Smart, solar powered public bathrooms (partnered with cities of DC, LA, and more!)

Last Funded October 2023


raised from 645 investors


Overwhelming demand with $100M+ sales pipeline (not guaranteed)
World-class team from Uber, Amazon, Meta, Allied Portable Toilets, UPenn & Stanford
Expanding from DC into LA and beyond!
Powered by IoT sensors, touchless fixtures, and data-driven servicing

Our Team

Public bathrooms you’ll WANT to use.

Thrones are the smart, clean, connected bathrooms of the future. 

We’re bringing bathrooms into the 21st century for the 200M+ Americans who use public restrooms every week, representing a $122B market opportunity.

And there aren’t nearly enough of them.

Cities have been trying to keep up with demands, but with a price tag often approaching $1M to build a single toilet, we are facing an embarrassing shortage in this critical public infrastructure.

After decades of underinvestment, everyone is calling for a better solution

And that’s where Throne comes in…

Thrones are the first turnkey bathroom solution that can be scaled nationwide.

Our mission is to help over 100M people go potty by the end of the decade. 

Using a Throne is simple. Users can enter in seconds by scanning a QR code and sending a pre-populated text message. Alternate entry methods include a Throne tap card and the Throne Bathroom Network App.

When you enter a Throne, you’re met with a porcelain flushing toilet, an automatic soap dispenser, sink, robust ventilation and air conditioning, proper lighting, and an aesthetically pleasing interior for a truly lovable experience.

Thrones require no connection to water, sewer or power, so they can be placed anywhere, anytime. By eliminating installation costs and lengthy construction projects, Throne fundamentally changes the cost structure of providing public bathrooms, making it easier for cities to adopt and implement. 

A suite of IoT sensors, real time user feedback, and automated firmware systems drastically lower the cost of operating public bathrooms by creating a user base with built in accountability, and a responsive, data driven service scheme that is hyper-efficient.

Throne’s projected unit economics at scale will net $2,500 profit dollars per month per Throne, yielding a payback as short as 1 year on a 10-year throne life.

Throne’s well-defined roll out plan delivers growth and economic sustainability, while testing various flavors of municipal partnership to guide future expansion 

We’re putting Thrones everywhere

Every time someone uses a Throne, we are capturing $3.66 - $5.22 from the city. And every week, hundreds of millions of Americans use public bathrooms one to five times. The unaddressed market opportunity is enormous.

Throne has invested heavily in developing the first truly scalable solution to the bathroom infrastructure crisis, and we are going to own an entirely new category…