The WMarketplace, Inc.

The only ecommerce platform selling women-owned products and services

Last Funded May 2022


raised from 253 investors


💸 $500K pre-seed investment within 5 months of launching site
💰 Revenue from day 1 of site launch; 500% growth in 2021 from 4 revenue streams.
🔑 10 partnerships with government, non-profit & for-profit entities
🇺🇸 Sales channel for 14M women-owned businesses in US, # growing rapidly

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We are passionate about gender equity and saw the disproportionate effect that the pandemic was having on women. With shopping and services requiring a digital-first presence and women making 83% of purchasing decisions AND starting businesses at record rates, TheWMarketplace is the most direct way to support women entrepreneurs.

TheWMarketplace: The Economic Engine for Women

Women are starting over 1800 businesses EVERY DAY in the US and those businesses are growing faster than any other demographic. Women also make 83% of purchasing decisions.

Women need a platform where they can grow their businesses and shop from each other.

TheWMarketplace is the solution: combining the need for a digital sales channel with the rapid growth of women-owned businesses; delivering a new choice for consumers to shop their values and find products AND services in one e-commerce location.

TheWMarketplace is a platform where women-owned businesses can create a digital store front and product listings and sell to a national audience immediately for a fraction of the cost of developing a stand-alone web site. HER-Commerce™ is a proprietary program that delivers content to support women business owners as they start, pivot or scale to e-commerce. The content delivered within the HER-Commerce™ program is sourced and delivered by experts and women-owned businesses currently selling products or services on TheWMarketplace and has created an ecosystem of women doing business with women.

Our community is reflective of women-owned businesses in the US today.

12 months of growth since opening the site to shoppers and sellers shows that we have the right product at the right time with the right mission.

TheWMarketplace is a truly unique space with a combination of products, services and support for women entrepreneurs.

Trends show that shoppers are looking for more options for shopping online and are willing to try new platforms. Consumers and sellers are looking for a place to shop their values.

The world has changed and women's professional service providers and merchants must have a digital first strategy to keep pace and sustain their businesses.

We are accelerating our growth through partners. We have attracted partners that enable us to deliver unique support and content to ensure that the sellers and service providers on our platform grow and thrive. 

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Conservative revenue projections point to $30M in revenue in less than 5 years.

The success we have seen to date confirms that there is demand for an online marketplace built for women by women. We will build on that success and increase our focus on creating a vibrant ecosystem where women doing business with women that will change the world.