The viral 'ingenious' period cup and applicator that is a 'total game changer for period care'

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Period cups are nothing new. They were first invented in the 1930s (😱), but despite the significant environmental, financial, and convenient benefits of the reusable menstrual collection device, they have been largely unheard of and unadopted until recent years. Period products in general have been historically invented by men with little care for or consideration of the actual needs of people with periods. It wasn't until recently that we've seen a period care revolution in which menstruators are choosing to be empowered by the products they choose and are no longer accepting the expensive, wasteful, and uncomfortable tampons and pads they've been stuck with since the beginning of time. With the readiness for better period care, comes innovation.

How has Sunny created a "total game changer" in period care? After spending 5 years on R&D filled with hundreds of prototypes, consumer surveys, beta tests, and focus groups, passionate Sunny co-founders meshed ALL the benefits of reusable period cups with the familiarity of a tampon. And how did the public react? Despite being pre-launch, Sunny has reached hundreds of millions of fans and have largely been met with the same reaction "duh?! this is genius!" After listening to menstuators' pain points and addressing the #1 barrier to switching to a period cup (intimidation of insertion), the Sunny Cup + Applicator was a no-brainer.

Disposable period products cost each menstruator $6,000 in their lifetime, create 200k Tons of waste each year, and often contain harmful chemicals and dyes.

In recent years, we've seen a spike in interest in reusable period care alternatives. The Menstrual Cup segment is growing faster than the tampon and pad industries combined at a 6.75% CAGR.

While menstrual cups are better for the environment, our bodies, and save money, they have an overall low adoption rate due to their intimidating and unfamiliar nature. We found that the #1 barrier to switching to a period cup is the insertion process.

The Sunny Cup + Applicator is the period cup that inserts like a tampon with a reusable applicator, eliminating #1 barrier (intimidation of insertion) for people to switch to menstrual cups.

The Sunny Cup has all the environmental, health, and financial benefits of a menstrual cup with the familiarity of a tampon. It can be worn for up to 12 hours, holds 2-5x more liquid than a tampon, saves the user up to $6,000 in their lifetime, and saves 14,000 tampons/pads from landfills in the user’s lifetime.

Unlike other, bulkier cups, the Sunny Cup has the ability to fold as thin as a tampon, which allows it to fit into our reusable, tampon-style applicator. It's made of soft, flexible, medical grade silicone that cannot be felt when worn! The unique design of the Sunny Cup along with the pairing of the two devices are patent pending under two design and one utility patent.

Sunny opened up pre-orders DTC through our website and social media shop pages in the US after going viral on TikTok in April of 2022. We're currently focusing our strategic scaling on our $3.1Bn target segment here in the US (~63M potential customers), primarily Gen Z and Millennials interested in sustainable period care. With over 19,000 pre-orders already, we continue to build our email list of thousands more ready to purchase at launch!

After an incredible response from customers, we are so excited to begin shipping orders this September 2023 and test in other markets in retail and globally DTC!

*Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed

Since going viral, Sunny has gained an ample following and subsequent community across social media. We have taken the kick start that the first viral video provided and transformed it into a sustainable group of engaged followers, soundboards, and leads.

We have continued to go viral dozens of times, have gained the attention of major menstrual cup reviewers, calling AliExpress's horrible device a "rip off of the Sunny Cup Applicator", and have been championed by excited pre-order customers through word of mouth.

Have you tried Googling "menstrual cup"? Well, ever since our pre-order launch, we've CHANGED Google's search to include menstrual cup applicator as a top result (and Sunny pops right up when you click on it 😉)

Sunny co-founders and our team spent YEARS in prototyping to ensure the best product possible and a positive user response. Check out some of our Beta tester's responses below!

Disposable period products produce massive amounts of waste, cost billions each year, and an increasing number of people are looking to reusables in western countries

This accounts for the 6.75% CAGR of the already $39Bn global menstrual health market. Interestingly enough, our research shows that the number of people interested in a menstrual cup in the US is the same as the number of people who own a truck in the US (crazy, right?!)

Funding to FemTech has grown more than 2x YoY since 2019 shows research by McKinsey & Company. A majority of funding has gone to early stage consumer product startups, indicating room for growth within this space. Market data indicates a significant an opportunity for innovation in reusable period care, specifically.

A 2022 report shows a 16.3% CAGR across all FemTech categories, with Menstrual Health being the second largest. A majority of this growth and sustainability is focused in the United States, a booming market for period care innovation.

Our loyal community members and customers are already demanding different Sunny Cup + Applicator accessories, sizes, and expansion into international markets and retail! This unlocks incredible growth potential for Sunny to become a one stop shop for all things period and personal care.

***Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed

By investing in Sunny now, you benefit from the SAME terms as our professional, institutional investors and VCs in our previous pre-seed raise.

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We're excited to give our longtime supporters, peers, and extended network an opportunity to invest at the ground level. Whether you're a first time or seasoned investor, here is your opportunity to invest in the most accessible way. Join Sunny in the long-awaited revolution of the period care industry!