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Proven solution serving over 2.4M phone calls from over 740 subscribers across 44 states
Revenue-generating with over $413K in annual recurring revenue
$10.8 Billion market with +27 Million potential subscribers in the US alone
Intellectual property protected by 2 US patents and international patents in the UK and Germany

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teleCalm keeps seniors safely connected with family and friends. We combat problems often seen with Alzheimer’s and dementia – problems like caregiver fatigue, senior isolation, and elder fraud. We’re excited to scale to serve the growing market demand.

Phone Service for Dementia - Serving Caregivers and Seniors with Passion

Dementia is debilitating. 

Seniors living with Alzheimer's and dementia frequently develop stressful and unsafe telephone habits. 

Without teleCalm, caregivers often take away their loved one’s phone - further reducing their loved one’s independence and increasing their isolation.

We’ve built and proven a better solution.

teleCalm’s unique phone service keeps seniors safely connected with family and friends, while automatically blocking troublesome calls. 

Your investment will help expand service and tackle this growing need at scale.

There are over 10 million seniors living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

Caregivers of aging seniors, especially seniors with dementia, often must address senior isolation, elder fraud and increased emotional and financial family stress - most due to common telephone problems.

Late-Night Calls
Dementia often affects a senior's sense of time, resulting in disrupting family and friends with calls during the middle of the night.

Repeated Calls
Many seniors will repeatedly call a family member, sometimes over 50 times in an hour. This is just another result of dementia and the destruction of a senior's short-term memory. 

False 9-1-1 Calls
Even as dementia causes seniors to forget phone numbers of family members, they always seem to remember how to call 9-1-1. Some calling over 25 times a month. The reasons can vary by individual; some because of confusion or anxiety, others because of loneliness.

TV Shopping and Donations Sites
Impaired judgment and diminishing comprehension associated with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias can also lead to unusual impulse purchasing. Often times resulting in obsessive home shopping purchases and donations to causes a senior sees on TV.

Telemarketer and Scam Calls
We all put up with the ever-increasing scam calls we receive, but seniors living with Alzheimer's are easily swayed by these and telemarketer calls they receive. While we don't answer calls you don't recognize, this doesn't work for those with dementia. Many are eager to answer any call coming in and think everyone is truthful.

Caregivers often feel compelled to take away Mom or Dad’s traditional phone, removing their independence, increasing their isolation.

teleCalm puts an end to ALL of these call problems for seniors and their caregivers.
The teleCalm service evaluates each incoming and outgoing call, deciding whether the call should be allowed, blocked, or re-routed.

Only incoming calls from trusted contacts ring on the senior's telephone. This protects the senior living with Alzheimer's from all telemarketers and scam calls.

Outgoing calls can be filtered as well, to block certain calls to unwanted destinations or to limit calls only to family and friends. 

teleCalm's Quiet Hours and Repeat Dialing features help for those seniors where late-night and repeated calls are the problem behaviors as a result of their dementia.

For seniors living in Memory Care communities who continually make unnecessary 9-1-1 calls, teleCalm is able to re-route these calls to an-onsite nurse station instead.

teleCalm’s patented phone service is oftentimes the only way seniors can continue to use a phone, enabling them to live at home longer and retain as much independence as possible.

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Solid Business Foundation - Customers Trust teleCalm

Caregivers value teleCalm subscriptions. When living conditions need to change, most families move the teleCalm service to the senior's new residence; even in Assisted Living and Memory Care.

teleCalm is being used nationwide, generating over $34K in monthly recurring revenue from more than 740 subscribers. Organic growth has steadily exceeded 7% month-over-month growth, despite COVID-19.

Caregivers value teleCalm's benefits. This is based on our insights from over 2.4 million calls we have already processed for our customers.

While all of our subscribers love that we block 100% of the telemarketer/scammer calls for their loved ones, over 80% of them also subscribe for other pressing reasons: outgoing call problems. 

Bottom Line: We stop all the bad calls, both incoming and outgoing -- which is about 62% of the total calls per month.

