Trella Technologies, Inc

Trella is a patented automated plant training robot to grow more with less time, space and waste

Last Funded October 2022


raised from 131 investors


It's the only automated patented solution to growing tall fruiting and flowering plants via stacked vertical farming.
Since our patent was granted, revenue has increased by 19X. Our units are being distributed all across the US.
Including Cannabis and food producers, there is a $380 billion agricultural market projected by 2027.
Developing partnerships with the Turtle Mountain Band - Chippewa Tribe, University of DC & others.

Our Team

"Due to climate change, outdoor agriculture has been compromised and the risk of food insecurity has increased. Current Indoor farming techniques are limited to producing microgreens and shorter plants. We must be able to grow what we want, where we want in order to meet the needs of all communities regardless of geography and economy."