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Why Sensate?

In today’s world, rest and relaxation can no longer be an afterthought or a perceived luxury - it has to be a part of everyday self-care. Yet, despite the increasing stress factors sending frequent shocks to our bodies on a daily basis, most of us can hardly find the time to slow down, take a deep breath, and center in on our mental health. So, it is not alarming that millions of people are diagnosed with stress-related health issues every day.

How do we make accessing tools to combat stress easier for everyone? What if we told you that two incredibly passionate people had dedicated invaluable energy to bringing you a way to turn the human body into that very tool? This is where Sensate is breaking new ground in pursuit of consumer wellness. For everyone. Sensate's patented relaxation device delivers effortless stress relief in as little as 10 minutes. And all you have to do is lie down, turn it on, and let your body do the work for you.

Since the global pandemic, anxiety levels have exploded, driving feelings of helplessness and distress. In short, stress has become a societal crisis—and it’s only getting worse.

Popular solutions—including mental health apps, therapy, medication, and meditation— require discipline, ongoing practice, and are time-consuming.

Sensate has simplified daily stress management for everyone. We’ve created a more human approach to controlling stress by revolutionizing self-regulated relaxation, with life-changing short and long-term effects.

Sensate is an incredibly easy, fast, and accessible way to relieve stress. Our sensory stress management device is driven by intelligent and advanced technology—yet it’s surprisingly simple and intuitive.

In just 10 minutes, users experience an effortless calm. By tapping into the body’s response to stress, Sensate provides short-term daily relief and builds long-term stress resilience.

Sensate is the future of stress management, reimagined by science. Sensate is a proven infrasonic resonance system that delivers stress relief. How? It targets the body’s primal center: the central nervous system.

Developed by physicians and tested in clinic, Sensate uses infrasonic therapy to help your body's nervous system recover from daily stresses. Sensate’s novel patented technology is the first of its kind.

Our intelligent touch therapy is entirely passive and effort-free for the user: they simply lie down, place the pebble on their chest, put on their headphones, and voilá!

Sensate is sold globally with a primary geographical focus on the US and UK markets with testing in other markets. We're currently focusing on scaling our presence in the US, unlocking the massive potential from a $300B market. Sensate is also being tested in other markets. 

With users based in the US, UK, and 25 countries around the world, Sensate is on its way to dominating global markets. Our users are evenly split between men and women, and usage is only growing between both groups. People around the world love having the ability to self-regulate their stress responses using Sensate. 

Stress is ubiquitous and costs the global health care market billions. Research by McKinsey reports a substantial increase in the prioritization of wellness over the past 2-3 years.

The wellness market was growing at twice the rate of global economic growth before the pandemic and is currently worth more than $4.2T.

Funding to mental health and wellness tech startups more than doubled YoY in 2021. This was driven largely by the need to build out digital solutions targeting mental health—an area of healthcare that has gained momentum during the pandemic. The majority of 2021 deals were early-stage, indicating there’s room for growth in this space.

*Data consists of 900+ Wellness Technology companies tracked by Nfluence and the amount of disclosed total capital invested by year and the number of deals announced from 2014-2021

We're unlocking massive growth opportunities by transitioning from device sales to device and premium subscription sales. Users will not only get additional features they've been asking for and they'll also become a part of the Sensate ecosystem.

By investing in Sensate now, you get to participate in the upside alongside VCs, financial institutions, and professional investors.

We're excited to give our users, fans, and supporters access to invest in Sensate on the ground floor. Together, we're bringing Sensate to the mass market, giving more people the opportunity to improve their ability to self-regulate their stress response—not just those affluent enough to visit clinics for treatment by specialists.

You can hear directly from our lead investor, Martin Tobias on why he decided to invest in Sesnate below. Martin, ex-Accenture, Microsoft, and a former Venture Partner at Ignition Partners is the founder and operator of Incisive Ventures. Martin is a 3X venture-funded CEO and is also a limited partner in over a dozen VC funds. He was an early investor in Google, DocuSign, OpenSea, and over a dozen unicorn companies (companies valued at $1B+).

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