She Inc.

She Inc. offers services (She Banks) to improve Women's financial security

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 18 investors


Huge target market - over 100 Million Women in the US between ages of 20 and 65
Improve Financial Security for Women - A pressing socio- economic problem that drains our economy
SaaS business model massively Scalable & Profitable
Immense white space not dominated by any existing competitor

Our Team


Women are the single largest underserved group of customers in financial services.

They invest less and use financial products & services at a rate 40% LESS than that of men.

Yet they control up to 80% of household consumer spending. That is $6 trillion dollars in the US alone.

Banks and financial institutions have trouble gaining trust and onboarding more women customers as women rank the financial industry as one they trust the least.

When women have more money, their families and communities are better off and the economy grows.

They rely less on social programs to get by and they have more freedom to leave abusive relationships.

They are less likely to live in poverty and less likely to experience a negative financial impact as a result of divorce.

A new survey puts women's financial health at a 5 year low as reported by Forbes. 59% of women are worried about their finances and 43% actively worry about it daily.

With inflation on the rise, worries about finances have a severe negative impact on women's mental health and enjoyment of life.

A mobile personal finance app that makes managing money, setting budgets and goals easy and offers personal insights for improving financial wellness.

What Makes Us Unique:

Personalized Rewards & Recognition for Achieving Financial Goals

As She Banks members improve their financial wellness score as measured by their FINSTRONG score (a measure of savings, debt and investment), they will receive SHE BANKS POINTS that they can redeem for personalized rewards and special offers like shopping trips, consumer goods, cleaning services, vacations and discounts from the places they shop at the most.

A $700 B Global Market

Studies put the value of the global gap in the use of financial products and services by men versus women at up to $700 Billion dollars globally.

If women invested at the same rate as men, there would be an extra $3 Trillion dollars of assets under management from private individuals today.

There are almost 100 million women between the ages of 20 - 65.

This is a HUGE untapped market.


We have a long term revenue growth strategy.

  1. Subscription Fees. Our monthly fee will be modest allowing all women to afford it.
  2. Affiliate Marketing Fees from products and services we recommend to our members. This is a $13 B+ industry in the US. Nerdwallet IPO'd at $1.2 B in November of last year using this business revenue model.
  3. White labeled Banking Products like She Banks branded credit cards, debit cards and savings accounts.
  4. Our own proprietary financial products & services. We will grow by acquisition eventually reaching a scale where will be able to underwrite our own products and services, like affordable life and health insurance products, specially designed for our member community. Business model: SoFi.

She Banks Success Factors

An experienced management team.

Julie Rasmussen, Founder & CEO

Our Founder & CEO has scaled a direct to consumer social selling company from zero to $100 M and has extensive C-Suite leadership and management experience.

Woody Hobbs, CIO/COO

Our CIO & COO was formerly the CIO for Charles Schwab and has decades of deep experience in the financial industry.

She Banks Success Factors

  • App is live on the Apple and Google App Stores
  • App is powered by MX Technologies and has powerful analytical insights and in-app marketing capabilities
  • App provides real time connection with 13,000+ fintechs and financial institutions using secure APIs (not screen scraping)

Actual Screen Shot from Live App

Secure Bank Level Encryption

  • Data is protected by bank level encryption and data security
  • She Banks will NEVER share or sell personal data with 3rd parties
  • Access to all data is by member permission only

Competitive Landscape

  • One of the first banking apps focused on women's financial health
  • Focus on building a community for women looking to take control of their finances
  • Gamification leading to better engagement and follow through on good financial decisions

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Rewards & Recognition, Word of Mouth, Viral Marketing, Social & Digital Media Marketing & In Person Events

  • Our Unique System of Rewards & Recognition, like shopping trips, vacations, spa days, cleaning services and discounts at retailers where our members shop the most will generate testimonials to fuel Word of Mouth (WOM) and Viral Marketing Campaigns.
  • Based on recognition system used by Mary Kay Inc. to build $3.5 Billion private company.
  • Rewards & Recognition that appeal to women will motivate them to save and invest while improving their buying power and supporting their lifestyles.

Gamification, Stickiness, Engagement & Network Effects Increase Market Penetration, Revenue & Retention

  • Rewards & Recognition Create Gamification of Savings & Investing
  • We user Principles of Behavioral Finance & Nudging to Encourage Long Term Positive changes in Financial Behavior
  • Network Effects Creates positive reinforcement - Our Founder is an Expert in Network Effects that drive Community & Engagement
  • Unique Offers available only through She Banks creates "stickiness" and engagement that reduces Customer Acquisition Costs and increases loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value

Social Selling Model of "Supercustomers" and Viral Marketing Campaign - your best influencers are your best "Superfans" - customers who love your product

The She Banks Investment Opportunity

Massively scalable - Software as a Service (SaaS) means member growth can scale exponentially

Innovative combination of proven business models

Unique Customer Acquisition, Engagement & Retention Strategy

Proven Management Team

Solves Pain for Members AND Financial Institutions

App already exists

Timely - Women need help building net worth now more than ever