We make homeownership more affordable, and downtown living more accessible

Last Funded November 2020


raised from 316 investors


First to market homeownership solution for downtown cities
Patent Pending and Scalable Construction Technology
C suite with diversely experienced professionals within their fields
+50% Owner-occupied Reservations in 72 Hrs

Our Team

Ryan and I started Stackhouse because we wanted to live in a container home and there wasn't a way to do that and be able to move from city to city.

The Stackhouse Story

Stackhouse is the creation of Ryan Egan and Janelle Briggs. The entrepreneur duo has been committed to the Stackhouse revolution since 2017. The couple intends to be residents.

Ryan, a commercial real estate agent, worked a number of years in the condo development business in San Francisco. He witnessed displaced residents due to gentrification. That stoked a passion for creating an affordable living option that would never upend neighborhoods. There had to be a way to provide people who work in a city’s hub an affordable option to live near where they worked. Stackhouse is the solution.

Owning a Stackhouse Container Home starts at $45k

We start by building the container from the floor up. We use refurbished (and thoroughly remediated) shipping containers. Using an online interactive ordering system, the resident selects their floorplan, paint colors, accent tile, and appliances throughout. Every detail is customizable allowing for maximum personalization. Then they select their space in the vertical community.

Stackhouse container homes have 320 sqft of interior space, 8.5ft. ceilings, and at least 160 sqft of private outdoor living space.


1 Bedroom

2 Bedroom/Flex Space

Move-in Ready Communities

Our vertical community towers are designed to quickly dock each container home. Our first development in Tucson will have spaces for 49 container homes. Rent for spaces starts 10% below the market rate for a studio apartment and includes all utilities - water, electric, trash, internet, and assigned parking. Pricing for rent varies by floor selection, size of private outdoor space, and views. The average rent for a 3rd-floor space, $1100/mo.

Stackhouse container homes are loaded from inside the structure.

Parking is available on the first floor, along with storage for bicycles and other large items.

All Stackhouse communities include Privacy Pods - the small 20ft containers are designed as flex spaces (think office, movie theatre, playroom, and snack bar on the rooftop deck) and can be reserved for individual or group use. 

All spaces in the vertical community include a minimum of 120 sq ft of private outdoor space; privacy panels separate your personal space from the community amenities and help keep the noise to a minimum. 

Stackhouse container homes and communities are ADA compliant and include two elevators and two staircases. 

Community spaces are provided on each floor.

The rooftop deck boasts 360* views, plus a kitchen pod with BBQ grills and bathroom so no one has to leave the party! 

***Want to see even more? Click this link for a VR experience of the Stackhouse Vertical Community!***

Living the Stackhouse Life

We like to make a comparison to standard, conventional homeownership. This way the financial investment and value of Stackhouse can be compared to something with which everyone is familiar. The initial $45k investment goes directly to your custom container home. A Stackhouse container mortgage of $45k has a max term of 7 years. Whereas in a standard residential home, the buyer is typically in debt for 30-40 years.

Paying off a home in 3-7 years means gaining the freedom to choose what path your life takes. What could Stackhouse residents do with this extra money every month? What could they do with this freedom? We want people to live big, house-debt free, and be able to go anywhere they want. 

Additionally, Stackhouse towers are built in cities, where traditional single-family homes are generally not available. Below you can see how Stackhouse compares to an apartment in terms of cost. 

In regards to the monthly fee to dock in our vertical community, consider that the average cost of utilities, property taxes, and maintenance on a conventional home could easily average $800-1,200k per month. Conventional homeowners accustomed to surprise expenses recognize how difficult it is to plan ahead or save. Stackhouse understands this dilemma homeowners face and we are providing a cost-effective and consistently priced homeownership solution for many of the globe’s metro-urban areas.

Remember, you don’t have to dock in our communities. Stackhouse Container Homes are available for individual purchase. Once your custom container is completed, we can ship it wherever you’d like. However, if you’d like to stick with us and have the ability to live and travel, pricing to dock your container in one of our downtown towers varies by location, floor selection, and a few other key factors. Living in a Stackhouse community is not a requirement. However, docking your home in a Stackhouse community provides instant access to electricity, water, cable, internet, waste, parking, and property maintenance. There’s no need to contact providers as we take care of all the details. We also provide community amenities such as BBQ / entertaining areas, private patios, and common areas on each floor of the tower. We are also introducing Privacy Pods or reservable flex spaces, available for exercise, leisure, reading etc.

Community amenities include areas designated for socializing. There will be yoga and bbq pods. Privacy pods for reading or personal meetings and common spaces for quick stops. Each unit is equipped with an energy-efficient split air conditioner/heater unit and private patio.

