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The World’s 1st SOS app to track location, livestream video, connect to 911—on 1 screen, in seconds

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🎉 Over $560,000 already raised from the founders and 298 Reg CF investors! 🎉
Kazoo’s award-winning UI team has designed apps for Apple, Twitter, Snapchat, and Kanye West.
Kazoo’s award-winning engineering team has built apps for Infiniti, Microsoft, and Warner Music.
Kazoo has partnered with RapidSOS for enhanced connectivity to 250M+ mobile devices in the U.S.
Kazoo has secured marketing partnerships to access an immediate audience of over 300K.
Kazoo is a breakout game-changer in the relatively untapped market of personal safety apps.
This is your chance to buy into Kazoo at a low $3M valuation cap with significant ROI potential.

Our Team

An innovative entrepreneur specializing in rapid time-to-market products. As Founder and CEO of MSI Software, Peter raised $5M in private equity and venture capital funding to develop staff scheduling tech used by over 1,200 institutions worldwide.
I am passionate about building innovative products that help people. The Kazoo team and I are committed to creating a safer, stronger future where technology and people work together seamlessly to protect and save lives. Empowering our users with the option to share vital information directly with 911 through Kazoo’s platform is a game-changer.
Jake Frey Head of Product Design
Jake is the cofounder at Dream Team, whose clients include Apple Pay, Twitter, Snapchat, Hermès, and Kanye West. He is the former creative director at Fancy (15M users), which raised $100M, and was named one of the best apps of the year.
Scott Woldin Head of Marketing
Scott is highly experienced in developing multi-layered marketing campaigns. With a client roster including Sprint, Motorola, and the NFL Players Club, Scott led the concept development in all areas of digital and interactive advertising.

Kazoo—Pushing The Envelope In Personal Safety 🚀

Kazoo is a game-changer technology in the personal safety market—and so much more. Our world is clearly changing. 2020 was Zoom’s breakout year. 2021 will be Kazoo’s.

“911, What is the address of your emergency?” is the first question dispatchers ask, and for good reason: A dispatcher's first goal is to get help on the way. But relaying your location is often easier said than done. In emergency situations, you may not know your exact location, or you may be unable to articulate it clearly due to injuries, stress or safety concerns.



Celebrities love Kazoo! Kimberly Lohman Clapp, Emmy award-winning journalist, interviews Brian Hartline, former NFL player, and current Ohio State football coach. Both have put their time, money, and reputations on the line to make Kazoo a smash success. Watch the video to learn why!


Imagine your child, significant other, grandparent, or friend is in danger – like the real-life tragedy in Florida where a dad was stuck in a rip current and drowned, all because 911 couldn’t locate him in time. What if it’s a car accident, rideshare assault or crime, or natural disaster?

With Kazoo, the app instantly live streams the incident and passes along critical information to the 9-1-1 dispatcher within seconds – including pinpoint accurate location data (longitude/latitude coordinates).

To make this technology happen, Kazoo partnered with RapidSOS to connect directly into 4,700 emergency call centers nationwide with 93% U.S. coverage.

Starting in February, the Kazoo app will be certified as RapidSOS Ready. This means that when users call 911 from within Kazoo, life-saving information, such as name and location, is automatically relayed to local first responders through the RapidSOS emergency response data platform.

Michael Martin, CEO of RapidSOS said, “Together with innovative companies like Kazoo certified as RapidSOS Ready, we’re providing people with an added layer of safety and security and we’re supporting our heroic first responders in saving millions of lives annually.


The screens below demonstrate how Kazoo’s life-saving technology works. When you tap SOS (left), your emergency contacts (right) see an instant broadcast of the scene and have (8) vital data points and functions at their fingertips.

Next, the screens below demonstrate a real-life scenario where Kazoo can be used to save lives. Imagine being one of the festivalgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Music festival on the Las Vegas Strip. As the shooting begins, everyone scrambles for shelter – one person has Kazoo installed.

That person taps the SOS button, and an instant video live stream is broadcast to his emergency contacts, who then call 911 on his behalf. Before talking to the call center, all of the victim’s vital information is electronically sent to the 911 dispatcher (name, phone number, location), while the emergency contact describes what’s going on at the scene—all in under 30 seconds. The dispatcher then deploys the appropriate emergency responder resources to the scene.


Kazoo distinguishes itself from all other apps on the market by combining the power of multiple apps into one, in a way that has never been done before. Streamlined messaging, location-based services, group communications, and many more awesome social features make Kazoo a practical and powerful app for everyday use—it's the companion app for life.

