Smart refill kiosks to eliminate plastic packaging from our food

Last Funded October 2023


raised from 148 investors


🤝 20+ kiosks waitlisted for production with grocers via signed Letters of Intent (LOIs)
🟥 CTO is Co-Inventor of RedBox. Founding team from GE, Pepsi, LG, LA Cleantech Incubator
2023 Fast Company World Changing Idea Honoree
♻️ Our patented refill technology is a real solution to the plastic crisis

Our Team

Why Is It So Hard To Buy Food Without Single-Use Plastic Waste?

We’ve all seen it – Plastic is an environmental disaster. The good news is …

If we reused just 20% of packaging we could slash ocean waste in half, according to the World Economic Forum.

We interviewed 500+ grocery shoppers and found that the overwhelming majority want to reduce their plastic footprint but are frustrated with the limited options available.

After 6 years of designing breakthrough products for Fortune 500 companies, we jumped on the opportunity to make a difference.

We now have signed Letters of Intent (LOIs) with grocers who are ready to deploy 20+ kiosks. 

We’re opening this community round because we need your investment to scale our manufacturing and make TAINR available for shoppers like you.

Grocery Stores are Stuck in the 1970s

Grocery stores today are plagued by inefficiencies, labor shortages, and insufficient data collection.

6.3 million retail workers quit their jobs in the first 10 months of 2021 with burnout being cited as the #1 reason

Amazon acquired Whole Foods in 2018 challenging competitors to quickly modernize with tech.

Despite this tech overhaul, there’s still no modern solution to meet market demand and regulatory pressure for sustainable, plastic-free groceries.

But isn’t the bulk aisle zero waste?

Bulk: An Antiquated Solution to Today’s Plastic Problem

21st Century Refill Technology

TAINR modernizes the grocery store’s outdated bulk aisle with a smart refill kiosk that moves inventory efficiently, reduces restocking times, eliminates product losses and single-use plastic packaging waste.

TAINR benefits shoppers, retailers, and CPGs by connecting them like never before to easily eliminate plastic waste.

A Seamless Refill Experience

In order for refill systems to go mainstream, they must be convenient and interactive.

With TAINR, shoppers order their food via the kiosk's touch screen interface or on the TAINR mobile app. 

Shoppers easily select products by price, fill level, or weight. This eliminates any guesswork or surprises at checkout.

Shoppers want a clean experience -- Minimum steps means minimum germs with hygienic and contactless dispensing.

A Big Win for Retailers and Brands

Access real-time inventory data through our enterprise dashboard, optimizing supply & demand with minimal effort. Notifications are sent when inventory is low to facilitate ordering and replenishment.

With detailed analytics retailers and CPG’s engage with consumers and measure first party data like traffic engagement, conversion, and dwell-time metrics.

Instantly update product labels and communicate directly with customers. 

Imagine - A major cereal producer uses TAINR to dispense their products. The branding opportunities are endless with our kiosk.

Our smart inventory bins cut restocking times in half so employees can focus on what really matters- customer service.

Retailers are Lined Up for Pilot Programs

We're emerging from stealth development with a fully functioning prototype kiosk and a patent for its revolutionary design.

Our next step is to raise enough funds to build production-grade kiosks.

We've secured signed LOIs (Letters of Intent) for pilot programs and 20+ kiosks from retailers around Southern California.

Product Development is our Sauce

We're a team of engineers and designers with a passion for the environment who have been collaborating for over 6 years. We've developed hundreds of products from ideas to manufacturing for Fortune 500 companies.

Our CTO and Co-Founder Philip Tomasi is the inventor of the RedBox DVD dispenser you still see at supermarkets today.

We're a Latinx and woman-founded company based out of LA and are committed to innovating in the circular economy for a more sustainable future.

TAM: $230B Dry Dispensable Consumer Products

Revenue Model

Our technology enables multiple revenue streams that are adaptable and expandable to meet the characteristics of various opportunities.

Unit Economics

Go-to-Market Strategy

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

We are starting with Natural Grocers as our early adopters and plan to quickly expand beyond the bulk aisle through partnerships with major brands and retailers. TAINR can be deployed in convenience stores, airports, college campuses, sports arenas, co-working spaces, and more.

Anywhere with a vending machine can have a TAINR.

Competitive Advantage

Use of Funds: Invest in the Circular Economy


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How will I make a return on my investment, and when?

We’re not able to make lots of future projections, but we have big ambitions for the company. We are working on a new way of buying food. We think the best way to achieve that is to build a successful independent company, which could involve going public one day, but for now we are focused on building.

Under the terms of our crowd-round, our post money valuation cap is $10M. If we have a successful exit in the future (like an IPO, merger, or acquisition) for more than that amount, you’ll see a return on your investment.

Where can I ask a question? 

You can ask any questions you have in the “Ask A Question” section of this page.