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Social Impact Software for Business & Non-Profits: High Growth During COVID-19

Last Funded August 2020


raised from 52 investors


📊 Using AI to solve critical communication, complexity, and measurement challenges for organizations leading positive social change.
💻 Already written one million lines of proprietary software code.
🛠️ Elegant, accessible software already used by 200+ socially responsible companies, non-profits, and schools.
⚡ Powered 100,000+ people taking positive environmental and social action in 2019.
♻️ Offset or canceled over a million pounds of carbon (CO2) last year.
💰 Experienced team with previous software startup acquisitions.
📈 High growth potential with low capex and operating costs thanks to software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.
📈 +20% month-over-month (MoM) growth from COVID-19 response and social justice (BLM) growth

Our Team

Whether it's from COVID, climate change, Black Lives Matter, or other social inequality, companies and organizations of all sizes are recognizing they need technology to manage and measure their impact. We provide powerful, easy-to-use tools, automation, and intelligence to companies, non-profits, and teams making the world better.

The Story of Brightest

The technology world is undergoing a profound shift from "social media" to prioritizing social responsibility - particularly in the era of COVID-19. Brightest is building the software operating system for that future.

Launching for life

In 2018, we noticed the world changing.  Non-profits and young people like March for Our Lives and Greta Thunberg's Fridays for Future were using the internet to bring people together and accelerate positive change. B Corp (public benefit corporation) registrations were growing exponentially.

We were excited. But we also talked to dozens of non-profits and social enterprises who were struggling. Growing from a group of passionate people who want to make a difference into an organization is hard. You need process, org structures, communications, training, technology, compliance, analytics, and lots of administration to fulfill your core work and mission.

But when we looked around, we only saw tech companies building fundraising and donation software, which, while important, is only a fraction of the work these organizations do.

And that's where it clicked for us with Brightest

We can help the 1.5+ million non-profits and social enterprises focus on their work and mission, and we'll provide a complete set of technology infrastructure and tools to help them do it faster, better, and more data-informed.

So we started building and experimenting — and the experiments worked.

When a new wave of advocacy groups emerged to protest the detention of migrant children, our app helped elevate their voice and connected thousands of people to volunteer and pro bono opportunities.

When young people started calling attention to the urgent problem of climate change, our software helped dozens of environmental organizations and organizers turn September 2019 into the largest week of climate action in history.

Along the way we...

  • Established a brand
  •  Built a software product, writing almost a million lines of code.
  •  Launched a mobile app.

-  Partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant trees the more Brightest gets used so we can operate as a net-zero carbon company.

-  Helped power a campaign to pass one of the most ambitious climate laws in U.S. history.

-  And met a lot of really inspiring people along the way (including AOC)!

Now we're a technology leader and go-to destination for positive social impact

Today, our platform supports 200+ social impact organizations, has already powered over 100,000 acts of good, and is being used across the U.S. and United Kingdom for remote and in-person COVID-19 relief and support. Now we're on a mission to become the digital operating system for social impact and sustainability around the world.

Our next steps are...

✅ Make our first sales hire to focus on customer and revenue growth

✅ Complete and launch the next, more advanced version of our product

✅ Start testing and investing in smart, high-ROI marketing and partnership opportunities to accelerate our growth (to date we've grown 100% organically)

We know we're stronger and better working together, and we're grateful to WeFunder, our own inspiring community, and everyone else who's helped us along the way, including (but not limited to) Abhiti, Ana, Bryan, Charlotte, Chelsea, Daniel, Georgie, Jerry, Kareem, Kwesi, Petra, Roxane, Vernon, Victoria, and hopefully you too. Onward and upward.