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Aptera Motors

The world's first Never Charge electric vehicle!

on Oct 10 2019

Grid Independence is here! Never touch a charge cord again with Aptera's new on-vehicle solar package. It comes standard on every Aptera because it is simply the most efficient way to power your vehicle.

Our Never Charge system can provide over 40 miles a day and over 11,000 miles per year of plug free driving. This is enough power to meet the needs of most drivers and makes this truly the first grid-independent electric vehicle option in the world. This announcement comes after we've filed three patents on this technology and field-tested it for over 1,000 hours to validate its performance. 

Have a look at the press release here: Never Charge PR

There is also a solar calculator on our website:  This will show you if your daily driving and location are compatible with a "Never Charge" lifestyle or if you will have to charge a few times a year.

And a 360-degree view in this video:

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