Superfood mushroom supplements, streetwear & media. Lifestyle brand inspired by the 60s & 70s.

Last Funded November 2023


raised from 259 investors


Notable Angel

Raised $25k or more from a notable angel investor

Projected profitability in 2024 (not guaranteed) with industry leading 60%+ gross margins
$1.5M revenue in the first 14 months & 55K superfood supplements sold
300K+ following across online communities, 2M weekly impressions, & 120K email / sms subscribers
One of the fastest growing consumer brands on TikTok with 22M+ views

Our Team


90% of people in the U.S. consume caffeine daily, without addressing underlying causes of fatigue.

The typical path of an American consumer’s brain: hyperactivity from stimulants, followed by a crash and brain fog when the artificial high wears off. This leaves us in a constant battle within our own minds...and a never ending chase to combat being out of balance.

50% of American adults take at least one prescription medication regularly, and 1 in 4 take medication for mood or anxiety disorders. These medications only mask symptoms and can have harmful side effects. It's time to shift focus to addressing root causes and promoting holistic approaches to wellness.

Mushrooms are literally a tale as old as time. Medicinal mushroom superfoods have been used for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine, and our western world is just waking up to their power to transform and revitalize our health.

What do we ACTUALLY want? Flow state.

When functional fungi enter your system, they help bring your autonomic nervous system into a state of even-keeled balance, giving you that relaxed yet also energized homeostasis.

The leaders in the space are generating revenue $50M+ annually but are still focused on traditional and slow delivery methods such as powders and tinctures for Gen X and Boomers.

The shroom boom is indeed upon us, but consumers aren't currently getting on-the-go form factors for mush supplements that you feel instantly and also taste amazing.

SuperMush is making mushrooms sexy, and accessible.

We make FULLY LEGAL superfood supplements targeted at Gen Z/Y that are designed for on-the-go, high efficacy and great taste.

No, we won't get you high.

But we're fans of all fungi, and actively support our allies working towards the legalization of psilocybin and other psychedelics for responsible therapeutic use and personal flourishing.

Our first children:

Energy, Immunity and Chill Mouth Sprays. Spray on your tongue or in a drink 4+ times per day. *Fun fact* = mouth sprays are the MOST effective way to get supplements into your bloodstream, and have the highest absorption.

Our newest fam members launched March '23:

Creativity and Flow SuppleMints. "Like an Altoid, but way better." - many raving fans.

Let's chat #s.

SuperMush has a one-time purchase and subscriptions for all our products.

  • Mouth Sprays sell for $27 each. Margin = 82%
  • SuppleMints sell for $18 each. Margin = 86%
  • 2022 Rev $1.2M and 2023 projected revenue is $3.7M.

** Forward projections not guaranteed**

Our community is vast, and we're backed by some of the best humans across consumer, media, and wellness.

Investor highlights: Founders of Thrive Market, Hu Kitchen, Zumba, Perfect Keto, WTR MLN WTR, Vega, Elite Daily.

Our Venture Capital backers: Vibrant VC, Humans VC, Mystic Ventures.

Mushrooms are vastly misunderstood.

Education-first thought leadership holistically across functional mushrooms and psychedelics is a necessity to being a category queen.

We've built an funnel of educational content, speaker series, and community events to create viral media and bring consumers into our ecosystem.


  • Season one of our @intothemultiverse podcast wrapped, with 30 episodes recorded. Season 2 launching June with some major artists and athletes.
  • Hosted 5 chapters of our psychedelic dinner series with industry leaders

SuperMush has built a fully online best-in-class marketing funnel leveraging email, SMS, affiliates and influencers.

We've built raving fans.

Our novel product formats and community events have made us viral, and we're currently one of the fastest growing consumer brands on Tik Tok with > 25M views.

Mushrooms have changed our lives. Now we want to share the magic with as many people as possible.

Repeat founders with a past exit, our team has deep experience in branding, CPG, high-growth startups, community-building, psychedelics, and functional medicine.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Mental health issues are at an all time high, and the pharmaceutical industry is failing us. We believe mushrooms are key in rebalancing our physical and mental states.

Our shtick: The marriage of ancient wisdom from Eastern culture and Western culture driving branding, inspired by iconic artists of the 60s and 70s.

The functional mushroom industry is currently $29B, but rapidly growing with a CAGR of 8.04%.

Our people: The 43M Gen Z and 32M Gen Y on social media who are actively buying wellness products online.

The 5-year service addressable market is $11.25B+ and the 5-year service obtainable market is $100M+ based on a lifetime value of $150.

So, want to get involved in some good vibrations? Join our mushroom revolution.

What's on the horizon? Continued product expansion (focused on mushroom candy), retail expansion, community growth, viral educational content series in partnership with major artists and athletes.