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Final Week to Invest in Brightest: Advanced, Modern Software-as-a-Service for Positive Social Impact, ESG, and Sustainability

on Aug 24 2020
Co-Founder and CEO of Brightest

Our WeFunder round is coming to a close this week: you have until Friday to commit your investment if you haven't done so already.

Over the past several weeks we'd laid out our vision, industry thesis, and the investment case for Brightest, including:

1. Environment social governance (ESG) is a massively transformational shift for organizations and companies - one with limited software and technology solutions, which creates a big market opportunity. Every new corporate department or business function creates new categories of software (sales = Salesforce, HR = Workday, culture = CultureAmp, etc.), and we see the exact same thing starting to happen in ESG and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Brightest has an experienced team, a clear vision, state-of-the-art tech, and a first-mover advantage. As we see what's happening in California right now, timing for positive change is urgent.

2. We're forging ahead and making great progress. In recent weeks we've established new social impact measurement and management partnerships that include universities, two company CSR programs, Catholic Charities of New York, and the Arizona ACLU.

3. We have the resources, network, vision, and market opportunity to execute, win, and support positive social outcomes.

We're tremendously grateful to everyone who's invested so far - thank you for making this campaign a success and investing in the future of social impact technology!

If you're interested in discussing investment or have any questions - as always, feel free to contact me directly:

Thank you.