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On Technology, Efficiency, Speed, and the New Normal

on May 28 2020
Co-Founder and CEO of Brightest

I was talking to an advisor yesterday when she asked me: 

"When do you think you'll go back to the office?"

I thought about it for a second, then replied:

"Likely next year, but not until it's completely safe and makes sense for what we need to build the culture we want to create."

Saying this, I know we're incredibly privileged as technology workers to work from home (WFH). Many can't, and our hope with Brightest specifically is to use the technology we're developing to lift up the organizations, people, and communities who need more support and resources than our current social structure allows.

But while WFH is a privilege, it's also a clear advantage - in terms of speed, efficiency, and costs. 

Recently, I saw Naval Ravikant (Angelist founder and early investor in Twitter, Uber, Yammer, and Foursquare), say in an interview:

"As an investor you need to ask: How much of every dollar invested is
going into technology development and how much is going to things like
scaling, customer acquisition, subsidizing rides or deliveries, or some
physical product."

So, if anyone wants to know, here's the answer for us at Brightest: $0.75 out of every dollar we spend (75%) is invested into our technology development so we can make the best, scalable software product as fast as possible. 

That's what allows us to make progress so quickly and keep costs down. 

I miss biking to work (and rarely find time to listen to podcasts without a commute), but it's helped us be more productive than ever. I wrote a whole new feature yesterday - so be on the look for that soon. Even with our small, core engineering team today we're shipping 1,000 new features a year - and we look forward to expanding the team and scaling that up even more.