Stackhouse Communities are eco-built for sustainable futuristic living. Our vertical developments are built to adhere to San Francisco's stringent building code – one of the world's most rigorous cities in which to build. Our communities incorporate rainwater harvesting and solar power mining. 

Moveable Lifestyle

We're building the first Stackhouse community in Tucson. We are slated to complete 25 additional communities across the United States by 2025, with plans to go international by 2030. Expansion of the communities allows the ability to move for work, family, or an extended vacation. Our team will take care of all the moving details providing a stress-free relocation. 

Our Audience

We believe Stackhouse's product and lifestyle are in line with Millennials and Boomers. Today, these two demographics are going after the same housing market. By positioning Stackhouse as an affordable, sustainable, and moveable, modern luxury living solution we are promoting the resident's sense of ownership, freedom, and community belonging. We inspire to empower our residents to live in the moment instead of waiting until they retire years down the road. By providing a modern affordable housing solution we hope to do just that.


Stackhouse is actively acquiring patents for our innovative building design, container lift mechanism, and other proprietary elements.  

Stackhouse position in Q2/2020

Currently, we have 29 of 50 units secured with a paid-reservation for our initial location in Tucson, Arizona. We purchased 941 N. Stone Avenue in Tucson, Arizona with a loan from The Naked Alpha Fund. 

Watch - Stackhouse Neighborhood Meeting (July 29, 2020)

Our Growth Strategy

After the completion of the Tucson location, we will shift our focus to building in the next 25 markets, beginning with Denver, Austin, San Antonio, and Seattle. We already have relationships with property owners, developers, and/or real estate brokers in each of these markets.

Because we start marketing once once we place a property under contract, we will be able to accurately gauge interest via our online reservation system. If we do not secure sufficient reservations for the development during the due diligence period, we will not build in that location. This risks only our time, and the costs of transportation and marketing to solicit early adopters. That being said, we have done extensive research into our target cities and are confident that we've selected the right markets.

The table above reflects our possible exits by year. This income assumes an average infill development based on our current design, local labor, and an average land costs of $2M. By owning both the land and the income stream we increase our options both as we grow and upon exit. Please note that these figures do not include projections from licensing our patent portfolio; resorts, mineral exploration, agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing and the military are all industries that have housing/accommodation needs that we meet. By licensing our portfolio we can significantly increase our cash flow without the risk of increased competition in the urban residential market.

Since we are an LLC offering a convertible note, we do not currently have a price per share. A convertible note is a loan that converts into equity after the company has an equity financing event. It is most common among early-stage technology startups that intend to later raise venture or some other form of capital. Upon such an event your investment would convert to stock at a discount. Essentially whatever they buy for a dollar you can buy for 80 cents up to your principal plus interest.

We're offering a 2 year Note, with a 20% discount, and 8% interest. Our valuation is based on both the value of the physical tower asset once built and the income stream generated by the development.

We anticipate a raise of $500k, once converted to equity will represent a 13% ownership interest, at a $5M valuation. Dividends/distributions will be allocated by ownership interest. Our goal is to build 25 locations over the next 5 years. In year 5 we anticipate the annual dividend for a $5,000 investment to be approximately $9,000. Because we designed the Stackhouse vertical community to be replicable and modular, we’ll be able to build in cities across the country much faster than our competitors. In year 10 with spaces available for 25k container homes, we project the annual payment to be as high as $350,000.


“Year 2” begins the day we complete construction on the Tucson location

Towers: The total number of vertical communities built, excluding Tucson 

Units: Total number of docking spaces

Price at 9.45 Multiple: The multiplier is based on an industry average for REITs (Real estate Investment Trusts), the closest equivalent to the Stackhouse business model.

Asset Equity: The amount of equity Stackhouse will need to hold in the developments

Tower assets: The value of all Stackhouse developments including land

Gross Value: Tower Assets + ((EBITDA-20% Management Cost) x 9.45)

Meet the Team

The Stackhouse team is composed of industry professionals with deep knowledge of their subject matter and years of professional experience. We are grateful to work with a diverse group of folks who are the best at what they do. 

Chief Executive Officer - Janelle Briggs

A feminist, entrepreneur, author & speaker committed to social justice, Dr. Janelle Briggs understands the value and beauty of humanity and, more importantly, how to disseminate a message of inclusion and social change. Janelle is the co-founder and CEO of Stackhouse — a Tucson, Arizona-based container living company specializing in eco-friendly, elevated living alternatives to the rising cost of urban housing.

