#1 Professional Network for Musicians and Creatives in the World

Last Funded May 2022
Important Notice
$450,000 reflected in the total was raised off of Wefunder since their last raise, and prior to acquisition by Vinyl Group Ltd (ASX: VNL), fka Jaxsta Ltd.


raised from 3,042 investors


Notable Angel

Raised $25k or more from a notable angel investor

📈 1 million signups in 190 countries with 22% MoM revenue growth
🚀 $3.5M raised from music industry execs, VCs, angels and 3000+ crowd investors 🦄
🌎 7 million connections brokered to-date between aspiring young artists & industry professionals
🎵 Our users have generated 62Bn streams on platforms like Spotify & TikTok, with $162M in royalties

Our Team

Baz and I are both lifelong musicians who spent many years struggling before making a living from our art. This story is not uncommon. The obstacles aren't talent or ambition. We simply didn’t know the right people. There had to be a better way. With Vampr we are striving to eradicate this pain point for the next generation of creative souls.

The Number-One Professional Network for Musicians and Creatives

We are Vampr: a marketplace empowering top talent in the music industry.

Vampr is a social-professional talent marketplace encompassing tens of thousands of creative professions - from graphic designers and producers, to choreographers and bass players.

That means with the swipe of a thumb, our proprietary algorithm sifts through a 1 million+ user base of passionate creatives - all to help you find your perfect collaborative match, and move the needle in your career.

Plus, we also help our users solve their creative needs through services offered both on and off the platform - all while helping them get discovered. In fact, Vampr music users have collectively received over 62 billion streams, generating $162 million in royalties.

Professional Networking for Creatives is Broken

These days, getting discovered for your talents is harder than ever.

Musicians and creatives have available an abundance of digital tools and services to further their careers - however, their experience is fragmented.

The signal-to-noise ratio is worse than ever, and meanwhile, who you know and where you live are still critical to success.

We are Making Waves in Three Booming Markets

Vampr targets all participants in the music ecosystem. Our core business model is directed at the market of those who spend money developing their skill sets annually, which is valued at $45 billion.

In addition, we offer music distribution and music sync publishing services, two separate and additional verticals within the industry, valued respectively at $23.1 billion globally and $6.4 billion in the US alone.

This is our total addressable market - however, we have identified a serviceable obtainable market of $16.5 billion based on the current services we offer, set to double over the next decade.

Connections that matter

What we do comes in three easy steps...

Discover: Find musicians, industry professionals, and music lovers near you. Get your latest music news and see updates from other Vampr users.

Connect: Build your network, message your new contacts, and collaborate with other inspiring artists.

Control: From Publishing to Pro with Distribution – we’re here to support you professionally and help you make money from your tracks.

We help artists accomplish all of this through our Publishing and Pro services:

We believe previous startups attempting to own this space have failed due to struggles in balancing user acquisition while improving the product and raising capital.

We knew that in order to win we needed to start small - initially connecting just singers, songwriters, band members and producers. Over time, as our product improved and our user base grew, our community wanted to have access to more categories on Vampr - and we had already built the infrastructure to do just that. Today, our talent marketplace boasts over 20,000 skill sets!

As a result, we have been able to establish defensibility, as scale is the only defensibility in a talent marketplace or social network.

Let’s look at the business model that makes it all happen:

1. Vampr Pro - Our premium subscription service

  • Offers users a suite of additional tools not available to our freemium users
  • Currently 3% of our WAUs are paying for Pro, with revenues growing 22.25% MoM since launch in August 2020
  • Current cost of acquiring a Pro user is $28.60, while our subscription plans range from $35.99 - $59.88 on an annual basis

2. Cost-Per-Click, Cost-Per-Engagement, CPM & Affiliate Ads

  • Displayed on our news feed and discovery section of the app
  • Launched in July 2021
  • $2 CPC, $0.40 CPE, $10 CPM, 30% affiliate sales commission

3. Vampr Publishing Catalogue

  • IP rights representation and management division
  • Initial focus on building a quality catalog, with agreements signed to represent over 40,000 tracks from 20,000 artists - growing 14% MoM
  • Ready for exploitation in the sync marketplace

In a landscape where media companies like TikTok and Netflix compete for consumers' time, Vampr commands an average session time of 33 minutes a day from our users. For a startup that has only raised $2.6 million to-date, this is nothing short of phenomenal, and we’ve only just begun.

Together, We Can Make Music Happen

In 5 years, we envision Vampr to be a complete and essential marketplace for all creative professionals around the world. In short, we aim to be the LinkedIn for creatives.

Similar to how Facebook expanded from colleges, then high school and onto conquering the world, we plan to expand by gradually adding tools and services to support the various creative niches, methodically and strategically.

The next big milestone for Vampr will be the introduction of a desktop experience in addition to our current mobile offering. This will be done in conjunction with a 10x increase in User Acquisition spend. We expect this investment to accelerate growth and flow back into company revenue.

Check out our historical user growth:

And it's not just about quantity, but quality too:

With group company revenues growing accordingly:

In addition to the 2000+ investors from over 50 countries who joined us in our past two crowdfunding rounds, we've partnered with, and have been backed by, accomplished angel investors, who share our vision of dominating the social media sphere for creatives.

This is your chance to invest in the fastest-growing niche social network built around the rapidly expanding music industry. Don’t miss out on this unique and exciting opportunity!

And don't just take our word for it — here are some industry awards we've earned since launching:

Limited Edition Vampr NFT — The first 400 investors who invest $500 or more in this round will be eligible to receive a 1-of-400 unique Vampr investor NFT.

We believe this is a world first perk from an equity crowdfunding campaign and a collectible that we hope will mean as much to you as it does to us, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s history. Looks gorgeous doesn’t it 😍

The NFTs will be minted following the close of the round. Your unique investor number and right to receive this gift will be established when your investment transaction is complete and the company receives your investment. Vampr will not incur or be responsible for any gas fees associated with the transfer of this gift. In the event that we are restricted from minting these NFTs we will notify all investors immediately and you will have the right to withdraw your investment. The company is of the opinion that the NFT does not alter the sales price or cost basis of the securities in this offering, and has no cash value.