Univenture, Inc.

Award winning tech platform with high ROI for mail & packaging!

Last Funded November 2022


raised from 31 investors


💰 Profitable, growing, unique consumer organization & business presentation products, 75 patents issued worldwide
📈 Over $430 Million in total sales, and 27 profitable years with a non-concentrated customer base
🎬 Multiple brands growing with substantial Upside Potential, including a growing interest in a disruptive Biotech
🏆 5 time INC 500 awardee, Nations SBA Business Person of the Year, and dozens of other awards and honors for TEAM

Our Team

As a diversified company we have a number of successful technologies that have led to hundreds of successful products. Our big idea is the continued support for Biosortia, EnvyPak, UniKeep and CARDNOTER brands and platforms. These efforts could lead to substantial growth and the opportunity to drive sustainable profits for decades.


We would like to welcome you to Univenture and our brands 

We make unique growth products and technologies that meet and anticipate customer needs. We aspire to go BIG, we are a US based manufacture and technology creator with solid philosophy about innovation and a focus on better, faster, cheaper, and/or differentiated. We have a high performing team that is functional and achieves at a spectacular level. 

We currently have over 200 exceptional products for business and industry. Another 300 plus products for consumers and hundreds of new products in the planning stages for introduction over the next five years.

Business and industrial customers use our products for marketing, packaging, organization, communication and more

The opportunity to grow occurs when you anticipate, meet, and exceed your customer’s expectations

We make products that customers want and need. Not one product, but hundreds of products with platform technologies. This approach limits competition because of our unique or differentiated offerings & reduces risk!

Sustainability is a key element of our products and technologies

Univenture has and will continue to be focused on the environment and sustainability.  Our many historical initiatives have positioned us to be a leader in sustainable products, the funds from our crowdfunding campaign will help us to do that. We are continuing product development to reach our sustainability goals. Shifting to a sustainable business model is no easy challenge but we have a identified many new materials and processes that will accelerate the pace. We are excited to release new products that will help us achieve our goals. All of our products are recyclable and have the ability to be repurposed, many of our products are meant for archival long-term storage and protection of documents. We aim to have many of our products be completely backyard compostable in the very near future.

Learn more about Univenture's brands - EnvyPak, UniKeep, CardNoter + Biosortia, a partially owned biotech 

EnvyPak® is a manufacturer and converter of clear envelopes and clear packaging products that make an everyday impact in dozens of industries worldwide. EnvyPak custom designs and manufactures for high-end marketing campaigns in the travel, automotive, education, financial sectors, among many others. EnvyPak envelopes are designed to create memorable customer interactions and experiences.

  • USPS approved materials
  • Increase in ROI over paper envelopes
  • Sustainable material options
  • The only USPS approved clear envelope on the market

EnvyPak on Amazon Link               Link to EnvyPak.com

UniKeep® is a manufacturer of innovative, patented and environmentally friendly binders, kits and media storage. EnvyPak’s page protector product line pairs perfectly with UniKeep and allows us to supercharge product development beyond the individual brands alone.

  • Fully enclosed and locking case binder
  • Patented rings that don't pinch, rust or misalign
  • Comes in many different sizes
  • Fully recyclable

UniKeep on Amazon Link                Link to UniKeep.com

CardNoter® combines pockets with paper to create publishing or promotional products. The consumer side of CardNoter includes a variety of pocket paged activity notebooks. 

  • Makes a great product for trade shows, conferences, conventions and seminars 
  • Add your full color company graphics or marketing message to the cover 
  • Holds various ephemera plus corresponding notes on each page
  •  Ideal for branding and sponsorships

CardNoter on Amazon Link           CardNoter Website Link

Link to FizzyWire - a Univenture Store on Etsy

Biosortia’s ability to harvest active aquatic microbiomes at scale, and quality, is creating massive opportunities to explore the next frontier in chemistry driven natural products discovery. Going forward, our technology will allow Biosortia to tap into numerous additional major market opportunities spanning therapeutics, longevity, cosmetics, and agricultural products - expanding what science has had in access and knowledge to microbes by 1,000,000 X what we have today.

  • First mover advantage in the direct access Microbiomics space
  • Developed and proven technology ready to execute 
  • Won $6 million + in ARPA-e and DARPA grants
  • Peer reviewed scientific papers 

Biosortia's American Chemical Society Scientific Paper - Editors Choice Award

Biosortia & University of Rhode Island Scientific Paper

Link to Biosortia.com

Customer Testimonials - Thousands of 5 star E-commerce reviews and hundreds of thousands of influencer video views.

Important note: Roger Vaughan is active as a Board Member and Entrepreneur in Residence at Univenture.  In the C filing, a mistake was made that reported Roger retired, and we apologize for that error.