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Raised $250K or more from a venture firm

Over $2M in Revenue (estimated $4M+ Retail Revenue!) since launch in 2020
♻️ Pioneering brand the fast-growing $50 billion upcycled food market
600,000+ customers served
🥇 NEXTY Winner: Best Salty Snack in 2022

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Our Team

We’re Trashy. We have a thing for turning the misfit, wonky veg, cast aside in our cold-hard world, into the crunchiest, craveable chips you’ve ever put in your mouth. We believe that healthy eating shouldn't be complicated. With a little ingenuity, we're here to see that vegetables and upcycled innovation make it to every aisle of the grocery store.

Who are we?

Wonky, Weird and Wonderful

From the team that brought you Pulp Pantry and the original Upcycled Pulp Chip: meet Trashy, the baddest bag on the block. We're shaking up the $46.7 billion upcycled food game, firing up a flavor rebellion for the climate-concerned. We're here to throw down the gauntlet: snack boldly, waste nothing.

Ever felt guilty about not hitting your daily veggie quota? Trashy's got your back, turning snack hankerings into an opportunity to squeeze your daily dose of greens and fiber in the tastiest way possible. We're transforming overlooked veggies into the crunchiest, craveable, feels-so-good-doing-good chips you’ve ever put in your mouth.

With a cool $2 million in sales and 600,000+ bags of chips devoured, we've turned the tide on over 200,000 lbs of potential waste. Based out of sunny Cali, we're cranking up our upcycled mission – think good *fibes* meets unrivaled taste.

We're scouting for investors, advisors and new hires to supercharge our growth, spark innovation, and capture the palates of snack lovers everywhere.

So, what do you say? Ready to join the Trashy takeover and snack with impact? Let's rewrite the junk food playbook, making every bite count towards a more sustainable munch.

Feed Your Trashy Side.

Introducing Trashy Chips

The Trashiest Chip on the Planet. Trashy Chips are crafted from purely trashy ingredients—aka, nutritious veggie scraps that were headed for, well...the trash.

We’re launching a full-frontal assault on the tasteless, wasteful status quo, liberating millions more pounds of glorious organic greens in the fight against climate change.

By eating Trashy Chips, you can liberate a quarter pound of misfit veggies that were juiced and beat to a pulp, and carrot peels that were brutally shaved from curvy carrots to make those teeny tiny, perfect baby carrots. Very cute, yes, but very wasteful.

Our Secret Ingredient

What's Inside

With our two active sourcing partnerships in the juicing industry, we have access to over 4 million pounds of organic upcycled vegetables, ensuring sustainability and affordability without wasting a lick of flavor or nutrition. 

But there’s a whole world of opportunity out there: with an estimated 108 million pounds of nutritious food wasting away, waiting to be rescued.  

Dump Junk, Eat Trashy

Eat Trashy, Without the Junk.

It's time to spill the tea: America’s favorite food category, chips, are junk. Packed with a buffet of the cringiest ingredients you can imagine (hello, dextrose and friends—yellow 6, yellow 5, and all their artificial pals), these chips are doing a number on our bodies and Planet Earth.

Enter Big Chip, our salty snack overlords, hogging 80-90% of the salty snack category playground with their cheap tricks and dirty secrets. Oh, they're slick, coating every chip in canola oil, GMOs, and a cocktail of those additives that should come with a "yikes" warning.

Munching on those greasy bags leaves us feeling like we just dumpster-dived for dinner. And we’re, for one, sick of feeling like garbage from what we eat. How about you? 

What’s a snack lover to do?

It’s time to Dump Junk, Eat Trashy. We’re here to crash the Big Chip party and bring back the crunch without the crash.

Who Trashy Serves

Great Taste? Better for you? Table stakes.

Today’s emerging consumers are screaming for snacks that smack of sustainability (hold the greenwashing), and don’t play dirty with ingredients that put profits over people. 

The future of snacking should do more than just satisfy hunger—our food system has this incredible power: it can either restore our planet or degrade it further. Right now, we're doing the latter. This is our call to action.

When you grab a bag of Trashy, you restore our soils and fight food waste to help the climate crisis.

Trashy Chips make it easy to Snack with Impact - no matter if you're an eco-warrior or just plain salty snack-obsessed.

Time's up for the old guard; we're here to devour that market share. 

nutritional facts

Thanks to our upcycled ingredients, Trashy Chips actually WON’T trash your body or the planet.

  • Packed with flavor and fiber to satisfy and satiate, instead of leaving you feeling like garbage 😌
  • Fighting food waste and climate change with a quarter pound of upcycled vegetables per bag 🥬💪

Trashy Chips, formerly Pulp Chips, proudly stand among the pioneers of the Upcycled Foods movement. Now, upcycled foods boasts a valuation soaring above $50 billion, marking a significant milestone in the category's evolution.

Better for you
Better for the Planet
New & Improved Recipe

Hold onto your taste buds – Trashy Chips don’t just do good; they taste sinfully spectacular. 

This year, we teamed up with a *seasoned* product development maven, who's spent over 35 years experience crafting products for the Nabisco, Gamesa, and PepsiCo empires.

Notably, his experience includes new product development Director at PepsiCo, and R&D Sr. Director Global, Snacks, also at PepsiCo. His mission? To catapult Trashy Chips into a realm where even the most devout junk food aficionados can't tell they're munching on something way better. 