A lifelong lover of academia, Janelle holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of Louisiana-Monroe in 2007 and 2009, respectively. While working toward her doctorate, Janelle performed extensive research in the areas of feminist and political theory — both of which beautifully intertwined to greatly influence her advocacy work. The additional education and experience catapulted her expertise while she honed her skills and cemented her communication methods as accessible, inclusive and empowering. She received her Ph.D. in Speech Communication from Southern Illinois University in 2014.

Chief Operating Officer - Ryan Egan

Ryan Egan is a native Tucsonan who has been working in real estate his entire life. As the son of a commercial broker, he began tagging along to property showings at the age of 5. Since then, Ryan has worked in both residential and commercial real estate throughout the southwestern United States his specialty being unit entitlement and commercial development in San Francisco. While working in San Francisco it became apparent that large developments were driving longtime residents and middle-class workers out of the city’s center. Inspired by the tiny house movement and a commitment to attainable housing for all, Ryan now draws on his entitlement experience developing a completely new form of urban home ownership. After years of research and the support of his partner, Janelle Briggs, Ryan founded Stackhouse. Stackhouse is a revolutionary housing alternative to the high-priced options available to city dwellers over the last century.

Architect - Randy Jacob, RJDG Collaborative

Randel Jacob has been a principal in the design-build profession since 1985 and is a 4th generation Tucsonan with family roots dating back to 1890. Jacob graduated from Sabino High School in Tucson in 1983, then obtained his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Arizona in 1989. Jacob has extensive experience as an Architect, General Contractor and owner/ principal, and holds an NCARB certificate and am licensed in Arizona and Texas.

Jacob formed Randel Jacob Design Group, PLLC, a successful architecture and construction firm, in 1999. RJDG has completed over 130 design and construction projects ranging from complex residential projects, to the planning and feasibility of large scale commercial development. Using it’s many years of construction related experience, in January 2017, Randel Jacob Design Group pivoted the business focus to strictly Architecture and Construction Administration Services. With efficiencies in agile and mobile design and communication and analysis, RJDG is uniquely poised to succeed in this evolving economic climate.

Chief Financial Officer - Crystal Royce, The Royce CPA Firm

Crystal Royce is an accountant turned entrepreneur with a passion for studying business. Inspired by books such as the E-Myth and The Checklist Manifesto she’s on a mission to help Stackhouse build repeatable and organized processes to maintain financial clarity, transparency, and strength. Crystal uses her background as a CPA Tax Strategist to ensure that all tower investors have the opportunity to utilize the special tax benefits afforded to them through this project.

Crystal is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant and as a Certified Fraud Examiner. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Arizona, and is active in the start-up community by volunteering for the Desert Angels Screening Panel, and serving as a Tax Expert Panelist for the semi-annual Innovation Summit at the Arizona Center for Innovation.

Chief Marketing Officer, Marisa Dominguez, NINE25Design

Marisa Dominguez and Correne Hankins are the founders of NINE25 Design – a small digital design agency based in Tucson, Arizona. Marisa is the agency’s lead designer and WordPress developer and Correne is the art director and photographer.

Native Tucsonans, Marisa and Correne are graduates of The Art Center Design College, recently renamed Southwest University located in Tucson. Marisa received her BA in Graphic Design, while Correne obtained her BA in Advertising & Marketing. Since 2016, they have been providing their national clientele with high quality, bespoke web and interactive digital solutions – solutions, required in today’s modern marketplace to build social, external and internal credibility.

Legal Counsel:

Thrasher Law Offices

Thrasher Law Offices PLLC is the premier boutique law firm in the Southwest specializing in real estate, finance, and corporate transactions. Our attorneys are ready to guide you as you make the critical decisions that will shape the future of your business. We represent clients across all industries, advising them on complex matters and structuring transactions for real estate development and acquisitions, commercial leasing, secured financing, private placements and business acquisitions.

Matt Thrasher

Matt represents entrepreneurs, financial institutions, real estate developers, and other companies and individuals. He handles an array of corporate, finance, real estate, and general business matters. Matt earned a Bachelor of Arts from Occidental College and graduated from Vanderbilt University Law School. He is licensed to practice in Arizona and Texas.

Christopher Ambrosio

Christopher’s practice involves helping clients meet their business and real estate challenges and achieve their goals. Chris offers his clients a practical, business approach to solving problems. Chris graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and earned his J.D. from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law.

