Update: Rad Intelligence Investor Panel

Published on Aug 13, 2020

Big thank you to Brian MacMahon of Expert Dojo, Krista Waddell of Dzhel Ventures and Chris Graebe of Startup Camp for participating on yesterday's RAD investor panel.

Expert Dojo is a Santa Monica Based Accelerator and investor in Rad Intelligence. Brian is the head honcho of “the Dojo” which makes between 40-50 investments each year ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 per allocation.

Dzhel Ventures primarily invests into early stage startups.  Managing directors are Krista and Tom Waddell.  Dzhel Ventures is RAD's lead investor and was also the lead investor in Jeremy's previous venture.  Krista Waddell is a Board member @RAD.

Startup Camp are the lead investors for RAD’s Wefunder raise. Chris Graebe is the CEO and Managing Director of Startup Camp.  Chris oversees their mandate to invest into top performing, highly vetted crowdfunding startups.