Trade Street Jam Co.

Minority & woman-owned gourmet food company. Clean labels. Culinary inspired.

Last Funded April 2023


raised from 78 investors


Bootstrapped to over $600k revenue
$5.5M valuation based on 2021 angel investment fundraising
Expanded product portfolio to include hot sauces, elixirs, baking mixes & more
Direct-to-consumer brand centered around clean label ingredients and culinary innovation

Our Team

I’ve always loved the concept of preserving goods, and gifting those products away to those closest to me. I love that I can share a piece of my heart and culinary experience with my customers. Plus, I’m switching it up by offering a low sugar, clean label product because the health and longevity of my community matters to me.

This is OUR Jam!

Trade St. Jam Co. is a chef, woman, and minority-owned and certified business that started in a tiny apartment in North Carolina on Trade Street. Our passion for all things food grew into something more: a company built on the foundation of culinary innovation.

We strive to share our 18+ years of culinary knowledge in the form of a small batch jar that can be used in cocktails, salad dressings, BBQ sauces, marinades, pan sauces & more.

Cooking should be fun and reflective of the person at hand, but what it shouldn't be, is complicated.

Why Trade Street Jam Co.?

Consumer shopping habits and product selection are changing and changing fast. Consumers are leveraging the power of the internet and social media to find and purchase products. They want healthier options for themselves and their families without sacrificing flavor.

As a direct-to-consumer gourmet food company, Trade Street Jam Co. delivers on what consumers want and how they want to shop and interact with brands. Our products are curated by our founder, who has over 17 years of culinary experience, and knows the right flavor combinations to excite consumers--without compromising on healthy benefits.

Who do we reach?

This company is reaching jammers on all spectrums:

  • The Home Chef
  • The Healthy Snacker
  • The New-Age Mom

Our competitive advantage

We have developed our competitive advantage on the community we’ve built, our clean label products and the culinary innovation we bring to our jammers.

Who's behind the brand?

Trade Street's owner is an 18+ year culinarian with an eye for innovation. She puts together flavors like it's nobody's business, and has created a brand that embodies the trendiness of Brooklyn and the southern hospitality of the Carolinas.

Our future growth

We are prepared for accelerated growth over the next two years.

  • $1.3M in 2023
  • $3M in 2024

These projections and the projections listed on the slide below cannot be guaranteed. 

Where we've been

Trade Street's presence, vibe and awesome products has led to tons of organic press, all of which couldn't be mentioned in one place! Including an episode on Viceland's 'Hustle', which aired in 2019 and brought major awareness to the brand.

Our costs

Despite the wild market and numerous supply chain issues, Trade Street has been able to maintain strong product margins to positively affect their bottom line. As the brand continues to scale, efficiencies will be made in ingredients and packaging that will reduce COGS and increase margin.

It's all about the money (sort of)

We have a plan! But we need your dollars to help us execute. Our bridge round will assist us in securing raw materials in bulk, acquiring new customers and hiring staff to help the brand grow. After all, we can't do it alone.