Nguyen & Tarbet

Nguyen & Tarbet specializes in intellectual property law with offices located in Irvine, California and Tucson, Arizona. Our attorneys provide professional and quality legal counseling on all intellectual property matters across several industries and technology sectors. In addition to procuring patents, we also provide legal opinions on the patentability of inventions, assist in strategic planning and patent portfolio management, conduct due diligence investigations, patent re-examinations, and perform in-depth analysis on issues relating to patent validity, patent infringement and freedom-to-operate. Patent attorneys and professionals at Nguyen & Tarbet are highly skilled, having earned technical and advanced degrees in science and engineering, as well as having substantial work experience in both law and technical disciplines.

Quan Nguyen

Quan concentrates his practice in patent procurement, opinion work (patentability/validity/freedom to operate analysis), intellectual property management, as well as general counseling with particular expertise in biotechnology, chemistry, and medical devices. Prior to forming Nguyen & Tarbet, Quan was a Partner at Chandler & Udall in Tucson and a Partner at Cozen O’Connor, a national law firm based in Philadelphia. Quan also has in-house experience at Ionis Pharmaceuticals, where he was Assistant Director of Patents.


Watch Stackhouse CEO, Dr. Janelle Briggs, deliver her TED Talk at the [r]evolution conference in Tucson, September 2019. 


Check out what our community members have to say about Stackhouse:

Zach Yentzer - Executive Director at Tucson Young Professionals

Zach tells the stories and strategies of the people and ideas shaping Tucson’s future, a future closer than we think, and with a potential greater than we know.

He is the host of The Tipping Point on AM 1030 The Voice, a daily news and talk program in Tucson. He is also the Executive Director of Tucson Young Professionals, a membership organization focused on the retention, attraction and promotion of young professionals aged 21-45 in Tucson.

Ashley La Russa, Founder of Roux Events

Ashley La Russa is the owner of Roux Events LLC, an event management company that coordinates special projects, programs and events for nonprofit organizations. She collaborates with community leaders on initiatives that foster equity, diversity and inclusion. Her management experience and life lessons help her provide organizations and community leaders with creative solutions.

Anna Darian - Incubator Services Coordinator at FORGE

Anna comes to Forge with 10+ years of global project management experience in community and economic development. Most recently, Anna founded a story coaching business specializing in teaching entrepreneurs the art of storytelling. Clients included the Nordic Innovation House, Female Founder School, and Runway Innovation Hub in the San Francisco Bay area. Prior to this, she served with the City of Phoenix’s economic development team, leading strategic revitalization and transit-oriented development projects. Anna is a third generation University of Arizona alum. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Arizona and a master’s degree in Urban Planning and Policy from the American University of Beirut, with a research focus in informal housing and economies.

Alex Parisi - Creative Director at Sonder Agency

Alex Parisi is a designer and creative director at Sonder Agency in Tucson, Arizona. With over 16 years of professional experience, Alex is specialized in designing visual brand identities, interactive user interfaces and overall good visual communication.

Eric Freeman, CPA at BeachFleischman

Eric Freeman is a Tax Senior Manager for BeachFleischman PC and has been with the firm for 7 years. Eric has a Master of Accounting with a focus in tax. He has spent most of his career focusing on real estate transactions and partnership taxation. Eric has consulted on many complex transactions including multi-asset exchanges, mergers, consolidations, buy-outs, cost segregation studies and transaction formation. He also has a wide variety of experience with international issues as they relate to real estate, including both inbound and outbound transactions. Most recently, Eric has given numerous speeches, written articles and consulted on issues related to Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds. His client base includes real estate developers, property owners and property managers that operate with 2 million to 7 million square feet of real estate, both multifamily and commercial.

Samantha Bounkeua, Professional Musician and Activist

Classical violinist gone rogue, Samantha Bounkeua aka RogueViolin, is a queer experimental musician, composer and producer specializing in non-traditional violin performance. A graduate from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, she's performed internationally as a guest artist with the Southern Arizona Symphony, New Mexico Symphony, Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble, Britten-Pears New Music Festival, Festival de Opera San Luis, the Rogue Theatre and more. She also appears regularly with Tucson, Arizona music projects including Two-Door Hatchback, Sapphocracy & ChamberLab. In Fall 2019, Samantha was awarded a stART mini-grant from the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona to complete an album about queer subculture, and has been commissioned to write music for the Binational Encuentro (an event about the female migratory experience), ChamberLab, LuftBassoon, Hawkins Dance Company and more. In 2015, Samantha began her position as the personal assistant and project manager to Tim Collins, one of the world's most recognized rock band managers and former manager to Aerosmith and Steven Tyler. In January 2020, Samantha is planning to launch Harbor Lighthouse Studios, an all-inclusive music publishing company, with her business partner, Jeffrey Anthony, a nationally esteemed drummer, producer, and original Music Genome Project team member.

