ThisWay® Global

Unbiased Candidate Sourcing & Matching Engine For Talent Acquisition

Last Funded May 2022


raised from 2,972 investors


$7M raised. Accelerated by Google. Backed by Amazon. Team with multiple exits.
Tech company, IBM partner, featured on Bloomberg
$160B annual market in the U.S. alone.
Led by award-winning Founder & CEO, Angela Hood, Alumni Founder from University of Cambridge.

Our Team

There are +500 bias' that keep qualified people from jobs. Our tech removes bias against ethnicity, gender, LGBTQ, age, veteran status and more. I lead a diverse team that's passionate about solving a problem we have all experienced. Invest and know you helped people, companies and economies as we put the workforce back together again.

CLOSING SOON! ThisWay Global is a Google Accelerated StartUp, supported by Amazon AWS. Check us out on Bloomberg with IBM discussing our partnership!

ThisWay® Global helps recruiters find talented, diverse applicants by removing 500 biases from the candidate matching process. In seconds, our fully integrable platform matches all candidates to all jobs and ranks applicants according to the best fit.

Without ThisWay, unconscious bias from recruiters and hiring managers can cause qualified candidates to be overlooked. Many of our customers find that up to 38% of candidates have been incorrectly disqualified.  

Our tech helps people succeed and do their jobs better and more easily.

Our matching engine ingests any job through API integration or manual upload, and analyzes all applicant resumes, regardless of source, job type, or applicant volume.

An API is a bit like a connector for different tech platforms. 

And we have developed code for over 400 API's so we can easily connect to our customers.

Our natural language processor (NLP) removes any subtle bias that exist in job descriptions.

This has been shown to attract a much more diverse group of qualified applicants.

ThisWay automatically eliminates data that would otherwise contribute to unconscious bias such as name, gender, place of education, or other demographic-related information. Candidates’ entire work history, skills, and qualifications are analyzed to reveal the most qualified.

Our unbiased matching engine is easy-to-use and benefits hiring managers, recruiters, and job seekers.

While many companies embrace AI in recruitment, most do so in suboptimal ways which introduce bias.

ThisWay Global set out to solve this problem over a decade ago, developing the matching engine so companies can identify qualified candidates quicker and benefit from a diverse workforce.

As unemployment and awareness of the need for diversity increases, ThisWay Global is uniquely positioned to make an impact at a key turning point in history.

As a recruitment tool, it’s probably no surprise that we’re passionate about having our own diverse team of people, ideas, and experiences. We’re committed to providing companies with a diverse workforce because we know the benefits firsthand.

After being awarded the coveted Innovation of the Year Award at HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas, we were able to quickly establish market awareness—contributing to a sales pipeline of over $29 million.

To date, we have achieved: 

With this traction at the helm, we’re projecting an ARR of $28M by the end of 2022. [Disclaimer: Projections are not guaranteed].

ThisWay is comprised of three core products:

ThisWay's platform serves direct customers, allowing them to quickly source and match qualified and diverse talent for their o0pen jobs.

The Ai4JOBS Product Suite is a library of over 650 API's (a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service) that enable HR tech partners to power their platform with our technology.

    In addition to the Ai4JOBS Product Suite, we used funding from 2020 to create the first empathic Career Companion mobile app for job seekers. Through this mobile app we learned that jobseekers have been experiencing extraordinary stress as the job market works to recover in our post Covid-19 era. 

    The mobile applications are now in a redesign phase based on private learnings from the last 12 months.  The new version of the applications will be released again following our partnership with Google and Google Developers.

    • AI-enhanced emotional support
    • Improved job matches
    • Resume building assistance
    • Support during these unprecedented economic times

    ThisWay Global offers a unique value proposition in the $470B recruitment market. The time is ripe for disruption in this industry, and we have the traction to deliver that disruption.

    One of the biggest keys to our success lies in our user experience. Here’s what one customer has to say about using ThisWayGlobal:

    From day one, we knew that ATS integrations would be key in getting our AI to as many businesses as possible. After identifying that 84% of the Fortune 500 uses Salesforce, we were able to launch our native Salesforce app—Ai4JOBS—via the Salesforce Accelerator program. This launch was incredibly challenging due to timing (we went live on the same day as the Coronavirus was announced!). But we still achieved nearly $300K in sales and a 5 out of 5 stars rating. We’re also fully integrable with Salesforce and Greenhouse and Workday, with many more to follow due to our recent partnership with IBM.

    In 1990 our founder, Angela Hood, was graduating from Texas A&M University during a recession. Much like today, there were far fewer open jobs than there were candidates.

    As a female working in the construction science industry, Angela soon learned to use her initials AL, rather than her name Angela, on the top of her resume. By not identifying herself as a woman, she received responses from companies that had previously overlooked her application. It was then that her vision for ThisWay Global was born.

    We are passionate about this problem and our team is committed to building a great company that truly makes a difference. Importantly, we also want to open ourselves up to a broader range of investors through WeFunder. By increasing access to more investors, including those that are unaccredited, we can spread our solution to reach more people and more companies—generating improved job outcomes and greater return on investment for all involved.

    Essentially...we want to remove bias from our own investment process!

    Thank you! We look forward to having you on Team ThisWay!