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Restarting America Means a New Normal

on May 9 2020
A successful entrepreneur who built three multimillion-dollar businesses over 20 years.

Hi Kazoo investors and followers –

I would like to thank our investors for their belief in Kazoo and our followers who have expressed and maintained interest in Kazoo!

Just like many people across the U.S., we are anxious to return to lives in our new normal, but are also really worried and concerned about staying safe. There will be difficult compromises between doing everything possible to save lives from Covid-19 and preventing other life-threatening or life altering harms. The question is – when can we ethically bring people back to work and school and begin to resume the usual rhythms of American life?

As a working parent and daughter of a 90-year-old mom, it’s comforting for me know that with Kazoo I can stay connected with my loves ones all times – knowing that they are safe and secure. Kazoo also offers precise 30-day location history, which will help with personal Covid-19 contact tracing as the user owns and controls their own data! And what’s more is that Kazoo connects to 4,500 emergency call centers nationwide, and users can share the live video with emergency call centers and first responders!

Kazoo is launching in June – just in time for us to plan, connect and protect!

Even if you can only invest $250, it will make a difference. The reason why we selected the crowdfunding route is because there is strength in numbers. Please invest in Kazoo today. Together we can bring the much needed technology to the market!

Warm regards,