Korey Schultz, Realtor at Coldwell Banker

Korey Schultz is a Licensed Realtor who joined Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage after moving to Tucson from the Pacific Northwest in 2017. For the past 10 years, Korey has been working to build resilient and joyful communities while working as an Operations Manager, Sales Manager, and Business Strategy Consultant for numerous for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Korey spent almost a decade working in critical roles within the nonprofit sector, and he believes that helping clients to achieve their goal of homeownership is the best way to help families develop valuable assets and security. The focus and care he provides his clients will demonstrate his desire to help build extraordinary futures for families across Southern Arizona.

Babe Kilgore, The Chief Nerd at N.E.R.D. Power

Babe Kilgore is an author and serial entrepreneur. His programs and companies have generated over 500 Million in sales, and counting. Babe has studied the art of sales and communication for the past 15 plus years. His knowledge of the nuances of communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is clearly apparent in his writing. His high level understanding of sales, communication, and business has secured him positions on the board and in advisory roles for several large companies. Nerd Power’s mission is to attract the best Nerds on the planet and “Nerdify” customers with innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption and produce clean, renewable energy.

Aaron Gopp, CEO at Patter

Aaron Gopp is the CEO of Patter, a SaaS platform that allows companies to develop their brand around the entire organization allowing them to realize the value of their brand beyond the marketing department.

Aaron is a Tucson, Arizona native and University of Arizona graduate. When he's not spending time with this wife and kids (including his young twins), he can be found exploring local craft breweries or rewatching Dumb and Dumber.

Dre Thompson, Executive Vice President at Startup Tucson

Dre Thompson is the Executive VP at Startup Tucson and the Festival Director of TENWEST Impact Festival. She is delighted everyday that she has landed her dream job which brings together her diverse background in community development, research and education, startup businesses, and also creative entrepreneurship. Her passion is to build a more beautiful, more innovative, and more equitable community where all people have the opportunity, resources, and support to build their own dream jobs too.

​Dre has Master's degree in social science from the University of Chicago. In the Tucson community, Dre serves as the Governance Chair on the Board of Tucson Young Professionals and serves on the Talent Attraction and Retention Taskforce at the Tucson Metro Chamber.

Jacqui Bauer, co-founder and CEO of RentLab

Jacqui developed the RentLab concept in partnership with colleagues (including Matt) while serving as the first sustainability coordinator for the City of Bloomington, Indiana, where she spearheaded energy efficiency, waste reduction, active transportation, and renewable energy programs throughout the community. During this time, she also served in leadership positions with the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, co-chairing the Innovation Fund Committee and as a member of the Planning Committee. Prior to her work with the city, she served as the assistant director of the Ostrom Workshop at Indiana University under Nobel Prize winner Elinor Ostrom, and as the state director of the Indiana Rural Community Assistance Program, where she worked with rural communities to improve access to clean water supplies and adequate sewage treatment. She holds master’s degrees in Public Policy and Environmental Science from the School of Public & Environmental Affairs at Indiana University, and a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Language from the University of Michigan.

Mike Peel, Statewide Sustainability Director at Local First Arizona

Mike is the Statewide Sustainability Director at Local First Arizona, a nonprofit organization that celebrates independent, locally owned businesses. They support, promote and advocate for a strong local business community and raise public awareness of the economic and cultural benefits provided by strong local economies. Local businesses contribute to a sustainable economy for Arizona and build vibrant communities we're all proud to call home.

Mike is a dedicated localist and loves working on creative community partnership efforts while spending time at some of his favorite businesses. Mike enjoys Loft Cinema, Rialto Theatre, and any local record stores including PDQ Records, Wooden Tooth, and Zia.

Vi Nguyen, CEO and co-founder of Homads

Vi Nguyen is the CEO and co-founder of Homads, a real estate platform that helps people relocate well by using smart technology to locate neighborhoods as unique as them.

About Vi: I went from ESL to becoming valedictorian. I made my first dollar in first grade by trading in soda cans I found. I made my second dollar by convincing the principal to let me trade the school’s soda cans for cash. I spent most of my 20’s living a 4 hour work week as a digital nomad until I got tired of beaches. Without the technical know-how, I assembled a team, brought in expert advisors, and launched a tech startup. One of our customers loved our product so much, he joined our sales team!

Jennifer Spoelma, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host

Jennifer Spoelma is an author and speaker on topics related to women's relationship to work and their experience in the workplace. She's the host of the Career Foresight podcast and author of Tell It Well: How to Discover, Own and Share Your Story Well, and ALIGNED & CREATIVE: How to Build the Career You Actually Want as a Creative Professional, forthcoming.