Three Years Gone

Back the new feature film from the award-winning team at Amiga Pictures

Last Funded June 2023


raised from 77 investors


Coming-of-age film with fantasy and thriller elements.
Experienced filmmakers with a proven record of producing and selling films.
Follow-up project to award-winning feature film.
Previous film has returned 120% to investors, with further returns expected from additional sales.

Our Team

We will build an audience, passionate about the project and dedicated to helping it succeed. Our first feature film was a critical success, winning awards at top-level festivals, including Best South African Film at the Durban International Film Festival. It has already returned 120% to investors with more revenue expected.


Investors will be investing in the film, under the Three Years Gone LLC, rather than the production company of Amiga.

We have demonstrated to investors that we can make and sell an award-winning film on a small budget, and deliver an attractive return.

Our next feature, Three Years Gone, is a rite of passage drama, with elements of fantasy and thriller.

John Gutierrez, the writer/director, will bring this very personal story to life.

The rich, nuanced characters of Three Years Gone:

The backdrop is the searing California Mojave and the fiery, red, and dusty Arizona landscape of the Yaqui. Three Years Gone is set in a universe where the character’s worlds are infiltrated by their personal religious beliefs and mythologies.

We’ll use camera movement and lighting to express Mary’s internal journey throughout the film. While Mary feels trapped in her mother's house with a deep desire to escape, the camera will be static and the framing tight. As her world becomes increasingly affected by her father’s influence, we will shift to more floaty shots with moodier lighting.

We are forecasting a budget for the film of $1,400,000 broken down as follows:

We aim to raise between $200,000 and $600,000 through Wefunder (between 14% and 43% of the film budget).

The remainder of the film budget will be raised through one or more of the following:

(a) a further raise on Wefunder to fund the next stage of the film’s production;

(b) a separate offering outside of Wefunder for Accredited Investors, on the same terms as the Wefunder offering;

(c) debt financing;

(d) equity financing partner;

(e) production partner

Depending on our fundraising progress and to ensure the film is completed, we might also decide to:

1. Shoot on a tighter schedule (19 days instead of 22); and/or

2. Defer some of the above-the-line costs, which will then be payable from the film's sale proceeds.

If we are not able to raise sufficient funds to begin production of the film, we reserve the right to terminate the project and return all investor contributions.


We expect to complete the initial sale of the film between 15 and 20 months after the close of the Wefunder investment, based on the following timeline:

Investors will participate in the film through a revenue share agreement and will earn a priority return from the Net Receipts of the film until they have received their capital back plus 20% (25% for Early Bird Investors). Investors will then earn a further 50% of the Net Profits, as set out in more detail below.

We are very grateful to our investors and have put together a collection of additional perks. The perks are cumulative - for example - an investor contributing $25k will receive the associate producer credit, as well as all the perks at the $1k, $5k, and $10k levels.

As we did with our first feature film, Sons of the Sea, we intend to sell Three Years Gone to a distributor or to one of the streamers, with the assistance of a reputable sales agent and via the established film festival circuit.

Audiences have embraced films that demonstrated diversity on-screen as well as behind the camera. Low-budget films (a recent sampling below) were no exception.

Films that demonstrated diversity and inclusion at all levels of production were sold for significant amounts at the Sundance Film Festival in recent years:

Although Hispanic / Latino Americans have the largest theater attendance per capita and the fastest-growing share of the home / mobile viewing market, they are significantly underrepresented in the industry.

We believe that one of the most important factors to ensure the successful sale of Three Years Gone is to cultivate a passionate audience, in advance of the sale of the film. We have a carefully crafted audience engagement plan that draws from elements of the film, revealing histories and character backstories. We will launch the engagement plan as soon as pre-production of the film commences, by doing the following:

We appreciate you taking the time to read our pitch and hope you'll join us in making Three Years Gone

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The demand for content has grown exponentially over the past few years. The market is extremely competitive and the big streamers will spend over $50 Billion on content this year alone.

Onscreen diversity drives success at the box office. (MOVIO Marketing Data Analytics Firm)

Films with diverse characters and authentic stories make more money at the box office. (- UCLA's Center for Scholars and Storytellers)

Enormous gains by women and people of color, but Latinx representation still lags. (UCLA's Division of Social Sciences)

As content consumers, Hispanic and Latinos are overrepresented, comprising 24% of the theater-going audience, 23% of mobile viewers, and 29% of daily viewers.

In the industry they are egregiously underrepresented, both on and off screen, comprising only 7.1% of lead roles and 7.7% of total film roles. Only 7.1% of directors and only 5.6% of writers are Hispanic / Latino.

Inclusion Reports