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Sleep Operating System that Ends Sleeplessness 🌙

Last Funded March 2022


raised from 69 investors
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✨ 1 in 3 American’s have a sleep disorder spending $73B annually on sleep aids
🥇$3.5 Million in grants for product dev & clinical trials from the National Institutes of Health
📈 $10K MRR from 2300+ B2C subscriptions & 5 patents
👩‍⚕️ Uses proven digital diagnostics & CBTi therapeutics that activates 12,200 sleep doctors
💰 $1.2M+ raised in prior round including top VCs - UpVentures, Quake Capital, and more
📱 Deep tech that turns your phone into a sleep enhancing smart bedroom (5 patents)
⌚ Smart Bedroom plug-ins with Apple, Google, Amazon, Oura Ring, Garmin & Biostrap
💞 All-star team of sleep scientists, doctors, tech geeks, and experienced entrepreneurs

Our Team

Besides breathing, sleep is the human behavior that we do the most of. If we could just improve it slightly each night it will have a revolutionizing impact on health and productivity worldwide.

Our Story

SleepSpace is the first Sleep Operating System designed to connect all the devices in the smart bedroom and give every human a deeper night of sleep. Our technology more accurately measures sleep than any other wearable and helps doctors diagnose and treat sleep disorders. SleepSpace is a tool to both deliver clinical sleep programs and to give clinicians a clear picture of the patient's objective device data and their subjective experience of sleep.

The Market

Sleep is a 1 trillion dollar problem in the US alone. It is linked to almost every chronic health issue.

Our Platform

Nearable Sleep Sensing
SleepSpace technology can also measure your sleep without touching you - since most people prefer to sleep without any wearing devices. We call this nearable sleep sensing. Our proprietary SleepSpace Smart Bed leverages the sensors in the phone and can measure micromotions and sounds in the room to accurately track things like your sleep quality and your snoring.

With a consumer app currently on the App Store and Google Play store, we are on track to expand our corporate wellness offering and ultimately become a leader in Telehealth.

NIH Awards and FDA Approval Timeline
With over $3.5 million in non-delutable funding from the NIH, we are on track for FDA approval in 2022.

Amy Coveny, Operating Partner at Quake Capital, NYC.

Dr. Dan Gartenberg’s TED talk on deep sleep stimulation has over 4 million views.

The Team
Our expert team of engineers, scientists, clinicians and investors is committed to ending sleeplessness.