profit for all stakeholders.

Join The CoPeace Community and "Grow Your Money For Good"

Together, as like-minded do-gooders who believe in the power of business and investing as a force for good, we can make a greater positive impact on the world.