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Tampon Tribe

Organic, 100% cotton tampon, pad, and pantyliner subscription service

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The New Year Of Optimisim For Femtech
March 20, 2017
Baby New Year is an icon of optimism as the clock ticks down to midnight on December 31st, just after the holiday honoring an immaculate conception. While this black-capped toddler has been a holiday staple since the dawn of the 20th century the reality is the result of that baby is a long and sometimes fraught journey.
International Women's Day - Support Indie Beauty Brands Founded and Run By Women
March 8, 2017
March 8 is International Women's Day, and although shopping is generally discouraged by the organizers, we think you are welcome to support women and their business ventures. Shop small by su...
19 Female Entrepreneurs Share The Personal Pep Talk That Gets Them Through Anything
March 3, 2017
Whenever I've had one of those days at work when I felt like everything was crashing down or when I can't give my all in a workout class that I usually kick ass in - I start to feel less like myself, and a bit jaded.
14 Female Entrepreneurs Share The Biggest Mistake They Made In Their 20s
March 3, 2017
Often referred to as the "Odyssey Years," a lot happens in your first, pivotal decade of being an adult. While at 20, you're rosy-eyed and bushy-tailed, filled with excitement and promise of all that you'll be and accomplish, by 29, you're much more
This Dollar Shave Club For Tampons Can Save Women $3,000
February 21, 2017
You probably have heard of the Dollar Shave Club, but did you know there is something similar for feminine hygiene products? It turns out that the average woman uses 9,600 tampons in her lifetime (adding up to $5,600 worth of feminine hygiene products).
Love Wins In 2017: Here Are 25+ Valentine's Day Gifts That Give Back
February 20, 2017
What's sexier than a dazzling bauble, luscious chocolate or another thoughtfully chosen gift for Valentine's Day? How about knowing that the above comes from a source that gives back to people and organizations who need it most? You can start shopping at , Ten Thousand Villages or Global Goods Partners , where every selection supports artisans around the world.
5 Crowdfunders to Watch - Helpful and Innovative - The Story Exchange
February 8, 2017
The women featured in this crowdfunding column are tackling emotional terrain and messy hair days. Whether it's helping immigrants navigate the intricacies of President Donald Trump's executive orders, offering salves for family loss or dealing with "Aunt Flo" every month, these women entrepreneurs want to bring comfort and healing.
5 Organic Subscription Tampon Boxes Making Periods Eco and Easy (Really!)
January 16, 2017
There's a new wave of cool in wellness hitting our Instagram feeds, and it might not be what you expect: organic period subscription boxes. Once upon a time your tampons would be the last thing you wanted on display in your bathroom, let alone your social media feed, but women are finally opening up about their periods, for good reason.
Alternative Period Products For That Time of The Month | Elle Canada
January 16, 2017
The latest intel for a less annoying time of the month. The drink: Swap coffee for water. "Coffee depletes mag­nesium in your body. During your period, your uterine muscles are contracted [hi, cramping] and magnesium helps to relax muscles," says Melissa Ramos, a Toronto-based nutritionist and creator of Sexy Food Therapy , a website and clinic that specializes in digestion and hormonal health.
24 Subscription Boxes For Things You Actually Need
December 12, 2016
We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Just select the quantity, blend, and frequency you'd like to receive for your jolt of caffeine and Blue Bottle will deliver.
10 gifts for every badass feminist on your holiday shopping list
December 8, 2016
2016 has been a monumental year, both for women and the feminist movement they've long led. Hillary Clinton became the first woman to be nominated for president by a major political party. Fourteen teenage girls from South Africa built the continent's first ever private satellite that will monitor Africa's weather conditions from space.
Four Westside Women Are Stirring the Period Pot -
October 16, 2016
Four Westside Women have teamed up to take tampon and pad subscriptions to levels that only Westside girls know how. Injecting their own level of Venice-vibe into the burgeoning industry, Tampon Tribe is the epitome of everything that free beach living exudes. Tampon Tribe is also the first subscription delivery service to include organic cotton ...
Natural Beauty Q&A: Jennifer Eden, Co-Founder of Tampon Tribe
September 12, 2016
I've been noticing more and more that one of my go-to products - one that which, frankly, I have given very minimal thought - is deserving a closer look. Hide your eyes if you're squeamish, because I'm about to broach a subject that makes most people want to end a conversation mid-sentence.
Ryan Foland with Jennifer Eden and Dustin Dye: Using Social Media Before you Launch Your Product or Service
August 30, 2016
Get Notified is pleased to have Jennifer Eden, founder of Tampon Tribe as our special guest. Tampon Tribe ( is an energetic social impact project. Jennifer shares her vision about how together, we can prevent toxins from entering the Earth and our bodies.
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