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Fermented sourdough crackers crafted by a dietitian for good gut health and happy tastebuds


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Magically fermented for over 24 hours before being baked—disrupting a $22 bn cracker category
Increased retail footprint by 300% in Q1 of 2024 with no marketing or sales spend
Landed first regional retailer, Fresh Thyme, at the end of 2023—currently expanding to all of IL
Featured in CAA Football training camp bags for over 200 NFL athletes

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Dietitian founded. Deliciously fermented. Ready for investment.

Good-for-you doesn’t have to mean bad-for-your-taste buds.

Crackers today just aren’t cutting it.

Say hello to Unbothered Foods.

Demand for (actually) healthy and (actually) tasty snacks is higher than ever.

We’re at the intersection of two booming markets.

While our competitors struggle to give consumers everything they want in a snack.

In just one year, we’ve established an enthusiastic, loyal fanbase. Meet the Sour Squad.

We’re available nationwide and stores are pitching us to be on shelf, thanks to the efforts of our tiny team. Imagine what we could do with your investment.

These are the days of doing more with less and we’re no exception. We’ve maximized our potential and are primed for the next stage of growth.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

With the necessary funds, we’ll scale production capabilities and expand our retail footprint to meet increasing demand.

Our skilled team of advisors is committed to making Unbothered Foods a gut-friendly staple in pantries nationwide.

Now that you’ve digested, it’s time to get invested ⤵️

Questions and answers with Morgan, our founder:

Q: What inspired you to start Unbothered Foods? Why sourdough crackers?

Before launching Unbothered Foods, I worked with nutrition patients as a registered dietitian, specializing in digestive health. Over time, I found that every one of my patients had the same problem at the grocery store-they couldn't find products that suited their dietary needs AND actually tasted delicious. Many gut-friendly/healthy products compromise flavor for utility, and I wanted to change that. I wanted to bring excitement back to eating for my patients.

I launched Unbothered Foods with a sourdough crackers line because of my excitement for the delicious taste of sourdough, and the digestibility of fermented foods. When sourdough is fermented for over 12 hours, it breaks down the components in wheat that can cause tummy issues for people, allowing them to eat wheat-based products they had been avoiding*. This was my favorite thing to tell patients, and became a bright part in our conversation. The excitement I saw with patients was what spurred the idea of creating sourdough-based pantry staples. Crackers are our first product because we can self-manufacture to start, and they are easy to ship. AND I wanted to create a product that would become a staple on grocery store runs.

*our crackers are not celiac-friendly, but may be tolerated by those with gluten intolerance/sensitivity

Q: What sets Unbothered crackers apart from the rest of the cracker market?

Taste is my first answer. Our crackers taste like a delicious, tangy loaf of sourdough bread because they are fermented for over 24 hours. Our number one priority is flavor - we want everyone to love our crackers.

Simple ingredients. The base of our crackers is sourdough starter, olive oil, and sea salt.

Cute packaging. Our packaging is the kind where you see and say "Oo! What is that!". In the cracker isle, packaging has been pretty boring across the board, so we stick out on shelf.

Gut-friendly. We are a brand committed to the digestive health community and use science-based evidence to create products to suit their needs. I specialized in the low-FODMAP diet while working with patients and will make this certification a priority as we continue to release products.

Nut-free. Many "healthy" crackers use nuts as an alternative grain-style base to their product. Many people with digestive issues can't eat nuts, or others may have a nut allergy, leaving this consumer looking for another cracker option.

Q: What is low-FODMAP? Why is this an important value of Unbothered Foods?

According to Google trends, people are searching for a low-FODMAP/gut-friendly solution, now more than ever.

The low-FODMAP diet is a diet therapy for patients with irritable bowel syndrome or other GI conditions, that helps to identify potential trigger foods linked to poor digestive symptoms. This protocol is very effective, but very restrictive, creating a major opportunity for product innovation in this area- especially considering over 15% of the population has IBS. As a dietitian, I specialized in the low-FODMAP diet and got to see people's life change because of it, however, the pain point of needing to cook everything from scratch was what lead to me creating a low-FODMAP brand. Other brands like Fody, BelliWelli, GoMacro, and Epicured have identified this gap in the market and are capitalizing on it.

See for more details on the low-FODMAP diet.

Q: What is your plan to expand into regional and national retail?

Wholesale/retail currently makes up about 92% of our sales. We are in about 35 retail doors now and plan to continue expanding in the Midwest region. As of March '24, we got the green light to expand into all of the Fresh Thymes (our first regional retailer) in Illinois, and with continued high sales volume, we hope to expand to all 70 stores by the end of this year. This will allow us to work with a key distributor that will create opportunity to expand to other retailers in the Midwest and beyond. With this momentum (and with me working my butt off to connect with key retail buyers), we aim to land a national retailer in 2026.

Q: Where is Unbothered headed as a brand? What will Unbothered become?

Our vision for Unbothered Foods is to be a reliable, gut-friendly and most importantly - delicious pantry staple for families across America. We envision becoming the sourdough version of a Simple Mills or a Banza, with a variety of products, but will do that at a slow and steady pace. We have learned that starting a product line is hard and takes time, so we aren't in a rush to launch new product until we have scaled our cracker distribution. We will use our cracker line to continue to expand brand awareness and build relationships with retailers, and then expand our offerings outside the cracker isle.

Q: What do I get out of investing in Unbothered Foods?

First, you get to support a passionate, woman-owned brand dedicated to creating real, delicious food products for better gut-health. You will get to join our crazy journey of growing our brand and be a part of the Sour Squad - our group of Unbothered supporters! According to recent reports, women-owned companies only capture about 3% of vc investment. You get to be part of the change toward supporting women-led brands.

In the future, if and when we do a priced round or sell the company, your investment will turn into equity and you will get to own a percentage of Unbothered Foods. You also get access to other perks (see the right panel above) depending on your investment amount.

Please read our risks before investing. There is no guarantee you will receive a return on your investment. You should only invest what you can afford to lose.

Q: How will the investment funds be allocated?

Our funding will break down into a few different categories: Cost of Goods Sold, Marketing, Equipment/Production space, and Labor. Along with expanding our retail footprint, a major goal of ours is to increase our direct-to-consumer sales. This will take investment in marketing (we have $0 for our budget now), and increasing brand awareness through social media campaigns. We also plan on attending food expos such as the Fancy Food Show and Expo East/West to market our product and meet retailers. The other main component will be scaling up our cracker production with bigger and better ovens and hiring on more bakers to meet current and future demands.

Q: How will I make money with my investment?

  • We are using a SAFE note (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) for this funding round. In the future, if and when we do a priced round or sell the company, your investment will turn into equity and you will get to own a percentage of Unbothered Foods. Check out this Wefunder article that breaks down a SAFE and other investing terms in simple language.
  • Investors may hold their shares through the entirety of the company's growth journey through acquisition or exit, at which point they can sell their shares at favorable liquidity.
  • There is no guarantee that the SAFE will convert into equity or that there will be an acquisition or exit. There is no guarantee you will receive a return on your investment. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

If you have made it this far, thank you for your interest! We aim to be an early innovative brand in the fermented grain category, at a time when gut-health is a hot topic and high purchase category in Food & Bev. There is no better time to invest than now.