You can set up unlimited circles (groups of people), create time-based location arrival and departure alerts to ensure your child is safe, stream live video chat, receive low-battery alerts, see recent activity and 30-day location history, access driving analytics, and so much more. There's even in-app navigation!


In today's world, there is little to no trust between consumers and companies or government. Whether it's a social protest with police intervention or a rideshare incident where the company owns the footage, Kazoo equips you with an instant record of the incident. The live stream is auto-saved to your phone and your emergency contacts’ phones. You have the proof. You own and possess the actual record of the incident. Information is encrypted and secure. Kazoo never shares or sells your information.


Our world-class team of award-winning designers and engineers has led projects for global companies like Apple, Twitter, Kanye West, and Microsoft. We know how to deliver a quality product and make a big impact on our target market.


SFTS is an international anti-bullying organization that has traveled to 1,593 schools and reached over 1,620,000 kids. Kazoo’s partnership with SFTS will allow us to bring Kazoo’s safety and communications technology to more than 300K engaged constituents, providing a cost-effective and efficient way to reach a highly targeted subscriber base – all while supporting SFTS’s mission of keeping kids and families safe. (The Kazoo team has also chosen SFTS as its Charity of Choice.)


In today's world, there are many unpredictable events (such as the pandemic and social justice movements) that can directly impact our personal and public health and safety. In virtually every emergency situation, Kazoo can help people in need:


Developed with the safety of the end-user in mind, there are 3.5B smartphone users worldwide—the Kazoo app is literally suitable for any smartphone user age 9+. Our business model encompasses a one-to-one-to-many relationship. Rather than spending gobs of money marketing to individuals users, Kazoo's core customers are organizations and companies that license our technology for the benefit of their customers; Kazoo is using their existing customer channels to reach millions of users.


These days, workplace and public safety are at the forefront of everyone's minds. By addressing workplace hazards with Kazoo's enterprise safety technology, employees do their best work throughout each and every day. The B2B opportunities are endless—imagine an accident occurs with a utility worker who falls from a pole, or a roadside accident with a driver in a transport company—or protecting students in a dire school-wide incident. Kazoo sells to companies, school districts, and anyone else who wants to keep their workers, students or customers safe.


Kazoo's revenue model includes both a business-to-business and business-to-consumer strategy. Both are subscription-based models, which provide a consistent revenue stream for Kazoo. Our corporate pricing includes a one-time integration fee, plus a tiered monthly per-user fee.

With our current B2B and B2B2C pricing models, the projected revenue chart shows Kazoo's growth potential over the next four years. For our B2B revenue model, we accounted for securing multiple corporate accounts per year based on our sales pipeline projections. For our B2C model, we project 25,000 annual subscribers by Q4 2021 with a 2x growth rate in 2022/2023 and 1.5x in 2024.  Additionally, the model incorporates industry-stand assumptions for user conversation after a 7-day trial, organic vs. direct conversions, churn, and overall user acquisition costs. By year 2024, we project a B2B:B2C revenue ratio of 57.7% (B2B): 42.3% (B2B2C)


Kazoo provides an essential service to 3.5B smartphone users worldwide, 33M of which purchase 1-2 apps/mo. Kazoo's total addressable market in the U.S. is $285B, and we've targeted a $12B serviceable market. Kazoo's scalable and cost-efficient go-to-market strategy focuses on national corporate channel partners to reach millions of end-users.


Kazoo is a premier SOS app that instantly alerts your loved ones, live streams video, pinpoints your location, and connects with 9-1-1—with one tap. No other app on the market does this so seamlessly and efficiently. Not only that, but Kazoo is fun to use! By bundling group communications, location-based services, and social features, we allow ourselves to step outside the personal safety market and target a higher number of lifestyle users.


The chart below displays how funds will be used to help Kazoo succeed. As the company grows, our management team will reassess the timing and need for its Series A funding to further fuel Kazoo's growth.


In the tech industry, it is common practice for small platforms with proven success in acquiring users to be purchased by a larger company. Kazoo has a clear path for growth following the model of comparable startups.

The family-focused lifestyle app Life360 offers a parallel roadmap of the progression from its modest start to its current success. Life360 has seen rapid growth—now reaching 25 million monthly active users in over 140 countries, with more than 130


  • Life360 Australian IPO values company at $535M
  • Life360 reaches $38M in annual revenue
  • ADT Invests in Life 360 for $25 Million

Kazoo seeks to follow Life360's growth trajectory.  Own a piece of this next-generation tech, and enjoy the investment returns that follow.

    —The Kazoo Team