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🚀 4,000 major retailers, including Whole Foods, Sprouts & Wegmans
💫 43% share of the coffee alternative category in speciality grocery

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Why Teeccino?

Teeccino is on a mission to help millions of people optimize their health. Our coffee alternative blends are proprietary, delicious, and they taste, brew, and feel just like the real thing. Teeccino is the gateway beverage to a healthier, caffeine-free life—with all the satisfaction and authenticity that coffee and tea drinkers crave.

Our everyday lives are demanding. Our bodies think so, too:

  • 75% of all doctor visits are stress-related
  • 66% of Americans think it’s essential to reduce coffee and caffeine
  • 50% of adults suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia
  • 40% of adults have digestive disorders

For many, caffeine is a stopgap solution to the demands of daily life. Millions of people love coffee, but hate the jitters, sleep problems, acidity, and afternoon crash. Yet they still crave the taste, richness, versatility, routine, and energy of the real thing. 

Replacing coffee is a big challenge. Tea is too watery and weak to produce the robust taste a coffee drinker loves. Decaf still has caffeine and is highly acidic. Plus, people are attached to their particular ritual of brewing their morning cup. 

Here are the four main needs that a caffeine-free coffee alternative must meet:

Teeccino is a delicious blend of organic herbs like chicory, carob, dandelion and ramón seeds plus fruits and nuts that are roasted and ground to brew like coffee or steep like tea. 

All our products contain the highest quality ingredients without any artificial flavors, preservatives, chemicals or stimulants like caffeine and sugar. 

A cup of Teeccino brims with many health benefits including natural energy from nutrients, heart-healthy potassium and prebiotic inulin. 

Teeccino's all-purpose grind can be brewed in any kind of coffee maker and our tea bags are convenient, easy to use, and preferred by tea customers .  

  • Tastes like coffee
  • Brews like coffee and steeps like tea
  • 40 delicious flavors that meet every taste preference
  • Rich, bold, and satisfying
  • Organic, gluten-free, & Kosher-certified
  • Contains naturally occurring prebiotics, potassium, and pinitol
  • Offers a range of functional health benefits from wellness mushrooms, adaptogenic herbs and prebiotic ingredients
  • Tea bags contain 3x more herbs than standard tea bags

When people quit coffee, one of the hardest challenges they face is fatigue due to their dependency on caffeine for quick energy. After a short period of adaptation, however, thousands of our customers have reported experiencing more energy than ever before after switching to Teeccino.

There are 5 major health benefits in every cup of Teeccino:

Teeccino comes in 40+ blends that meet the desires of both coffee and tea drinkers for a wide variety of flavors, different lifestyle requirements and functional effects.

Teeccino has 5 blend collections:

Maya Blends: Our most coffee-like blends featuring roasted ramón seeds from the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

Mediterranean Blends: Light & medium roasted blends enriched with golden roasted almonds and lightly sweetened with dates & figs.

Dandelion Blends: Certified gluten-free blends with roasted dandelion root blended with super herbs to satisfy a wide variety of taste preferences.

Mushroom Adaptogen Blends:  Hot trending blends featuring wellness mushrooms optimally paired with adaptogenic herbs for stress relief and increased immunity.

Prebiotic SuperBoost: Enhanced prebiotic blends with a proprietary supplement of  plant-based prebiotic concentrates that promote good gut health.

Teeccino is an established brand. Now, as the category experiences explosive growth, we’re ready to become a household name—one that’ll revolutionize the multibillion-dollar coffee and tea market.

  • 43% share of the Coffee Alternatives category in Natural & Specialty Grocery
  • Teeccino.com has experienced 430% growth over the last 5 years
  • Largest Coffee Alternative brand on Amazon with 905% growth in last 5 years.
  • Exporting to 6 countries with launch in the UK and EU under progress

Teeccino has a 64% repeat purchase rate versus 39% for competitor brands on Amazon. In addition, over 12% of Teeccino Amazon customers purchase 10 or more times per year. 

The reason? There's simply nothing else like Teeccino! Our brand is 'sticky' because it's so unique and coffee drinkers drink it frequently just like coffee. Plus, Teeccino helps people transform their health!

Teeccino’s team is driven by award-winning coffee and tea veterans with deep experience in the natural foods industry who are committed to an inspired vision of bringing the health benefits of herbs to everyone’s cup.

Teeccino is led by Caroline MacDougall, a true pioneer in the herbal and tea industries. Caroline began her career studying, growing, and importing herbs. As Vice President of Celestial Seasonings, Caroline developed supplier partnerships and imported herbs across 6 continents when she was in her early '20's. She has designed award-winning herbal beverage lines for top tea companies including Yogi Tea, The Republic of Tea and Organic India.

Caroline’s inspiration for creating Teeccino came to her in a dream when she was deeply involved in rainforest preservation work in Central America. She awoke after hearing herself say, “The next product I’m going to create is a caffeine-free cappuccino and the name of the product is Teeccino.” She began roasting and grinding herbs in her kitchen to create the first herbal beverage to match the rich, roasted flavor of coffee.

Teeccino is building a fairer and healthier world, one delicious beverage at a time.

We are committed to maximizing impact in our partner communities, especially for women and smallholder family farmers. Teeccino’s trading practices are rooted in best practice ESG standards.

Teeccino’s impact includes:

  • Creating new trade with smallholder farmers in rural communities
  • Pioneering the harvest of wild, non-timber forest products
  • Providing income opportunities for women in developing economies
  • Financing rewilding projects for reforestation
  • Promoting, fundraising, and donating to environmental NGOs

We have thousands of five star reviews and enthusiastic testimonials on our website and Amazon. 

Approximately half of our customers still drink coffee but they drink Teeccino either blended with coffee or in place of it in the afternoon and evening to reduce their caffeine consumption. 

Tea drinkers are thrilled to have a caffeine-free herbal beverage that is full-bodied and can be enjoyed with creamer like regular tea. 

Health-motivated customers are driven by many different conditions that are aggravated by coffee and caffeine.

    With funding we will:

    • Provide promotional support to drive retail distribution
    • Implement our digital marketing strategy, including investing in ad spend
    • Drive sales expansion via new product lines and a global Amazon launch
    • Scale our team with Marketing & E-commerce specialists