Teak Tea

We produce superior teas using leaves from our plantation in Costa Rica

Last Funded November 2019


raised from 261 investors


We expect future income from our trees, which will be passed on to investors per our contract.
The non-alcoholic beverage market is over $300 billion annually in the U.S.A. alone.
Companies in our space such as Hansens, Sobe, and Fuze, have been acquired by competitors such as Coca-Cola at substantial valuations
Potential of short term profits from online and retail sales at both speciality and mass retail.

Our Team

We have owned a teak plantation for over 22 years and it was brought to our attention that teak leaves were used to produce quality teas in Asia. After much research into this, we managed to hire an international tea master to formulate a number of incredible blends. The global non-alcoholic beverage market is valued at over 1 trillion dollars.

"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." - Greek Proverb


Our family has been building brands for over 20 years and we are extremely excited about Teak Tea, Inc, believing that we can build a brand that could become a major takeover target for one of the large non-alcoholic beverage companies. As the founders, we particularly like this business because it could pay out annual dividends, is protected by hard assets through teak trees, and is environmentally friendly as growing these trees reduces each investors carbon footprint. 

We started our teak plantation 22 years ago, and while it will take these trees a further 8 years until they reach maturity, Teak Tea, Inc. will produce the some of the world’s finest iced teas and loose leaf teas made from our very own fresh teak leaves. Through our plantation, we are able to further protect your investment with the additional income from the mature teak trees when their harvest lumber is ready to sell in approximately 8 years.

About Teak Tea:

Our Teak Teas are superior quality blends made only from the finest leaves from our 22-year-old Santa Rosa Sustainable Teak Forestry Project, located in beautiful San Carlos, Costa Rica.

The Benefits of Teak Leaves have been known for centuries all over Asia and are now available for the first time in the U.S.

  • Consuming at least one cup of Teak Tea a day can facilitate the body's metabolism so that fats and bad cholesterol can be more easily removed
  • Teak Tea can neutralize toxins in your body
  • Teak Tea contains active compounds like tannins that can reduce the absorption of fat
  • Teak Tea contains fibers that can speed up your metabolism

Teak leaves are the perfect ingredient for an amazing tea

Native inhabitants of regions where teak is abundant, such as Myanmar, used to make tea out of the leaves from teak trees. This may be due to the fact that teak is a member of the mint family. It was thought that teak tea could help alleviate headaches, fever and stomach pains. The leaves have also been said to have antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-ulcer properties.

We have hired a master tea blender from the International Tea Masters Association who has just completed our first five amazing teas.

We will be creating a large e-commerce presence and through our network, aim to distribute our tea to major retailers such as Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joes and others. 

We are also going to create:

  • A Tea of the Month Club, where people can sign up and receive our teas every single month
  • A blog that talks about tea, tea history, and more
  • An online series called "MixIt by Teak Labs" where we blend interesting types of tea, for marketing and to generate additional advertising revenue 

Arizona Beverages USA, the company that makes Arizona Iced Tea, had over $100 million in sales in 2010. Don Vultaggio, co-founder of Arizona Beverages USA, has an estimated worth of $3.4 Billion dollars!


The non-alcoholic global beverage market is valued at over $1 trillion, and at over $300 billion in the U.S. alone. Coca-Cola owns approximately 16.7% of Monster Beverage Corporation (owner of the Hansen's brand), which it purchased in 2015 for approximately $2.15 billion. Coca-Cola also purchased the makers of Vitamin Water for $4.2 billion and FUZE beverages, a company founded by Lance Collins in his basement producing a variety of juices and teas, for $250 million dollars just seven years after its founding. Meanwhile, PepsiCo purchased the SoBe brand of fruit drinks and iced teas for about $370 million dollars.

We just returned from our plantation to pick up dry teak leaves and are also setting up a new nursery in Costa Rica. This nursery will be used to grow young teak saplings with new leaves to harvest for our teak tea. When the trees grow to a certain size, we can either transplant the trees to our plantation or we can sell the young trees to other plantations.

We believe that there is a big market for these unique teas plus you will have the added benefit of receiving the proceeds from the harvest of the wood in 8 years.


Here’s the Story of our Teak Plantation!

In 1997 we purchased 50 acres of land in Costa Rica’s prime growing area of Quesada San Carlos to grow an environmentally friendly, sustainable Teak forest. The plantation has been managed for the past 22 years by Guillermo Rugeles, who has a Bachelor’s of Science in Agricultural Engineering from Oregon State University.

That's me in Costa Rica on a bench made of our teak!

Teak has been renowned as the KING OF WOODS for centuries. It does not warp or crack and is thus the perfect wood for windows, doors, outdoor furniture, and yachts.

For every $1,000 invested we will assign the income rights to one of our teak trees to our investors. When the trees are harvested in 8 years, the investors will receive the revenue of the harvest of all of these trees.

The Costa Rican Government, recognizing the contribution that this plantation makes to the country, has granted us tax-free status on the income earned from the sale of the timber after the 30-year growing cycle. This tax exemption is passed along to our investors. 

Costa Rica is also a preferred holiday destination for both American and European visitors with its beautiful beaches and lush jungle. It has the highest literacy rate in Central America and 25% of its land has been turned into National Parks.

Our plantation grew out of our love for Costa Rica and the desire to protect natural rainforests by giving loggers and lovers of teak and alternative place where they can acquire quality teak wood. We have carefully managed our plantation over the past 22 years and are now in a position to harvest our own environmentally sustainable teak tree leaves to create the world’s finest Teak Tea.

Who we are?

We are an experienced group of entrepreneurs and a family with knowledge in many different fields. Klaus Moeller is a WeFunder veteran who has not only successfully launched 2 projects on WeFunder, but also founded Genius Brands International which is now on the NASDAQ.

Hayden Moeller was a founder and still remains a large shareholder of the Los Angeles ComicCon, which had over 100,000 visitors last year. He also founded Hiero 2, Inc., a company that built a platform that allows brands and celebrities to engage with their fans 24/7 using emoji suites. 

Combined we have a wide network which includes distributors, retail chains, marketers, agricultural experts, and tea masters. We are confident that we can create an amazing tea company.

Where will your investment go?

We are building up our nursery in Costa Rica to grow young Teak saplings which we will use to harvest fresh Teak leaves. We will also be building an infrastructure to safely dry the teak leaves. Your investment will also go into the development of an e-commerce platform which will include a monthly subscription service to our tea club. Furthermore, we plan to build out a large retail distribution network. Our company will continue to develop and release exciting tea blends, design eye-catching packaging, manufacture product, and extensively advertise our tea.  Last but not least, we will complete our small studio for our MixIt marketing series.



  • #2 most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water
  • On any given day, over 159million Americans drink tea
  • In 2018 Americans consumed over 84 billion servings of tea
  • Tea can be found in 80% of all U.S. Households
    • Non-alcoholic beverages are a +$300 billion annual industry in the U.S.



      • We intend to return annual dividends through the ownership of shares/equity in the company
      • Additional benefit of for investors to earn income from harvesting 30-year old, mature teak trees in 8 years
      • Potential for returns on your investment
      • Environmentally sound investment by offsetting your carbon footprint
      • Educate your children and grandchildren on how to invest in ways that are conscious of our planet
      • Huge market with over 80% of American Households drinking Tea
      • Use of social media influencers and "MixIt" show for low-cost advertising