Customers say that teleCalm provides the best option for families coping with dementia.

teleCalm solves caregiver’s challenges like no other alternative.

While these other companies do offer some scam protection, they aren’t able to block 100% of the bad calls like teleCalm can.

They also cannot offer the most important features that solve the problems for seniors and their families, like our patented service does.

teleCalm only allows trusted contacts to ring through – That along with our other features, provides 100% protection from bad calls for caregivers and their loved ones.

Continued growth will make teleCalm an increasingly attractive acquisition target - especially for companies that need access to teleCalm’s IP.

Patent coverage protects our unique offer. teleCalm already has 3 granted patents in the US and Europe -- the two largest markets in the world for our solution. This positions teleCalm perfectly to license our technology to major providers in Europe and to partner with major companies in the US.

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At the heart of our service is the Caregiver app. 

Family caregivers subscribe to the phone service for their loved one, replacing any existing phone service provider. Using the Caregiver app, family caregivers are empowered to stop late-night calls, repeated calls, and inappropriate 911 calls -- All while protecting seniors from deliberate and targeted fraud.

And it's not just limited to scam and telemarketer calls. teleCalm blocks ALL unwanted calls, including that bad apple in the family draining grandma’s savings and outgoing calls to home shopping and donation sites.

teleCalm provides a vital and easy-to-use lifeline for seniors. They don’t have to learn a new technology or try something they feel uncomfortable with. They simply use their home phone or cell phone, and know that when the phone rings, it is someone they want to talk to, not someone trying to take advantage of them. 

At a high level, here’s how our service works…

Calls with trusted contacts pass straight through, while suspicious calls and know bad guys are blocked immediately.

Using our Caregiver app, family caregivers can prevent ALL the bad calls – even problem calls the senior makes due to their dementia.

End Result => Delighted teleCalm Customers

   ●   Keeps Seniors connected with friends and family

   ●   Reduces Caregiver Fatigue and family disruption

   ●   Prevents financial loss

   ●  Stellar customer satisfaction scores

Proven Value Add / Proven Product Market Fit

Caregiver Customers Love teleCalm

I spent tons of time researching possible solutions and there is absolutely nothing even close to doing the things your product and service does – Jeff

teleCalm is great. I am very appreciative of the outgoing repetitive call blocker. It’s been a game-changer. – Sally

My sister and I love teleCalm. The service has already prevented several spam calls from coming through to Daddy. This service is awesome. – Jeanie

teleCalm is a wonderful thing and has definitely helped my sanity. There are days that mom calls up to 20 times but with teleCalm I can just call her back when convenient. So helpful! – Peggy

I love the app and love the service. It is a great way for me to keep connected to my father, while keeping him from contacting or being contacted by sources that pose a risk. I’m a big fan and would recommend the service to anybody! – Jon

Thank you. Best service I have found for blocking fraud and spam calls and managing elderly communication. Wish I would have had years ago. – Ted

This landscape is big!

Just in the US, there’s over 10 million seniors with dementia in – that’s 17% of the senior population – and it’s growing by nearly 1900 a day.

Not only do we help these seniors, but we also help the 20 million family caregivers that are taking care of them, especially since 81% of these seniors continue to live at home.

Our solution is well suited to expand and serve future populations with other cognitive challenges, such as Autism. We already have subscribers who are caring for adults with Autism and seniors with Parkinson’s Disease.

In total, there’s over 43 million Caregivers in the US today, and they need all the help they can get. Caregiving is a full-time responsibility already, but many of them are also trying to hold down jobs and raise families

* Note: These are forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

We beat our 2020 goal of $325K in annual recurring revenue, closing the year at $338K ARR. By 2023, we believe we can achieve nearly $6M in ARR and 17K subscribers.

teleCalm has raised over $530K in previous rounds, allowing us to develop teleCalm and gain proven traction in the market.

Current investors include:
●  Southwest Angel Network, a nationally recognized leader in supporting for-profit, impact companies
●  Capital Factory, a seed-stage venture group and the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas

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