Here's how our recipe has changed with his help:
  • surprise! we've added MORE upcycled vegetables, with the addition of an upcycled carrot puree (the shavings from baby carrots);
  • we've swapped out some cassava flour for more nutritious USA-grown organic pea & chickpea flours.
The result?
  • a thinner, crunchier chip;
  • a more consistent product - so you always know you can expect great quality snacks from us;
  • a flavorful base chip that is the perfect complement to our punchy seasonings;
  • better seasoning coverage (thanks to the thinner chip!).

Feast your eyes (and soon, mouths) on our starting lineup of savory chef-crafted flavors:

  • Barbecue: a smoky savory and spicy barbecue that’ll knock your socks off;
  • Jalapeño Lime: a spicy hot zesty mess for your taste buds;
  • Sea Salt: basic, sure, but everybody loves her;
  • Salt n Vin: a tangy salty bite that'll have you coming back for more.

Psst... stay tuned and VOTE in our campaign updates on the best names for each.

Our fans have been replacing potato chips and tortilla chips with Trashy Chips. They're kicking food waste to the curb, having flavorful fun AND staving off the hangries while doing it. 

Trashy is tearing down the walls of the junk food empire, one crunch at a time. With Trashy Chips, you’re not just snacking; you’re joining a revolution that’s delicious, nutritious, and downright audacious.

We have the cred to back up our trash talk. 

From the team that brought you Pulp Pantry & the OG Upcycled Chip, Pulp Chips, we accomplished a lot with a scrappy team and bootstrapped budget:

600k bags sold, 3M servings delivered
  • $2M+ in real top line revenue and over $4M in retail revenue (revenue accounting for the marked-up price customers actually pay in stores) since Pulp Chips (now Trashy Chips) were launched in 2020
  • 600+ retail doors including Whole Foods, Erewhon, Thrive Market and other leading retailers
  • 2nd fastest-growing brand in the veg & alternative chips category (SPINS 2023)
  • Established supply chain, manufacturing and distribution partners 
  • 30% returning customer rate on our site
  • Strong 45% product margin; 36% margin (blended 2022 & 2023)
  • Industry coveted NEXTY Award for Best Salty Snack awarded in 2022
  • Thousands of five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star reviews by real customers

  • Features on the Today Show, PBS NewsHour, Whole Foods’ Trend List, organically loved by celebs like Mindy Kaling and Emma Chamberlain
  • Confirmed food service buy-in for Trashy's launch including Guckenheimer, Google, SpaceX, Zoox, and Bon Appetit Management Company with massive potential

So far, Trashy has turned over 200,000 pounds of would-be waste into snack-time treasure, saving a heap of resources along the way. While others might talk trash... we're over here upcycling it. 

In our commitment to transparency and trust, Trashy participates in third-party verification for sustainability claims. Under the name Pulp Chips, our chips have been Certified Upcycled by the Upcycled Food Association and Plastic Neutral Certified by rePurpose Global.

To date, Trashy has upcycled over 200,000 pounds of nutritious food, along with the precious resources used to grow our food.

Invest with Seasoned Pros

Trashy's backed by Science Inc, the VC studio behind breakout brands such as Dollar Shave Club and Liquid Death.

Ready to get Trashed? 

Let’s turn waste into wealth with Trashy Chips—a snacking revolution with a serious crunch. We’ve got the hot ticket to rocket through the $50bn upcycled food market, bringing something truly new and novel to the chip category.

This deal's fresh: you're joining seasoned investors as part of a larger $1.2M seed round.

Our plan? Bigger team, leaner costs, faster sales, and direct to consumer and food service expansion that will pave the way for retail launch in 2025. We're laying out a blueprint with a goal of achieving $3-5MM ARR with the runway from our raise. Future projections are not guaranteed.

How will you make your money back?

With WeFunder, we're offering a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE). These will convert your investment to stock at a later date if the company raises a "priced round" from major investors, most often venture capitalists. At this point, you are a shareholder owning equity, and you earn a return if the value of that stock goes up over time, and you are able to sell it. You will be able to sell your equity if/when the company is a) acquired by another entity, or b) IPO. You might also make your money back when the company is profitable, and if it starts returning dividends back to investors. Review our disclosures for more details - future projections are not guaranteed. 

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Bonus BTS

Curious about how we orchestrate this upcycled supply chain magic?

Peep some scenes from our juicing facility partner and chip operations:

A note to our OG Pulp Pantry Fans:

Why the switch from Pulp Pantry to Trashy? It's simple: we're turning up the heat. Our Pulp Pantry vibe was "humble and healthy," mirroring our commitment to organic, wholesome ingredients. But our passion for shaking up the food industry was getting lost in those subtle shades. We're here to do things differently - and better - to ensure a healthier, more sustainable future of food.

Enter Trashy. It's a BIG change, we know. We want Trashy to be the chip on everyone's lips, the no-brainer pick for anyone craving that crunch. For years, we’ve been overloaded with the “clean girl aesthetic” and guilt-ridden, Insta-perfect health craze messaging. The tables are turning. We’re making way for permissible indulgences: prioritizing taste and feel-good indulgent flavors that slap hard without the side order of shame.

This is about making the sustainable option not just the smart choice, but the irresistibly fun one too.

Get ready to rip open the boldest, baddest bag on the block. Trashy Chips are here to slay.