Staax 💸

Enabling peer-to-peer payments via fractional shares of stock ✨

Last Funded April 2023


raised from 56 investors


We make investing social, and as easy as receiving payments from your friends 🪙
Closed almost $2M in funding. Over $10M in total investor interest to date 💰
Investors include, Techstars, Western Union, Litquidity, Hustle Fund, Plug & Play, Harlem Capital, and Lightspeed 🦄
12,000+ people on our waitlist to date since opening in Fall 2021 📈

Our Team


  • Current p2p payment apps don't allow users to transact via investments in a social way, which means oftentimes when people get paid back, they accumulate large balances in their accounts, until they remember to transfer it to their bank and then transfer it to their brokerage, which can be cumbersome.
  • Many of these existing apps make profit off the user's balances, whereas we allow the user to make profit for themselves from their balances by investing long-term.

  • Send as little as $1 of stock, with no fees, no paperwork and no tax implications for the sender.
  • Traditionally, to send stock, it can be a difficult process. You oftentimes have to own the stock to be able to send it, which triggers a tax event since it involves selling off your existing stock. This also comes with paperwork, delays, and fees.
  • On Staax, users do not face any of those challenges, and we allow people to send stock without having to own it in the first place.

  • Users can pay or request people in their favorite stocks. When you pay someone in a stock, it comes out from your Staax cash wallet, and once the recipient clicks "accept" in the notifications tab, the cash turns into stock automatically.
  • This is how we avoid taxes, fees, and paperwork as we help turn your disposable income into wealth-generating assets.
  • The social aspect of Staax is what creates a community and conversation around investing.
  • Get access to your friend's trades and portfolio favorites, and engage in conversation by "liking" and "commenting" on transactions!

  • Some of our notable investors include Western Union, Techstars, Harlem Capital, Litquidity, Lightspeed, Hustle Fund and Plug and Play.