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Teak Tea

Product Concepts

on Sep 5 2019

First of all a huge thank you again to all our investors! If you are following us on WeFunder but have not yet pulled the trigger please consider doing so this week and help us get to the all-important $200K milestone!

As you know we will initially bring the Iced Teas to market and are working closely with several amazing companies who are formulating and producing our concentrates that will then be shipped to the canning factory. We have several great locations set up where we will then start large scale consumer tasting!

To give you just some visuals on some of the draft designs and concepts we are working on, please check out the following.

Iced Teas

CBD Infused Iced Teas

Teak Water

Teak Coconut Water

TeakSpresso Tea Pods

Loose Leaf Teas