Lenora Felder

Building a webapp that uses an A.I. assistant to help users book home inspections.

location: Balitmore, MD

Company: AfterrHome

Role: Co-founder, COO

On Afterrhome.

After the countless stories of home inspection nightmares we saw on social media, we decided to revolutionize the home inspection industry. We created a platform that uses AI to scan the address of the property and suggest environmental inspections based on the neighborhood data.

On being a founder.

Being a woman founder means carrying on the legacy of the many women who’ve paved the way for me to not only ‘have an idea’ but to also have the ‘audacity’ to pursue it out loud.

In co-founding Afterrhome, I was surprised that women founders still struggle to be seen as viable, despite all of the strides women have taken. Undoubtedly, the biggest obstacle I’ve faced is access to capital. Historically, Black women founders have received 1-2% of funding and that makes it difficult to push a business out of its ideation.

Right now I’m very inspired by Arlan Hamilton because, in my opinion, only someone who refuses to be defeated can design a solution that will positively impact the masses. I would tell all aspiring women founders to develop a strategy with action items that will make defeat impossible. For me, it’s been important to unlearn my tendency to lean towards security in the present over risk for the future.

The best thing about being a woman founder is that we look at things from a different point of view and get to bring our innate qualities of innovation and solution design to the industry.