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Jetoptera, Inc.

Commonplace aerial mobility for people and cargo with revolutionary Fluidic Propulsive System

Last Funded March 2022


raised from 1,216 investors
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Realizing the vision of a flying car and deploying capable drones, a $1.5 Trillion market by 2040
Prototypes flying today; safer, 30 dB quieter, twice as fast, energy agnostic compared to any VTOLs
The Fluidic Propulsive System is the quietest aviation propulsor ever; "sounds like wind, not like a machine"
Awarded 48 patents, more than 150 pending; extensive R&D with $7.8mm invested to date
Five contracts awarded from the US Air Force and US Army.

Our Team

We think of a more detailed and mutually beneficial integration of the propulsor with the airframe. Our name reflects that approach. All other aircraft bolt conventional multi-blade propulsion systems onto the airframe with no synergy. FPS enables us to augment thrust and lift at the same time. It's revolutionary and the benefits are exceptional.